7 Deadly Sins

This is the last prototype you will be making before you begin working on your polished one so make it count. You can download the assignment here. It is due April 7 before class at 2:30.

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  1. Christopher Mitchell says:

    I have trouble believing class is in 10 hours and I’m still the first one to post…click your answers.


  2. Brian Grant says:

    Assignment: Seven Deadly Sins
    Platform: Flixel
    Format: .SWF

    Title: “SevIN”

    A platformer where what you do decides your primary deadly sin.

    Hint: All the endings say Game Over. “Winning” is seeing which sin you get; “Losing” is dying.



  3. Tim Shriver says:


    I made a pokemon-style game with the 7 sins as the different types. (http://i55.tinypic.com/mtxjxj.jpg) but there’s some bug in the combat code (257 lines long) and so it’s not really playable. It randomly generates the enemies correctly so you can see what the different ones are if you want.

    You can choose a character and step in the dark terrain to start a battle and see what the opponents are like, but the buttons don’t work for some reason. I’m trying to fix it.

  4. Philip Johnston says:

    Welcome to burger hell! You’ve been punished for your gluttony and now you must pay the price, an eternity of hunger and reliving your painful food induced death! Try to escape burger hell, while trying to prevent you untimely death. Again.

    !!!!!!!CONTROLS!!!!!! <- READ THIS PART
    Use WASD to move your character.
    The mouse controls your only weapon, a trusty head of lettuce. Use it to resist the temptation to eat.
    Watch out, you'll get hungry, and if you get to hungry you'll have to eat or die. However, eating to much increases your weight and size, while raising your cholesterol. To much of a good thing CAN kill you.

    Ive included both an easy and a hard mode:

  5. James Hidahl says:

    I decided to make a game around greed. To fit that theme, I decided to base it off of a Japanese TV series I’m currently watching called “Kamen Rider OOO” (pronounced /ohz/). The villains in that series are called Greeed and create monsters called Yummies from people’s desires to create special coins that everyone is trying to collect. In my game you play as one of the side characters, Kamen Rider Birth, who is pretty much hired by a major company for this purpose. I left an introduction and controls in the game.

    Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XOJNXQQV
    Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2dlzfswkkuz1xow

    You can download subtitled episodes of Kamen Rider OOO here

  6. Thomas Reed Crafton says:

    Glutton of Hell
    You have just died and are convicted of sinning against God by the Ravenous sin of Gluttony. You must now endless eat anything and everything for all eternity in hell.

    Download Link:

    Alternate Download Link:

    • Thomas Reed Crafton says:

      Oh I almost forgot,

      To eat something press the letter corresponding to the thing you want to eat.

  7. Aaron Stout says:

    Sins of the Platformer!

    Note, there are a few issues. Sins still register when you run into some of the enemies, so run into the Avatar of Gluttony to lower that sin meter (you’ll know who he is when you see him)

    To destroy the Avatar of Pride, finish the obstacle course and he will vanish.

  8. Rodivic Garcia says:

    I was going for a dating simulator game with 7 girls that the player can date, but I was drawing blank on the type of scenarios and conversations the player can have with the girls. The girls represent the seven deadly sins.

    Press the WASD keys to move the character.


  9. Ian Ward says:

    The hopes for this game were so much higher than I could get out of construct.

    WASD- to move and jump
    H- attack
    K- hitt up
    J- attack down
    U- focus


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