Slicing is the prompt this week. Let’s see some lovely little prototypes with some fun themes based around that wonderful verb. Your prototype is due before class begins at 7PM on Monday, Oct. 10.

I know this is not the most exciting prompt in the world, but that’s part of the fun. Try to pull this thing as far apart as you can and really ring something interesting out of it.

Happy Prototyping!

Quick note: I’m sure you are all aware, but right now The Humble Indie Bundle is offering some very excellent games for whatever you want to pay them. I highly recommend getting in on that bundle before you miss out on some great games.

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23 Responses to Slicing

  1. Yay!

    Ok I got this one all done. Quite a bit more work into this one then last weeks, and it all mostly went the way I wanted it to go 😀

    Hope everyone enjoys.

  2. Christopher Pettit says:

    Slash ‘n’ dash! go go ninja!

    couldn’t get my title screen to work.

    Press space to jump, press “enter” to throw swords.
    collect gems, avoid ghosts, and slice up fruit

  3. Jonathan Buchanan says:
  4. Kyle Matthis says:

    So This may actually be stabbing rather than slashing but all the same…

  5. Austin House says:

    Here is mine, Krakken. Tried to do something with slashing using the mouse. It works ok, not exactly proud of it.

    • Austin House says:

      Forgot to mention exactly what to do. Just move your mouse back and fourth rapidly across the tentacles to destroy them and protect your crew.

  6. I think this project was a little too big for one week. Everything works, but I didn’t get a chance to add much extra fun stuff. Still, was fun to make.

    • Christopher Michael Casey says:

      Oh, and the unofficial name of the game is “Neon Knight.” It has audio, that should explain it.

    I may have spent too much time on the sprites only to have them not work :/
    Had some serious trouble with game maker this week, not sure if it’s just my comp or what.
    move with arrow keys, slice enemies with your sword.

  8. Zack Duffer says:

    Here is my slicing game! (With original character sprite art!)

  9. Carlos Avila says:

    The game wouldn’t run properly when I exported it, works fine when you run it in construct.

    Hold, drag, and release to slice the fish squirming around on the cutting board.

  10. Here’s my… toy? I have had to spend too much time on Cold Equations, so this is as far as I could go. I was aiming to do something similar to Fat Slice, except the player would have a limited number of “slices” and the goal would be to cut the shapes into a number of pieces.

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