In case you haven’t heard, the Pirate Kart is causing some waves in the gaming community. This “controversial” entry into the IGF contains nearly 300 games by over 100 game developers. Some are fantastic. Some are awful.

It’s your job to play some and find one you want to make a sequel of. This game needs to be a step beyond the original so don’t just make a clone! When you post your game by 7:00 on Oct. 31 be sure to include the title of the game you used as your source!

Happy prototyping!


Game Lab Pitches in ATEC 1.606 at 4 PM on Friday October 28th

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38 Responses to Sequel

  1. By far, one of my best weeks. We have color again! I chose Bento Smile’s wonderful game, Unko’s Adventure in Magical Land. So without further adieu, here is Unko’s Adventure 2.

    I may work on it a bit more if time allows, but I wanted to wrap this one up early BECAUSE I HAVE THINGS TO DO! ARRRGGHHH….

    (make sure you have the sound of for some of that delicious ear candy)

  2. Austin House says:

    Kitty McMeowMeow Whiskerface

    Destroyer of Worlds

    sequel to: The Last Survivor

    (has music)

  3. Jonathan Buchanan says:

    I was originally making a game that wasn’t from pirate kart….Did’t know that was a requirement. Well here is my version on ‘Let’s get this over with’… but with a time freeze.

    Good Luck

    • tnomad says:

      Hey, I’m the developer of Let’s Get This Over With. That’s really cool. I’ve not managed to beat your version yet. I’m eventually doing a bigger version of LGTOW for iOS and I may have to steal your extra mechanic idea. ^_^

  4. It’s a little glitchy, but that’s ok. Prepare to meet your doom!
    My game is a sequel to The Last Survivor.

  5. This is my sequel to the CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE Halloween-themed game, Give Yourself Klikbumps!

    Also, I swear I’m on my way to class, I literally JUST finished this. Don’t do any of the things to me that are endings to this game! I’m coming!

    • Hi! I’m the developer of Give Yourself Klikbumps. Thank you for choosing my game to make a sequel! It’s great to see more people making CYOA games.

      I like your sense of tension here! Especially the (SPOILER SPOILER) chloroform thing–I thought it was just going to go straight to THE END but you strung it out a little longer. Your narrative voice has some strong character too. Nice work!


    Sequel to Gnome Rock breaker or something like that…

  7. JetPack Dog 2:JetPack Dog’s Revenge
    control Jetpack Dog as he returns to the lab he escaped to enact revenge on the veil cats
    z to jetpack
    x to shoot

  8. Carlos Avila says:

    Sequel to Blind:
    A year later after visiting the waterfall where her brother died. She begins to hear her brothers voice at a distance. She begins to wander the city, in search of her little brother.

    The html version of the game doesn’t run. Below is the latest version of construct; to be able to open the file above:

    • block0man says:

      I’m the maker of the original Blind. Nice job! This is a good transition to a top-down view while keeping the style very similar. I also like the idea of wandering around, waiting to hear your brother’s voice and then trying to follow it.

      I’m just wondering, Is there a way to find your brother or finish the game? I played for a while but couldn’t make any progress.

      • Carlos Avila says:

        Hello, I have not implemented the win mechanic yet. I was debating if the win scenario would have you returning to the waterfall or to simply have the character give up their search after a certain amount of time.

        The game is still incomplete and I will continue to work on it, in my spare time.

  9. Here’s what I’ve been trying to work on. Based off of Metal Spawn.
    There’s not much to it, Cold Equations took most of my time again.

    What i set out to do was add an “upgrades” menu between each level that would let you improve your damage output and such.
    Also, shinier and juicier graphics.

    • Leon Arnott says:

      I find it gratifying that you took pains to recreate the look and feel of my original, right down to the slightly idiosyncratic wall physics, in a different middleware engine. I also like that you identified the slight visual distinction between exterior and interior spaces in my game, and decided to expand upon it. However, the new ‘hypothermia’ mechanic doesn’t really make much sense when well over 60% of the route is interior. It also tends to recover altogether too slowly – occasions when you’re waiting for it to refill feel like ‘dead air’. The game is already significantly abstract – it needn’t necessarily have realistic metabolism.

      • John Hoffman says:

        I felt that once the player reached the top in the original, it was a matter of trial and error to simply jump down the the rest of the mountain and manage to hold onto a ledge and complete the level.

        My original intention with the hypothermia mechanic and the implementation of caves was for it to be increasingly difficult for the player to reach a safe location, making the later portion of the game more challenging.

        Retrospectively, I think if the player couldn’t regenerate their warmth and their warmth decreased much slower, and stopped in a tent or cave, the hypothermia mechanic would be less of an inconvenience and add more difficulty. In fact, I think ill change that now.

      • John Hoffman says:

        I added in the change.

        Other than that, I really enjoyed the original game as it offered a unique way to combine puzzles and platforming whilst making a good 5-10 minute adventure of it.

  10. Benn says:

    As creator of The Last Survivor, I officially approve of these sequels πŸ˜€

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