Game Jam-asaurus

Game Jam-asaurus! Game Jam-asaurus! Game Jam-asaurus!

Check out these games that students made during the first Game Jam-asaurus

Our theme for this Jam was Fall.

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15 Responses to Game Jam-asaurus

  1. Here’s our game — you can’t die, but your torch can be put out. Go back to previous checkpoints to relight it. Use the small torches like fuses with their vines to incinerate the big bushes so you can continue through the level. Here it is!

  2. Steve says:

    The Robot Turkey. (Demo version of ‘The Fall of the Turkey Empire’)
    We had some issues finalizing the game, so here’s the unfinished version.
    Movement – Directional Arrow Keys
    Throw Football – Space Bar

  3. Claire says:

    Nice! Hat’s off to everyone. I’m buying you all beers.

  4. Paul says:

    Give it a try! Place clouds to reach the end of the level. Left click places, right click removes. This is version one, so its far from perfect.

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