Hello World 2

This week we are going to continue to focus on familiarizing ourselves with the tools in recommend you use by making a Hello World 2 game. To do this I recommend you either take the other tool and giving it a try or diving deeper by following one of the more advanced tutorials. As usual, the prototype is due by the start of next class Feb. 6 at 7:00PM.

Try and have fun with this one and show me a bit of your game design skills. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the tutorial and add some things or play with it a bit.

I forgot to mention it in class, but I also have a reading I would like you to take a look at. We’ll go over it a bit briefly in class next week, so please be familiar with it. It’s a write up on creativity, and you can find it here or on the readings page.

It also would not be a bad idea to take a look at some of the news that is being generated by Spry Fox suing 6Waves LOLAPPS over their apparent copying of Triple Town. We’ll probably take the opportunity to talk about copyrights since its a timely topic at the moment and we have a great example of what appears to be copyright infringement (Triple Town vs. Yeti Town).

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19 Responses to Hello World 2

  1. oberon1921 says:

    I wanted to add a boss enemy, but the animation for the sprite was jittery so I left it out to make the game look smoother.

  2. Trey Blankenship says:

    Here’s my Hello World Game 2: Space Runner. Let me know if you have any issues getting it started.


  3. Sammy Collins says:

    Here is my second game. Its just the 1945 tutorial. You use the arrow keys to move, space to shoot, and if you press Enter, it will turn on a hard mode that will spawn more enemies which will fire more.


  4. ravenloyk says:

    I decided to test out Construct this time, so it’s the tutorial you gave us, but I tweaked it so the ship will explode and then 2 seconds later it will respawn.


  5. Kody Kaftousian says:

    Here is my second Hello World game. Its made with Game Maker. Its the 2d platform tutorial. I made my own map changes, and added more mushrooms to collect.
    Use the arrow keys to move up, left and right. space will activate the gun when you collect it to shoot down the Dinos.

  6. alutd2012 says:

    here is my game for week 2. made it in Construct this time. i could not find it listed any where, as to how you wanted the game saved as so i saved it as the Scirra Arcade type.
    hope that was the way you wanted.

  7. Evan Manning says:


    Started off following the 1945 tutorial and tried to take it in a different direction. This is still a work in progress, but I’m starting to learn a lot about how GM is utilized.

  8. Beskar says:

    Here is my game for this week. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/59739696/index.html

    Brian Miller

  9. Jonathan Buchanan says:

    So you didn’t give me a prompt for this one, so I decided that meant the prompt was “nothing”. So here is a came of nothing and what comes out of it…(fyi it’s artsy)


  10. leinadahn says:

    Here is my Hello World 2 using Construct. Hopefully this is working properly. If not I will comment on this post with an updated link.

    ~Morgan Jones

  11. Mad_Martigan says:


    Two levels that use both methods to make a shooter.

  12. JoshC says:

    I started this idea awhile back but haven’t done much with it till recently. It’s intended to be an iOS/Android app but I found a way to post it to the web.


  13. This is just a continuation of the game I had last week. I added the HUD display with ammo and health calculations and enemies that just follow a simple path. Since I don’t have how to play in the game here it is.
    Your goal is to reach the 4th floor in the 2nd level.
    move is the arrow keys
    up is to jump and open doors
    spacebar is shoot


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