It’s the End of the World (as you know it)

Rubric for the Final – This has what you’ll need for the 2-3 page Pitch Document. LOOK AT IT!

So, I’m dumb. Really dumb. I made a mistake and I apologize for it. Your finals are not due on the 19th. The last day of finals is on Dec. 14th so your finals are actually due on the 12th, not the 19th like I originally thought. Somehow in the shuffle of things I managed to convince myself (and put on my syllabus) that our class final was on the 19th. This is not the case.

The good news is that means next class is the last day of class (yay!). The bad news is I need everyone to turn in their prototype before the 19th so I can get grades in on time (boo!). Due to this I need everyone to come to class on Dec. 12th so that I know everyone is aware of the situation at hand. It will be a short class but your attendance is VITAL.

To make up for the fact that I am an idiot I am going to let you turn in your final prototype and 2-3 page pitch document by midnight on December 18th. You also no longer have to give a 3 minute presentation of your game and I will no longer be grading you on completing your 3rd milestone or requiring you to write a post mortem about your game.

So, just to sum up all this, your final prototype and 2-3 page pitch document must be posted to this post’s comment section by midnight on Dec. 18. Our last class is December 12th and I want everyone to be there so that I know you all understand what is going on and can get any questions answered.

Again, I apologize for the mix up and confusion. This has been a rather interesting semester for me (and probably all of you) so I’m sorry if I have seemed a bit unprepared or unprofessional.

If you have any questions email me [jacob(DOT)naasz(AT)gmail(DOT)com].

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35 Responses to It’s the End of the World (as you know it)

  1. Zack Duffer says:

    Wow, definitely feeling the pressure now!

    Alright, I’ll be in attendance tomorrow, as planned.

    • Zack Duffer says:

      Yeah! This version is seriously awesome!

      Alright, I need to know a few things:
      How much sound should I add?
      Are there enough levels, or should I add more?

      Anyone who would comment with an opinion on this would be helping me greatly!

      • Jacob Naasz says:

        I feel like music would be a good add. SFX would be too much unless there was something like a sound that indicated the gate was open.

        I think the biggest thing for me is I feel really lost most of the time. Your menu sort of tells me what the game is about and what I need to do but there is still a lot of info I need to figure out that would be nice for me to know.

        I also would like some indication of when I’m going to lose my multiplier. Right now there is no tension there because I have no information. So I lose it and like “darn” but if I knew I was a smidge off it would be more exciting.

        Your boss fights also feel a bit weird compared to the rest of the game. If you told me I could move from one side of the screen to the other that would be nice too.

      • Zack Duffer says:

        The game is now updated to a complete version. (If you download it and you get music and sound effects, you know it’s the right one.)

        I composed and synthesized the BGM myself. (Sorry if it’s not the best, but I wasn’t entirely sure where to go with it. Regardless, I am pleased with my composition, done in about an hour’s time.)

        Also, since you’ll need my pitch document, the link to it is here:

  2. Well got some more of the Mechanics done… their in the game, but haven’t been ironed out into a game lol. Having a couple issues with the scoring. And need to throw in a count down timer. But getting close.

  3. Austin House says:

    Prepare to die even more!

    Added 2 more levels. Changed a few things, fixed some bugs. Currently @99 events so I can’t add anymore to this.

  4. John Hoffman says:

    I’ve tweaked many things in the game to better run on slower computers. Hopefully now it is playable on the school computers.

    Anyways, this level is very simple, but it lets you stress test the mechanics of the game. For instance, you should only die from the 5 block fall, but not the 4 block fall. Also, you should barely have enough grip to reach the top of the last area.

  5. This is as much progress as i’ve been able to achieve with work being a b****.
    A & D to move
    W or Space to place a turret
    Click to shoot

    No collisions yet, but the hardest part is done.

    • Tyler Kuhlman says:

      Move around with the arrow keys, shoot with E
      I’m still in the process of finalizing all the mechanics.

      • Tyler Kuhlman says:

        Game .caproj

        Pitch document

        So, for some reason, the new build of Construct 2 completely messes up my exports. I put in my .caproj because the game will run fine in there, but as soon as I export it, all my sprites get messed up. It didn’t happen before because my milestones weren’t jacked up like this.

        Anyways, here is Spooky Haunted Graveyard Zombie Attack. I play it in Chrome and on a very decent computer, so the speed of the game is just right. I’ve had problems before where the zombies go insanely faster than normal, so if it does that it must be because of something I can’t control.

        I decided that instead of creating more levels for Milestone 3, I would add more mechanics to the game and really nail down the important stuff. The art and levels seemed a little extraneous.

      • Tyler Kuhlman says:

        Here is the last actual export I got before things went wrong.

        just ignore the giant black square around the character.

  6. Jonathan Buchanan says:

    Added the intro level..which works
    I have made map construction completely modular
    I am having trouble with the overlapping function which is used to make sure you stay on the track. the code doesn’t work from layout to layout..and I am working on fixing that

    Here is my benchmark for week 2! All i really need to do now is expand the game. Let me know if you have any recommendations or criticism!

  8. Carlos Avila says:
    Still have alot of content to add, didn’t get to add as much as i intended to. Due to cramming for finals. xD

  9. John Hoffman says:

    Are we supposed to submit our final games and our pitch document in this blog post?

  10. Chris Pettit says:

    got a real opening screen made, with actual instructions! worked out the bugs so it should be a fun 2 player game

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