Your prompt on Insomnia can be found here. It is due next week before class starts. Please remember to share your source code so others can look at it if they have questions.

The grading rubric is as follows

Innovation – 30%

  • Are you taking risks? Is this something I’ve seen before?

Playability – 30%

  • Does it run? Do I want to keep playing it? Is it fun?

Scope – 30%

  • Does this look complete? Is it too much? Too little?

Professionalism – 10%

  • Is it turned in on time? Does it look cohesive? Does it follow the prompt?

Here is the list of groups. It’s up to you to figure out how to communicate and share your files.

Group 1 – Aaron S, Chris M, Ian S
Group 2 – Chris W, Phillip, Steven
Group 3 – Ian W, Aaron H, Tim
Group 4 – Thomas, Rudy, James, Brian

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31 Responses to Insomnia

  1. James Hidahl says:

    Group 4 can e-mail me at or

  2. Steven Foskett says:

    Group 2 can e-mail me at

  3. Ian Slinker says:

    Here’s the link to the Braid art assets:

    Also has anyone else noticed that both group 1 and group 3 consist of Ian, Aaron, and Tim?

  4. Jacob Naasz says:

    Huh, that’s kind of weird. Also, I’m not sure if we have two Tim’s in the class so I might have made a mistake.

    I’ll check on that tomorrow…

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      I’ve discovered we have 2 Chirs’ in this class along with the two Ians and Aarons. I have edited the groups to reflect this change.

    • forgottenix says:

      (I see no edit button) This game is loosely based off the experiences of a friend of mine who underwent a series of night terrors after a few days without sleep and many haunting memories. The game features a young man named Raven who blames himself for the loss of his younger sister.

      For those who don’t know, a night terror, is a nightmarish hallucination the victim believes to be real.

  5. Ian Ward says:

    See how far you can get. If you beat 4 your amazing!
    Unzip to get sound as usual.

  6. Steven Foskett says:

    Game is called “Red Eye Shift”. The name comes from the feeling/look of bloodshot/red eyes that you get if you go too long without sleep. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome!

    .exe file:

    .cab file:

    • Steven Foskett says:

      updated version:

      Text issues and typos throughout
      Updated End Boss mob sprite
      Add collision to End Boss mob
      Added lazer shooting mechanic on End Boss.

  7. mleebrown says:

    This will take you to my little Insomnia game. Drag the ball of worms around and make the bricks hit the worm holding the insomniac’s head. Hit the worm three times, and free the poor insomniac to get some sleep.

  8. Brian C. Grant says:

    It’s a little rough, but all the tricky programming is there! Try any & every combination to get to sleep!

    Assignment: Insomnia!
    Platform: Flixel

    Game (.swf – Flash Player 10.1):

    Object – Try to get your Sleep Score to 10!
    Input – Arrow Keys move, Mouse enabled
    (you may have to click the play area to begin)

    Source Code (.as – ActionScript 3.0):

    [If you would like to see the other Class or Main .as files, just let me know! All the
    main programming is in PlayState.]

    • Ian Ward says:

      I liked the concept, and that adding things together sometimes got different results, but I couldn’t figure out how to get to sleep. Is it a certain number of points, or an amount of time? Will a certain combination put the player to sleep when they lay on the bed? Also I was confused as to what the function of the light and the headphones were.

  9. Jacob Naasz says:

    Here’s my game called Red Eyed created using Game Maker.
    It’s a puzzle platformer where you collect pills to try and get to sleep. Be careful though, not everything is as it seems!

    Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Spacebar to reset the level.

    Source code here

  10. Aaron Stout says:

    An arcade style game where the goal is to create a cure for insomnia.

  11. Thomas Reed Crafton says:

    Insomnia Game
    Fight your way through the onslaught of sleep deprived maniacs! Don’t let them spread their insomniac sleep disease to you and stop the infection from spreading by destroying the complex and escaping with the cure to insomnia!

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