No Buttons

This week we are making games that don’t use any buttons. The prompt can be found here.

Your prototype is due on Feb. 24 before class at 2:30.

Also, for those of you who did not do the reading I have included a link to the article here. Please read it.

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19 Responses to No Buttons

  1. Ian Ward says:

    My game is called “Thread”

    Use the mouse to direct your thread to the cauldrons at the bottom of the screen and absorb their ability to defend your castle against the dark wizard! Use fire to melt ice bolts, water to extinguish fireballs, and light to fend off death magic. Dont forget you light your cannons and fire back too! Your wizard in the front of the castle will also act as a shield when hit with any attacks.

    Known Bugs:
    -Cannons may fire rapidly after the first shot
    -Cannons may not appear lit when they are
    -Enemy spells sometimes go through cannons or the player shield, or dont show up at all.

    If anyone can see a way to fix any of these please let me know.

    • Ian says:

      Originally I wanted to go with more colors and have the player circle the objects that popped up with their color, but I couldn’t get the mechanics to circle an object to work past the first one. So naturally I made the connection from a score attack game to a wizard attack game. Naturally…

  2. Christopher Mitchell says:

    I wish there were more to this game but it’s been a busy week and it’s still challenging for what it is.

  3. Simon’s Shmallow Shenanigans:

    Controls are explained at an in-game menu.

  4. Thomas Reed Crafton says:

    The No Button Comedy Image Game

    Navigate via your mouse and have a laugh.


    Alternate Download Link:

  5. Brian C. Grant says:

    Little mouse-only puzzle/riddle game. I took “Good things come to those who wait…” and changed the last word a little as the theme for each new level.

    It has hints if you get stuck, but shouldn’t be too hard really.
    I wanted to do even more levels, such as a cursor swap puzzle (Mate!) and a peek-a-boo thing to freak people out (Faint?)

    This project has given me a lot of ideas for input and play conditions in the future.

    Hope j00 like it!

    Assignment: Buttonless!
    Platform: Flixel
    Format: .SWF
    (You might be able to right click this link to save the .swf, worth a shot)

  6. Tim Shriver says:

    Battle Arena EXE

    Battle Arena CAP

    My game is a no-button arena battle game between player and enemy boss. Control by mousing over the stance-wheel to choose which stance to be in (different stances have different A.I.)

    I wrote down notes for having 5-6 more levels and bosses but unfortunately by the first boss it was already 188 lines of code and 17.4MB so I decided to try just the one.

  7. James Hidahl says:

    I made a platformer game where the character is only controlled by following the mouse. Moves left/right towards the mouse, jumps when mouse above it, and can climb ladders. Moves slower with mouse closer for precise positioning and shorter jumps. Collect stars for… um… a feeling of satisfaction.

    Media Fire
    Mega Upload

    Once again, contains .app file, but you can run through GameMaker or create .exe file.

  8. Philip Johnston says:

    Scrapped my original idea because i couldn’t figure out how to make relative gravity to work well, so here Planet Demolition Deluxe! Theres a highway that needs building and you’ve got a planet in the way! BLOW IT UP WITH THE MOON!

  9. Rodivic Garcia says:

    I really had a hard time with this assignment

    Even better, I had some bad luck that came along with it

  10. Aaron Henry says:


    The game is pretty terrible and doesn’t really work, but the ideas are sound, I think. Just imagine it as a Kinect game.

  11. Aaron Stout says:

    walk across the rope without falling down!

  12. mleebrown says:

    I’m late! I FAIL!!!

    Whatever. Grab a mike. Scream into it! Save yourself from the people with colored shirts!

    Red people hate red tiles, green people hate green tiles. Screaming makes the tiles expand!

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