Exponential Growth

Your first theme is Exponential Growth or as I like to call, “something getting really big really fast.” A copy of your assignment can be found here if you lost it.

Your prototype needs to be in the comments section by 7:00 PM on Sept. 26.

Good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing what you all create.

Also, I forgot to mention the reading I wanted to do in class so it is not mandatory, but you should still take a look at it. It’s a really great article about why finishing stuff is good. You can find it here .

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23 Responses to Exponential Growth

  1. Tyler Kuhlman says:

    Prepare yourselves!


    I promise this is the last zombie game I’m going to make. Zombies are a perfect fit for the exponential theme, I just had to.

  2. Zack Duffer says:

    Oh, yeah! It’s totally time!
    I present to you “Multiply”!


    Controls are simple:
    Spacebar to multiply (Press to multiply black, release to multiply white)
    “G” will let you cheat and stop movement, a few times.
    Click on the power-up you’d like to use to pay its price and use it.

    Get points when black dots collide with white dots!
    The game ends when you run out of black dots! Go for the high score!

  3. John Hoffman says:

    Here is my game, Hydra.

    The goal of the game is to make at least one “head” of the hydra touch the surface of the planet.

    You use the up arrow and down arrow to change the angle, and the right arrow to automatically steer towards the planet. It can get quite confusing and frustrating.

    (WordPress is refusing to post my comments, so please excuse the double post if this becomes one.)

  4. Yay zombies. Pulled an all-nighter trying to finish this one, but it’s far from complete.

    The goal of the game is to take over Europe with your horde of zombies, and do it fast as human cities grow exponentially.

    I think i aimed for something too big for a prototype. AI is hard. Oh well.

  5. Got mine done, I guess it’s kind of zombies but not really.

    I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to for it, but maybe down the road I’ll have more time to spend on it.


  6. Jonathan Buchanan says:

    Well I have been working on this for the past two days and have been unable to solve what problems I have. My plan was for the camera to zoom out along with the curve of the land making it harder to see and navagate your ship. I felt like I have spent more then enough time on this so here is what I have.


    Other then the missing camera moment, I wanted to add a starting or ending splash, more cloud tiling work, and more stuff to run into. I got the core done, but I spent too much time looking for a way to scale everything.

    If anyone has suggestions on how to do this in construct 2 it would be greatly appreciated.

  7. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B60P3B5xHRLpODAxMjQwNjQtMmE3ZS00ZmY4LWE4ZTAtNjc5NGIxYjRmOGUz&hl=en_US

    Usual Google Docs procedure: File-> download original -> unzip, open index.html (preferably in Chrome or Firefox, haven’t tested on IE)

    Anyhow, very simple visually, but I’m pretty happy with how it feels to play. No fancy 3D libraries this time, though πŸ˜‰

  8. Ok, so like everyone else, I didn’t have time to blah blah blah…


    Watch out for the glitch, they will get suck slightly off screen.

  9. Austin House says:

    White Blood Cell. Stop the viruses from infecting you!


  10. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41304538/WilliamsBradford_Exponential.exe
    here is my exponential game, click on the leaves to create a new branch and try to reach the water droplet.

  11. Sorry. It’s so broken after I exported it, but I have no idea why or how to fix it. If you want to play, you can use my laptop 😦 It runs fine in Construct 2

    Alternatively, you can hit F5 and play for the first few milliseconds over and over.


  12. Also, if you’re using game maker and want to use GML, this is a great reference of drag and drop to gml.

  13. Kyle Matthis says:


    This is my project I’m sorry this is late and I missed class I had to go home yesterday because of a family emergency and then my car broke down on the way back today.

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