Tighten the Graphics on Level 3

By now you should have noticed the email I sent you with your milestones listed out. Class the next few weeks will be mostly me checking to see if you’ve delivered on your milestone. If you have any questions or concerns about your milestones please email me so we can talk about them.

Please post your first milestone in the comment section of this post before class. If you want people to play your prototype and give you feedback please say so in your post. I think it goes without saying, but if someone asks for feedback give them some.

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14 Responses to Tighten the Graphics on Level 3

  1. Christopher Pettit says:


    sped up the lasers, did some tweaking to the reflections, fixed the issue with starting a new game, among a few minors tweaks.

    also, added the ability to delete reflectors with the Middle mouse click (this does take your turn)

  2. Ok, so I’ve gotten a little bit done so far. Setup the initial GUI for the project, with an Inventory. Did the store layout. And started working on creating objects and making them pickup-able.


  3. John Hoffman says:

    Here is mine,


    The main changes are:

    Hypothermia mechanic changed to Grip Mechanic.
    Added in ice and ice blocks that cannot be climbed and make the player slide.
    Added in a wind effect that pushes the player around.
    Now you can hold your position by holding down the spacebar.
    Several tweaks to player movement and collision.

  4. Austin House says:

    Get ready to die!

    SpaceBar Warrior Update:

    Changed menu screen. Added in another level and 2 new traps. Did some balance tweaks.

    • Ausin House says:

      Currently there is a bug where if you die on the first lvl it sends you to the 4th lvl. Also on the 4th lvl there is a bug where you randomly die while passing the axes.

  5. Jonathan Buchanan says:

    I will not be able to make class today. (Unforeseen Visitors). here is my update though



    switched from time to a button for trigger
    fixed collision detection (was box, now its actual shape)
    fixed beam (the initial beam doesn’t kill so you have warning /added fade)
    did work on the freeze power up (you currently have infinite, but I can add and take with buttons.)

  6. Update 1: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/39891216/Games/A3_Mirror2_01.exe

    The views are now separate and act independently.
    The left side character animation is almost done. Right is not.
    Added SPACE BAR function to teleport right to left’s y.
    Changed coins to switches to make the rest of the level available.
    Did not like blocks. Took them out again.

  7. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41304538/BradfordWilliams_BenchM01.exe
    Here’s my benchmark!
    Game still works the same, just added new areas.
    More actual gameplay will be added for next week.

  8. Zack Duffer says:

    My first milestone is mainly about developing the concepts that I’m implementing…
    That said, I’ve conceptualized three more level developments.

    1) There is going to be a score rush mode (Like the last level before, but now with the opportunity to continue)
    2) There is going to be a bonus flight addition (Already working on this)
    3) There will be a boss battle section (I’ve got an idea on this, but I’m working on how to put this together, content-wise)

    For those who don’t know, my game final project here is called Starlight Path.
    It’s from the “Paths” prompt, and the original version is here:

  9. Here is a good library for cool coding stuff in GameMaker.


  10. Carlos Avila says:

    My first milestone consisted of redesigning the level and completing the narration.
    My final project is Blind 2.
    I’m not going to post the level layout as its part of the player experience of guessing/discovering what the world around them is.

    I’ll reveal the level at the presentation, after the class has had time to guess what everything is in the world.

  11. For my milestone, I’ve conceptualized all the content that I want to add to Spooky Haunted Graveyard Zombie Attack. Right now I’m working on implementing the new mechanics. Figuring out ways to create smart pathing for zombies is quite tricky…

    • Tyler Kuhlman says:

      ^wrong account, again

    • Tyler Kuhlman says:

      The following are revisions that will be made to Spooky Haunted Graveyard Zombie Attack for the final game prototype:
      – Improve zombie collision. This was very important because having the zombies collide with the gravestones was essential for strategy
      – Add weapons mechanic. I want to give the player the awesome ability to unload a shotgun in the face of many zombies, so while the player roams around, they will be able to pick up ammunition that will randomly spawn. The ammunition will be scarce, so players will have to save it for sticky situations.
      – Implement a player health system. Whenever a player comes into contact with a zombie, they will suffer an injury rather than be instantly killed. This will lower their movement speed for period of time before they regenerate back to full health and speed. If they get hit by too many zombies, they will die. This kind of follows the Call of Duty style of health because you can take damage and still recover from it.
      – Implement a flashlight mechanic. The flashlight will serve to stun the zombies when you shine it at them. The player will need to collect batteries that spawn randomly throughout the level.
      – Create more levels

      Here is the game with a few added mechanics.


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