Course Introduction

Welcome to the blog for the ATEC 4367 Rapid Prototyping for Digital Games course. This course is meant teach students how to rapidly prototype a game in no more than a weeks worth of time using free tools available online.

Download the syllabus here

Below are the recommended tools for prototyping. They are all available for free online.

  • Game Maker 8 – Drag and drop design interface that is recommended for those with little programming experience. Allows players to mess with code in a limited fashion. Well documented with many tutorials available. Free with a $25 pro version that adds features.
  • Construct – Drag and drop design interface recommended for those with some programming experience. Has a module system that allows for added functionality using plug-ins. Active and helpful community. Free open source.
  • Flixel – A flash library created by Adam “Atomic” Saltsman. Knowledge of Action Script is required to make games, but has several basic components built in that easy the creation process. Free open source.
  • Flash Punk – Another flash library created by Chevy Ray Johnston that provides a clean framework to help with game prototyping. Like Flixel, a knowledge of Action Script is required to build games, but Flash Punk contains many of the basics to assist in game development. Free open source.

The reading assignment (How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days) can be found here or accessed by connecting to the atec01 server and looking under the Jacob Naasz folder

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20 Responses to Course Introduction

  1. Jacob Naasz says:

    This an example of how I want you to submit your “Hello World” game.

    Please leave your name somewhere in the comment so I know who you are.

    Include a link to your game like this

    There are plenty of free file sharing sites out there. Find one!

  2. Ian Slinker says:

    Here’s the link to download my “game”.

    Simple shooter tutorial for Construct.

    Ian Slinker

  3. alphamole says:

    Name: Bobby Frye
    Assignment: “hello world:
    Platform: Flixel


  4. mleebrown says:

    Hey! It’s absolute garbage! But it does stuff! Enjoy!

    (hello world)

    Name: Lee
    Assignment: Hello World
    Platform: Flashpunk


  5. Rodivic Garcia says:

    Assignment: Hello World 1

    Platform: Gamemaker 8

    link to game:

  6. Philip Johnson says:

    Hey guys, it’s pretty simple, but it works!

    Name: Philip Johnson
    Assignment: Hello World
    Platform: Game Maker

  7. Aaron Henry says:

    Here is my first game. It’s the basic tutorial for Construct.

  8. Christopher Weng says:

    Assignment: Hello World 1

    Platform: Gamemaker 8

    Link: Gamemaker helloworld.exe – 2.33 MB

    Executable helloworld.gmk – 121.29 KB

  9. Thomas Reed Crafton says:

    Name: Thomas Reed Crafton
    Assignment: Hello World 1
    Platform: Gamemaker 8
    Tutorial game for Gamemaker 8.

  10. Steven Foskett says:

    Assignment: Hello World 1

    Platform: Construct


  11. Aaron Stout says:

    Here’s my Hello World!

  12. Brian Grant says:

    Name: Brian Grant
    Assignment: Hello World 1
    Platform: Flixel

    Enjoy your doom…

  13. Christopher Mitchell says:

    hello world :<

  14. Brian Grant says:

    Name: Brian Grant
    Assignment: Hello World 2
    Platform: Flixel

    Don’t get eaten!

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