Round Two, Fight!

This week we will continue to explore the tools available to us and work towards building a more advanced game. If you used Game Maker, take this opportunity to check out Construct and visa versa. If you find you don’t like it you can switch back.

We will be looking at and discussing these games in class, so put a bit of effort into them and think about some of the things we talked about in class. How do you make your game Juicy? Is your prototype a toy or is it a game with goals and satisfaction? Go beyond the tutorial and make something you would enjoy playing and are proud to share with the class.

Your prototype is due before class on September 19.

Finally, be sure to read this article so we can discuss it in class.

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35 Responses to Round Two, Fight!

  1. Man, I want to keep adding more, but here it is! You need sound and you use the arrow keys. Have fun.

  2. Alright guys, finally finished mine up. I don’t know if it was everything I was expecting. I wasn’t very pleased with this tutorial in GameMaker they seem to skip a lot of the steps and just said here do this. Oh well… I made it through, was able to make some stuff, and had fun with it. So here I present 1945 UFO Ed.

  3. Here’s the game i made. I’ve been playing a little too much SPAZ as you will see. I wish i’d had time to add more content, but i guess it’s good enough for a prototype. Enjoy !

  4. I made the instructions as confusing as i could, so i guess that’s a success.
    Winning basically means not losing. Objective is to get the highest score possible.

  5. Decided to try out Unity this week. Not the most imaginative end result, I’ll admit, but that’s totally my fault for being distracted by how awesome Unity is and spending too much of my time mucking around aimlessly.

  6. Jonathan Buchanan says:

    I just did the construct tutorial. I like it much more then GM. My internet has been down for the past day, so I have been unable to upload and have just been screwing around with it… If I can get something more interesting done ill post that. The web will be a big help in figuring this thing out.

  7. John Hoffman says:

    Just download the .zip and run the index.html file.

  8. Austin House says:

    Here is mine:

    Tried construct this time, it’s a lot better than Game Maker IMO. Wasn’t able to get sound working in it though.

  9. Carlos Avila says:

    Still needs a few tweaks. But ran out of time.

    • Christopher Pettit says:

      had electrically problems with my laptop. this is just my initial version of the tutorial game that I made on my desktop before the computer gods decided to flip me off

  10. Tyler Kuhlman says:

    Get ready for Spooky Haunted Graveyard Zombie Attack! It needs a few tweaks still. The zombies are moving much faster now that it is exported…..

    Added new sprites to the platforming tutorial and added some “juice” to the kills.
    I’ve been playing too much Mortal Kombat.

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