Your new prompt is here! This week you are doing a game based on the theme frictionless.

Your prototype is due before class (2:30 PM) on Thursday).

Try to not let this assignment slide! (Sorry for the pun)


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20 Responses to Frictionless

  1. forgottenix says:

    Christopher Mitchell,

    SuperWalrus…need I say more?
    feedback and suggestions appreciated, i’ve never been one for platform games and would like some insight.

  2. Ian Ward says:

    Battle Room
    The first thing that comes to my mind when someone says “frictionless” is space. The source code is in the zip this time. I don’t know why that didn’t dawn on me earlier.

  3. Brian C Grant says:

    Why friction “the evil of all physics” is our friend:
    …try to do ANYTHING without it…. you’ll see…

    Just get to the top… if you can!
    Avoid the Devil-Cube, you will curse his red-boxedness before this is over.

    Assignment: Frictionless!
    Platform: Flixel
    Format: .SWF

  4. Tim Shriver says:

    I assumed everyone’s going to do the slippery flat ice thing or space drifting so I tried to find a different mechanic.
    In this game the only way to control where you move is with friction. You hold the space bar when sliding against an object to increase your friction and grip against it. Let go again to go back to frictionless travel.

    Some bug is keeping me from doing multiple levels in one construct file so I’ve made each level in a different one. They’re both beginner levels so the difficulty level is low.
    Level 1
    Level 2

  5. Jacob Naasz says:

    So here is my failed attempt at a game. It’s simulated text adventure that is suppose to be frictionless. The idea being when you start moving to another room you keep moving in that direction until you hit an obstacle. I got just about everything working except the drifting (go figure).

    Sigh* Anyway, here is the download link. Use arrow keys to move and L to look.

  6. James Hidahl says:

    When I thought of “frictionless”, I immediately thought of Curling, that kind of lame sport that barely anyone thinks about where stones are slid across the ice and other players sweep the ice in front of it to keep it moving. So I made a more hectic version with stones coming from everywhere at increasing frequency.

    move with arrows
    polish ice with Space

    Was made on a Mac, so executable file is .app and Windows users will need to open .gmk file and make there own .exe to play.

  7. mleebrown says:

    This is my little fat man slides on the road game. Eat hamburgers to gain weight and crush all objects in your path! Avoid objects heavier than you!

  8. Steven Foskett says:

    Sliding Tunnel of Doom! Controls are explained ingame. The objective is to get to the end of the level as fast as possible without dying.

  9. Aaron Henry says:

    I made a game about lubing up fat men so that they hit other people in mid-air after going through a water slide.

    • Aaron Henry says:

      I forgot to include this in the instructions, but if you have a fat guy in the “Next Up” box, you can lube him up by pressing the Up Arrow.

  10. Thomas Reed Crafton says:

    Frictionless In Space
    Fly around in space and shoot aliens.


  11. Aaron Stout says:

    Frictionless Game featuring ghosts

  12. Philip Johnston says:

    Hey Guys, when I thought of frictionless, i thought of ice. So here it is, ice rider! Theres only one direction, and that direction is forward! Rocks suck, Don’t die!

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