Welcome to round 2 of Rapid Prototyping for Digital Games. I hope you are all excited and ready to make some great prototypes this coming semester.

Your first assignment is to figure out what tool you want to use to build your games. I recommend going to the resource page and checking out Game Maker and Construct. What ever you end up choosing go through one of the beginner tutorials and try to get a feel for the tool.

After you’ve done that upload your game before class (7:00PM on Monday, Sept. 12) by replying to this blog post. Use anything you want to upload the game just as long as I can download and play the .exe file.

After that, if you’re feeling ambitious go ahead and give the other tool a try since we have 2 weeks before we meet again. Believe me, getting ahead now will help out a lot in the future.


Looks like I managed to forget to link to the article I gave you. If you go have miss placed it or just find the flicker of a computer screen more soothing you can go here to read it.

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23 Responses to Begin!

  1. So over the summer I gave myself the assignment to make a game the little kiddies at my church could play. I figured this would force me to learn how to make a game in something; that something being GameMaker. Eventually I gave up on the whole game idea and just focused on one short level. I’m assuming this will substitute as my tutorial thingy.

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      This is a pretty decent start to something and I will accept it, but I would recommend you take a look at Construct and give it a go since you have two weeks and it should only take you an hour or so to work through the tutorial.

      Overall, this is an interesting game. I’m curious about why you made some of the design choices you did, but we can discuss that at another time if you’d like.

  2. Michael Sanford says:

    Click that Clown!

    Ok so I just got done with one of the tutorials, was pretty fun to do. Unfortunately the computer I’m on doesn’t allow me to play it but I did get a chance to play it on one of the other machines 🙂 Well here’s the first tutorial game, I’m starting to look forward to what we learn in the class a bit more.

  3. Bounce! I was looking around the GameMaker tutorials and Mike’s game (freaking clown), and i thought something fun could be done with the collision system in GM, so here’s what i’ve come up with:

    GameMaker made me want to cry of frustration because it is so chaotic, buggy and under-developed. Construct seems worse since you can’t write your own code. I think i’ll switch back to AS3 for the next games haha.

    On a game-making note, this blew my mind:

  4. Austin House says:

    I definitely had a lot of fun doing these tutorials. I’m looking forward to doing more in this class and seeing what others come up with.

  5. Here’s my “tutorial”, sorry about the file size — 12MB is a little big for such a simple app, but I decided to go with a cross-platform 3D library instead of GameMaker, so even little stuff tends to be sorta weighty. Assuming it works, it should be a basic first-person camera in 3D environment with a giant floating head as a point of reference.

    You should be able to just go to File->download from the Google docs link, unzip the folder, and run PracticalApp.exe

    (word of warning; don’t get too creative with the resolution changing dialog at the moment. Right now it’s presenting every resolution the video driver claims to support as an option, and some of those don’t seem to be valid)

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      Nice, Ogre is a pretty sweet library for making games. The next step is going to be moving beyond a tech demo into a game. That’s what this coming week is for though so good job getting this up and running.

  6. John Hoffman says:

    Nuke a Sun

    Here is my first game. It’s a simple navigation game where you use the arrow keys to guide your missile into the sun whilst avoiding various asteroids. The two outputs in the top left display where the sun is located in relation to you.

    This was created with Construct 2. To open, download and extract, then run the index.html file.

  7. Carlos Avila says:

    I just did the first GM tutorial:

  8. Christopher Pettit says:

    For now I just have the .gmk file. I’ll have my .exe as soon as I can.
    this is just the first tutorial from Game Maker

  9. Tyler Kuhlman says:

    I used Game Maker tutorial for my Hello World. Enjoy catching the clown!

    • Zack Duffer says:

      For reference, the controls are:

      Press Spacebar to fire a regular shot.
      Press Shift (either side) to activate the super beam (Only when super gauge is full).
      Press the arrow keys to move up, down, left, and right respectively.

      When you get hurt, your super gauge is automatically filled, use it to counter your limited mobility!

      Catching the moving “stars” gives you a shield, but it can only take 3 hits before it disappears!

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