For your first prompt I want you to make a game that focuses on an economy system. You may do whatever you want as long as the game’s focus is on a system where the player gathers a resource and uses that resource to gain or purchase something else.

If you have any questions you can email me or post your question in the comment section of this post.

Your prototype is due by the beginning of class on Feb. 13. Please remember to turn in either a .exe or an html 5 file so that we can play them in class. Try to keep scope in mind and think about what you can accomplish so you don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Happy prototyping!

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22 Responses to Economy

  1. oberon1921 says:

    I think it worked out alright, but I wish I had more time to make more levels.

  2. Sammy Collins says:

    Here is my game. The goal of the game is basically to beat the boss at the last level (about 6 rooms in). You collect coins which can then be used to heal. You can also collect souls to use a special move.

  3. ravenloyk says:

    This isn’t even worth posting if you ask me.
    Didn’t have much time, so I didn’t get much accomplished. -_-
    If I have some more time to work on it tomorrow before class, I’ll reupload it.
    For now, here’s this crap.

  4. Mad_Martigan says:

    I going to try to update this before class. I believe it is working as intended but it lacks any real graphics, sound, or style.

    • Mad_Martigan says:
      Music,graphic cues,and hint included. Fixed loan and some button bugs. There is a typo the game last 40 days not 20.

      • Mad_Martigan says:

        An explanation I wrote for friends.
        Fair warning to make your first play through easier. If you owe the inquisition a loan they will kill you for not paying it and that ends the game. They will wait to ask for it by a number of days related to your reputation with them, which is a hidden stat. You can in fact get a loan from them once and never go back to them and never pay it off. Bribing either side increases your rep with them. When the character representing either faction changes you have basically bribed enough for coercion to work or for you to gain sufficient wealth. Bribing the Templar raises how much money you make. Bribing the Inquisition does not. Coercion slows down the rate at which the inquisition gains wealth. You need to do that, or get the Templar to have more than 30 units by the last day. Music by Alex Mauer , turn your volume down the default setting is loud.

        This might be a good example of basic if statement coding using the built in tools. If anyone has questions let me know. It’s not like we all have to figure it out the hard way. Many bugs fixed this time and I got the music working as I wanted.

  5. Trey Blankenship says:

    I should really consider getting Gamemaker Pro, just to get rid of that blasted watermark.
    The game isn’t entirely complete, but it is a working prototype. I’m not exactly the best at level design, and I don’t feel like changing some of the tilesets to a 2048×2048 field right now, but this is what I have.
    The player is a cyborg. To survive, you have to upgrade your stats. You do this by finding computer chips and pressing ‘y’ to exchange those for skill points. Then, you can assign skill points to whatever stat you wish to upgrade.
    u = Gun. Start with a pistol. End with a shotgun/rocket launcher combination.
    i = Endurance. Determines health.
    o = Strength. Notice those strange blocks that have numbers on them in the starting room? Those numbers denote the minimum strength value you need to push them out of the way.
    p = Agility. The enemies may be fast, but with higher agility stats, you can outrun them.
    Space = Shoot your gun.

    If you have trouble remembering, there is a quick reference guide at the top right of the screen.

  6. alutd2012 says:

    well here it is, because i worked in the other maker last week i forgot how to do most of the things that were needed to be done. if i only had 10 more hours to work out the bugs. but here it is , read the info screen that tells you what i was trying to do.
    the exe
    the code

  7. Kody Kaftousian says:

    Here is my game. Use the arrow keys to move. Shoot the Rocks to collect them. Use the space bar to shoot ammo up at the falling rocks. There is no fixed amount of bullets.Then there will be hearts that fall. Run over the hearts to collect them. The hearts will start a fixed movement speed on your character. More hearts = faster fixed speed.
    Some issues include the score not resetting when you get killed by the rock.

  8. Jonathan Buchanan says:

    Your a vampire in a blood bank. Drink to win. Drink to live.

  9. Evan Manning says:

    WASD to move, space to shoot, click either of the button to activate them.
    I had some issues with the game. I couldn’t get the life bar to appear no matter what I did.

    The idea is you collect stacks of gold and shoot Daleks which gives you points. You can then use those points to either refill your life or to clear the screen of enemies.

    You have 100 health.
    Each Dalek that hits you takes away 20.
    Each time you heal you gain 10 health and lose 10 points.
    Every stack of gold you get or Dalek you shoot gets you 10 points.

    If the Daleks become too great in number, hit escape, they will crash your computer.

    Good luck.

  10. Josh C says:

    Tanks… Lots of tanks… Use arrow keys to move. Spacebar to fire. Collect energy nodes to upgrade your tank.

  11. Please Read Instructions in game. Also pay attention to your Color Energy, when it hits 2000 press Q.
    This games resource is Color Energy, Experience, and Score
    Reach a Score of 25,000 to win!

  12. jhahn7807 says:

    hello here is a protype 1

    but I try to test every time but monsters and person are keep spining, how those characters stop the spin and stand?

  13. jhahn7807 says:

    hello here is a protype 1

    but I try to test every time but monsters and person are keep spining, how those characters stop the spin and stand?

  14. jhahn7807 says:

    hello here is a protype 1

    but I try to test every time but monsters and person are keep spining, how those characters stop the spin and stand?

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      This probably has something to do with the sprite you are using. If you have all the cardinal directions (up,down,left,right) in the sprite in a sequence GM thinks you want to display them all like that. I’ll upload an example game for everyone with the poses and how to change them later on in the week when I find some time.

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