Hello World 2

This week you need to do an advanced tutorial to become more familiar with a game design tool of your choice.

Games are due before class begins on Thursday. Do not be late turning them in.

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17 Responses to Hello World 2

  1. Ian Ward says:

    Hello World 2 Project: Trinja
    Kill all the “BadBalls” to win. Controls listed in game. Must unzip to get sound.

  2. Ian Slinker says:


    Experimented with the animation system on Construct. No sound sadly.

  3. alphamole says:


    a test of the animation and state systems

  4. mleebrown says:


    Quick platformer with character with variable running speed and some animation. Done in GameMaker.

  5. Aaron Stout says:


    Mikey’s Adventure tutorial part 4. An RPG structure that deals with transitions, sounds, events, combat, and items.

  6. Aaron Henry says:


    Crazy Robbie platformer tutorial in Construct. Slight game breaking bug. Oh well.

  7. Steven Foskett says:


    Game of my Dad’s design that he did for the Commodore64 originally. I’ve ported it using Construct. Sadly no sound is incorporated. Controls are the arrow keys.

  8. Rodivic Garcia says:

    I made an attempt to make a RPG…so far I got the character to move. It still has some glitches.


  9. her00f7ime says:

    Name: Brian Grant
    Assignment: Hello World 2
    Platform: Flixel

    Don’t get eaten!

  10. Thomas Reed Crafton says:

    Game 2: Fruit Attack
    Click fruits to increase your score, avoid the bombs.

  11. James Hidahl says:

    My game.

    Just a simple plane shooter game made following a tutorial.

    Move with arrow keys.
    Shoot with Space.

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