Asynchronous Retro Go!

Let’s all be sure to thank the guys from Zynga with Friends for coming and talking with us (and for coming back this following week and looking at your games). So, let’s get to it. You are making an asynchronous retro game. You can get the assignment sheet here. This assignment is due by March 24 at 2:30 before class starts.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me or Monica.

Happy prototyping!

Edit: I almost forgot, here is your reading in case you lost your tree gut version.

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13 Responses to Asynchronous Retro Go!

  1. forgottenix says:

    This is meant to be either a facebook game, or mobile app every time you open it you either have the potato or you don’t, if you don’t have it you are collecting points from the searing hands of your opponent, if you do, they collect points off of your misery. Whoever has the most points at the end of a given day wins.

    Happy potato’ing

  2. Ian Ward says:

    A very old game that has gone by many names. This is the way it looked the first time I played. For now movement is on the honor system because I couldn’t find an effective way to move otherwise. Try not to touch your pieces together, there is a small chance they will stick together.




  3. Tim Shriver says:


    I miscalculated the time costs for my game and I can’t finish the busywork part of the code by the deadline.
    The fundamentals of it are working (lines and fill on first two squares, scoreboard, turns, timers, victory, etc.) but for the rest of the squares on the board to work is like 450 more lines of the same code for the first two boxes just slightly tweaked.

  4. Ninja Nuggets: Kamikaze Kapers

    As always, controls are in the game itself.

  5. Rodivic Garcia says:

    My “game”….I call it SketchPal

  6. Aaron Henry says:

    Pics With Friends With Benefits. It’s like Pictionary, but on your iPhone and totally awesome.



  7. Thomas Reed Crafton says:

    Turn Based Retro Platformer
    The Idea here is that each time a player uses the Clone ability or Dies, it let’s the other player control, so you have to cooperatively play in a turn based puzzle solving way with one another in order to beat the levels. Multiple games and turns being played with different people similar to how Words with Friends works on the iPhone.


    Alternate Download:

  8. James Hidahl says:

    Here’s my attempt at an asynchronous game. The only thing I could come up with is a turn-based RPG style game where the players take turns choosing their characters’ actions. I wanted to make it possible to customize the characters’ stats, but I couldn’t find any functions like that in GameMaker.

    The game is played by each player choosing a specific focus in their attacks: damage, accuracy, dodge, or balanced; and then each character acts simultaneously. This is using an RPG system I’ve been trying to work on and seems too balanced that most fights end in a tie.


    Windows users will need to open .gmk file and run the game in GameMaker.

  9. Aaron Stout says:

    Dodge Ball…with lava!

    I loved Dodge Ball as a kid, and the Floor Is Lava game actually blended pretty well with it. My favorite things as a kid are the players in this fight to the death!

    Can be played 1v1 or 2v2 .

    • Aaron Stout says:

      Oh, forgot to mention, the progress bar does not keep up with the actual number when increasing. For more accurate jumps, try to do it when the bar decreases.

      Sometimes the players start going behind the couches/chairs. Still working on that.

  10. Philip Johnston says:

    It took me forever to think of something that wouldn’t be mega lame, so after some perusing through things that were cool in the 80’s I rediscovered an old flame: Operation.
    So here’s Dr. Duel, the score variable never worked for me, so I just took them out all together, so grab a pen an paper old school style to keep track of how many parts you’ve removed.
    I tried to stick with the 80’s theme so everything is a mix of neon colors and nasty orange. So hurry up and save that naked hobo.

  11. Christopher Weng says:

    Click on attack to attack each other, but don’t wait too long.

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