Not Your Art!

This week you don’t have to worry about making art for your game because Bobby Frye made it for you! You can find the prompt here and the sprite sheets here.

Bobby wanted me to let you know that if you have any questions feel free to email him at bobby(dot)frye(at)gmail(dot)com.

Just a reminder that the folks from Zynga With Friends (formally Newtoy) are coming on Thursday so please be on time and attentive.

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22 Responses to Not Your Art!

  1. Bobby Frye says:

    looking forward to seeing your games 😀

  2. Christopher Mitchell says:
    • Bobby Frye says:

      awesome! I wasn’t expecting an RPG

      just a few comments:
      -the sprites look a bit too fuzzy for my liking, it might have to do with how your program is scaling up the image. I suggest resizing them outside of the game program (in photoshop or gimp) and keeping the hard edges.
      -when the explorer plays his “attack” animation, it looks like he moves around a bit and the trigger point for attacking stays in the same spot. made me think the game was broken for a bit.
      – I really liked the attacks for the explorer. having a “flask” that he drinks from to heal and throwing the torch in desperation. very clever 🙂
      – I’m not fond of games that have you switching between keyboard only and mouse only controls. either pick one or use both at the very start (like fps’s). I kind of expected the battle to use the keyboard and was a little confused as to how to do things

  3. Thomas Reed Crafton says:

    Sprite Platform Game
    By Thomas Reed Crafton


    Alternate Download:

  4. Christopher Weng says:

    A platformer where you need to use the bombs as platforms before they explode. Contains cap, sprite art and exe.

    • Bobby Frye says:

      wow, this was a hard one, that second jump is a beast! Loved the concept – with more polish, this could work as one of those kongregate style games. it would be real cruel if the bombs could destroy platforms too :p

      using the hat raising up sprite as the falling animation was very cute

  5. Tim Shriver says:

    Ruins of Death:
    This is a 2-player co-op game where one person uses WASD to control falling terrain (tetris style) to help Jim Dones steal the treasure diamond from the Ruins of Death.

    “TerrainPlayer” can also press Control once per game to have blocks stop falling for a few seconds.
    The other player, Jimmy Dones, uses Space Bar to jump and the Arrow Keys to move.

    There are three different versions from easy to medium and hard. I’d advise against starting out on DANGER unless you’re a manly man.

    Source code:

    There are a few minor bugs, particularly if you get slammed into by Anubis the God of Beating-You-Up or if your partner drops a 10,000 lb block right on your face. They shouldn’t show up much if you’re playing right.

  6. Brian Grant says:

    Assignment: Not Your Art!
    Platform: Flixel
    Format: .SWF

    Title: Boom Boom Tomb

    Platformer where you play as Osiris the Ankh-Thrower! Get rid of the pesky explorers and claim your rightful treasures!

    Main focus was the use of the art, sfx, and “juicyness”!
    (had to reformat for Flixel)


    • Bobby Frye says:

      that’s pretty juicy 😀 the huge amount of coins going flying all over was a great touch, loved the ank weapon as well.

      the jumping felt really odd though, like he fell really quick if you let the button go

    • Bobby Frye says:

      also, where did you get the music for this? it was real funky (in a good way)

  7. Pyramid Scheme: Family Jewels

    Controls and Story are located ingame.

  8. Rodivic Garcia says:

    I came up with Funky Anubis

    Simple game, or is it?

  9. mleebrown says:

    Okay. So this here. Is total crap. I mean just garbage. Pure crap. It’s not that it doesn’t function. It functions. But it doesn’t DO anything.

    The issue I ran into was level streaming with FlashPunk. I couldn’t find a good solution for moving from one space to the next. Meaning I had difficulties loading levels output from the Ogomo editor, which I’ve been doing some experimenting with. The first level isn’t an issue, but subsequent levels cause interesting memory errors (when they load at all)

    Anyway, I’m going to keep working on this to see if I can resolve these issues.

    If you want the link, you can find it here:

    Concerning good news, though, I did finally find an elegant solution for excellent collision detection.

    In Flashpunk, it looks like this:

    if (Input.check(“RIGHT”))
    if (!checkColl(x + accel , y))
    x += accel;
    sprP.flipped = false;“moveLat”, false);
    else x = x;

    private function checkColl(checkHor:int = 0, checkVert:int = 0):Boolean
    //Checks collision in a direction

    if (collide(“SolidBlock”, checkHor, checkVert))
    return true;
    return false;


  10. Aaron Stout says:

    Temple Explorer!

    Get through the temple in this top down maze!

    A few bugs with this one. The pit doesn’t seem to work and the bombs don’t complete their animation when they hit the enemy.

  11. Philip Johnston says:

    Dr. Jones has let himself go, but he’ll be damned if that’s gonna keep him from adventuring! He’s out for diamonds this time, but they alone wont satiate his hunger!

    Gameplay is simple, use the right arrow key to start moving, and then let the big guy take it from there. The Up arrow jumps to avoid boulders and enemies, and the 0 key on the num pad FEEDS YOUR HUNGER. The bigger you get the more you can destroy with your sheer girth!

    Its time for Fatiana Jones boys!

  12. James Hidahl says:

    Couldn’t really come up with anything clever this time, so I just made some thing kind of generic.

    Archie’s Dig:
    Navigate Archie the Archaeologist through the tomb collecting gems and avoiding enemies.
    Arrows – move Archie
    Space – place bombs (that do nothing other than look fancy)

    Blue walls disappear when all gems are collected.


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