This week your prompt is a little more open ended. Paths is intended to give you more flexibility and really test your prototyping skills to the limit. Are you up for the challenge?

As usual, your prototype is due by the beginning of class (7PM) on Nov. 14.


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23 Responses to Paths

  1. John Hoffman says:

    Here is my game, Troll Toll:

    The travelers must get to the other side of the bridge in order to pay their toll.

    Use A and D to move left and right.
    Use W to ascend ladders, S to fall through floors.
    use Space to Jump.

    Each Bridge log as life that decreases as people travel over it. When it is about to fall, it will flash.

    Collect fallen logs and use E to place them back on the bridge.

    Use your money to cast special powers.

    Heal bridge – Q: Costs 2 Gold
    Heals all bridge segments around the troll.

    Reinforce bridge – F: Costs 5 Gold
    Reinforces severl bridge segments around the troll for 10 seconds.

    Grow Tree – R: Costs 15 Gold
    Causes a tree to grow that will make bridge pieces it touches invincible.

  2. Alright, I’m happy with this one. I got a lot done on it (despite ze Skyrim) and yeah…enjoy. :]

  3. Aye, this is my first CYOA (or CYOP, to fit the prompt). I definitely aimed for way too much script and at 3am this morning decided to cut half of it out so i could finish the prototype.

    Let me know what you think!

  4. Christopher Pettit says:

    Mirror Mayhem!!

    I tried something slightly different this week. a 2-Player game.

    Left click to place a reflector.
    right click to place a flipped reflector.

    players take turns placing reflectors

    click the explosion to fire and end your turn.

    Player 1 fires from the left ship, Player 2 from the right

    hit the target on the other players ship to win.

  5. Jonathan Buchanan says:

    The Plank..not finished

    Idea was you were being chased off a never ending plank, which would go up, down , or flat..never ending..That didn’t want to work. Everything else works, but I was unable to add enemy pirates that would force the player to go down.. which would be bad.

  6. Austin House says:

    Black Box Escape. I played around with what we talked about last class from the Cotton Gin game. It came out okay. Yes, it is possible to win.

  7. Lost my Motivation for the rest of the night 😦 I wanted to make something so big and awesome, but I ran into roadblock after roadblock. Lack of coding knowledge, and a time limit doesn’t help.

    But it’s a start to something I would like to complete one day. I’ll just need to start smaller, baby steps and testing functionality instead of trying to make the whole thing in a day.

    Well here’s my first attempt at a rpg, sorry it’s not better guys.

  8. Tyler Kuhlman says:


    I wanted to have a LOT more so you could have tons of paths, but this took a long time.

  9. Here is my Paths game.I tried to go for a “serious”/”Art Game” style maybe a little symbolic of paths and less literal.

  10. Carlos Avila says:

    Trolley; incomplete.
    Stop the trains from colliding into one another. click on the intersection points to change the path.

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