Player Verb

This week you are making a game with the verb you received in class. Remember, your verb must be the primary way the player interacts with the game. You can download the prompt here.

As usual, your game is due by 2:30 March 31.

Here is the link to the video Rudi mentioned in class. Everyone take a look at it and we’ll talk about it in class next week.

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12 Responses to Player Verb

  1. Tim Shriver says:

    My verb was expel. I created a game where you’re a squid moving by expelling water and defending yourself by expelling ink. The controls aren’t easy to move around with so I didn’t add tough enemies yet. It’s more to get a feeling of controls and atmosphere.

  2. Philip Johnston says:

    Welcome to the mastication nation! Chew up barrels and spit out innocent lives, its simple!

    Press A to open your gaping maw, and press S to close down your jaws of justice. Better hurry, gas prices are rising, we’re gonna keep on needing more!

  3. Rodivic Garcia says:

    Use your mouse to select your choices. Click on the left mouse button to choose your answer.

  4. James Hidahl says:

    My verb: “undulate” – to move in a smooth wavelike motion

    I then decided to make a game where the player can’t constantly move in one direction and has to move the other every once in a while. I figured the best example of that is trying to keep balanced as you move forward or else you fall over. So I made a game I called “Topheavy Tommy”. This time I put instruction as well as some backstory in the game.


    Windows users need to run the game through GameMaker.

  5. Brian Grant says:

    My verb was: Moisten.

    Had several ideas about terrain deformation and such, not enough time to do them 🙂

    You throw water to slow enemies and put out flames…


    Known Bugs:
    1) You can push enemies into the walls.

  6. Christopher Weng says:

    Yeah… Uh I hope you like killing children.

  7. Aaron Stout says:

    Funnel Ball!

    The object of the game is to funnel the balls off the layout to keep the ball count down. If it goes above 20 you lose.

    Watch out for the Skull Balls!

  8. Ian Ward says:


    Go pick up chicks! What else would this game be about? Watch the timer.

  9. Thomas Reed Crafton says:

    Sweaty Game

    Sweat until you can slide.

    Download Link:

    Alternate Download:

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