Hey everyone, sorry I couldn’t make it to class on Monday. When CastleVille launched I found myself swamped with work so I felt it best to not push my luck and cancel class. I hope you all enjoyed your playing each others games and your free evening.

Your prompt this week is Wedding. Like last week, this one is more open ended to challenge you to push the boundaries of what games are and mean to you. I look forward to playing your prototypes when you turn them in by the beginning of class on Nov. 21 at 7PM.

As was mentioned before, please be thinking about which prototype you are going to make into your final project. For those of you who have missed a few of the assignments you are only allowed to pick from the prototypes you turned in. We will discuss the final more in the coming class so this is more of a heads up than anything else.

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11 Responses to Wedding

  1. Jonathan Buchanan says:

    Can you catch your bride before she reaches hell?

  2. Austin House says:

    The Ring

    Was planning on making more story for it, didn’t get around to that.

  3. Tyler Kuhlman says:

    Mine is called “Reception Kid”

    Everyone knows those kids who are going around asking girls to dance at weddings. This is about them. You have to work up you “swagger” until you can dance with the bride.

    I forgot to mention in the instructions that you shouldn’t run into other guests too much.

  4. So this is “The Day of Madness”.
    It’s about the marriage of Figaro. You were supposed to play a stage hand helping get the opera in order before it’s show time. As time progresses the characters begin to assume their actual roles and madness ensues.

    Now that’s what was supposed to happen. That’s not what happens. I have to turn this in, but I’d rather not.

  5. Zack Duffer says:

    This is an incredibly simple game about marriage…

    perhaps a bit cynical?


    Yes, the title IS Marriage.exe (where the .exe extension is meant to be read).
    Obviously, move left and right with the left and right arrows.

  6. John Hoffman says:

    Here is my game, Shotgun Wedding.

    Your goal is to get your bride to the limo in town before the zombies kill either of you. Find weapons and select them using 1-4.

  7. Carlos Avila says:

    Cold Feet
    Press spacebar as quickly as you can to fight the urge to run away.

  8. I appologize, this game turned out way more complicateed than I had planned.
    Assign wedding guests to their seats.
    Blue(Groom) on the left
    Red(Bride) on the right
    If you get stuck, press ‘R’ to restart.

    it’s kind of broken right now so it may not let you seat guests later in the game.

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