The new prompt can be found here. Your prototype is due by 2:30 PM on Feb. 17.

Sorry this is posted late. I will do better next time!

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23 Responses to Cooperation

  1. Christopher Mitchell says:

    very large file, most of its the song, enjoy and look for glitches.

  2. Brian C Grant says:

    Much different than I originally planned – which was perhaps too ambitious 😀

    Platformer/Mouse-Shooter. Now with health, timer, and two players!
    Object: Get Alley (the ball) to the shiny white win zone!

    Alley (the ball):
    -W, A, S, D to move
    -Space to jump
    -Camera follows him! (He will drag Oop – the mouse – with him!)

    Oop (the mouse):
    -the mouse to move
    -can shoot by holding an Arrow Key + clicking
    -can protect both players by holding both CTRL + left click
    (but you have to stand still!)

    Assignment: Alley, Oop! (Cooperative)
    Platform: Flixel
    Format: .SWF

  3. James Hidahl says:

    My game is called “War Buddies”.

    2 players control a blue plane and a red tank. Each has a main attack that only attacks on their color-coded level (blue is air, red is ground) but also has a secondary attack that targets the other level.

    Plane controls:
    WASD – move
    Shift – shoot
    Space – drop bomb

    Tank controls:
    Arrows – move
    Left mouse click – shoot
    Right mouse click – launch rockets (home in on target cursor)

    I would make more than 2 enemies, but I have trouble designing sprites.

    • James Hidahl says:

      Forgot to mention that the executable file is .app and you’ll have to open the .gmk file in GameMaker and make the .exe file or just run it through GameMaker.

  4. Tim Shriver says:

    A co-op game based on mountain climbing. Get to the top as fast as possible to get a high score. Careful, if you decide to swing and your partner is not in the mode to hold you up, you both fall to your deaths.

  5. Ian Ward says:

    Cheese It!

    Not the snack, the phrase. Instructions are on the main menu. My original idea was to have one player sneak into an enemy base and plant bombs with the aid of his sniper cohort, but alas Construct has a mind of it’s own and the only thing that translated between my two games is the player.

    Don’t get crushed by Bigfoot!

  6. Thomas Reed Crafton says:

    Red and Blue

    CoOperative Top Down shooter.
    space to shoot

    click to shoot


    Alternate Download:

  7. Aaron Henry says:

    Thunk and Jingle vs. Spiderella. A game of friendship, bravery, violence, courage, wisdom, power, hitting things, shooting things, and running away from things.


  8. Philip Johnston says:

    Welcome to space! It sucks and you’ve only got one friend!

    This was my first adventure with Construct, so I scraped several dysfunctional designs and ended up using a tutorial for the base of the game, and then building it up from there.

  9. Rodivic Garcia says:

    My take on cooperation…here’s what I have done

  10. Chris Weng says:

    cap file:

    exe file:

    Could not for the life of me get the AI to work. Also, had problems with making the two blocks solid.

    The original plan was to use both players crush enemies, however Construct hates me.

  11. Steven Foskett says:

    Escape From Black Friday:
    Controls are explained ingame.

    Note: There is a problem I’ve been having with this game. I’m not sure if it’s just my computer or if it’s construct itself. Whenever I play through the level, it runs fine until I get towards the final boss, then it starts lagging quite heavily. So if you try to jump and you fall through the world, that’s why.

  12. mleebrown says:

    This is a ridiculously simple game… I wouldn’t call it cooperative though.
    Two players compete for a high score… by shooting “themselves” in the head.

    Player 1 should sit on the left.
    Player 2 should sit on the right.

    Of course, it would be completely “wrong” to hit your opponents suicide button. Such behavior is not encouraged.

    • mleebrown says:

      Where’s the Abe Lincoln Riding a Bear game, you ask?

      It’s in a pile marked “Shit I’ll get to later, when I have time to make platforming physics work in frickin’ FlashPunk.”

  13. Aaron Stout says:

    A co-op defense game!

    Instructions are on main menu

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