Mid Terms

Time to take a breather and reflect back on what you’ve done so far. You don’t have a prototype due this week but you do have an essay. That is, unless you decide to go to UTD Game Jam-asaurus. Attendance at the Game Jam-asaurus will count as turning in your essay which will be due on Monday, Oct. 24 before class at 7PM. Email it to my email address on the prompt sheet.

The schedule for the Game Jam-asaurus will be roughly as follows:

  • Friday, Oct. 21 – 10PM until 1AM in ATEC 1.202
  • Saturday, Oct. 22 – 9AM until 1AM in ATEC 1.202
  • Sunday, Oct. 23 10AM until 1PM in ATEC 1.202

Participants will be able to come and go, but in order to get credit I want you to attend a MAJORITY of the event. Looking forward to seeing you all there or hearing what you have to say about your prototypes.

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One Response to Mid Terms

  1. Won’t be able to make it to Jam-asaurus since i’m out of town!
    Found this article was relevant to this course, though:

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