Welcome to another week of rapid prototyping! This week your prompt is Mirror (the verb). Each of your games should reflect (heh) the prompt and use the verb mirror as a core mechanic. You game is due by the beginning of class (Oct. 3 @7:00PM).

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me.

Happy Prototyping!

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20 Responses to Mirror

  1. I’ll continue updating this until class on Monday, but since I have something in a working “toy” state I’ll go ahead and post mine here. Having it public will motivate me to keep building on it.


  2. Austin House says:

    Got mine done. Here it is, Red V Blue. Instructions should be there on start up. Enjoy.


  3. Tyler Kuhlman says:

    Fever Dream

    Here it is. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20528044/Fever%20Dream/index.html

    no more zombies

  4. Christopher Pettit says:


    This is Explorerer (yes I know there is an extra “er”) I was goin for a VERY simple game

  5. Jonathan Buchanan says:


    I tied using physics in Construct 2… they still have some kinks in them.

  6. Not really happy with this game 😦 But I had to get it done. I was wanting to go a totally different way but lack of knowledge on how the program works barred my path. Well here it is.


  7. Zack Duffer says:

    I present my most unusual creation yet! Mirrworm!


    Arrow keys to move, tutorial within, naturally.

  8. Carlos Avila says:

    Press Space bar to release a beam of light from the light crystal.
    Press “r” to rotate mirror.
    Lift click to place a mirror.
    You’ll lose points every time light reflects off a mirror; use as few mirrors as possible. Light the dark crystal to win.


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