Your prompt for this week is Loop. For this assignment I want you to think about loops and how you can utilize this basic function of computing (and nature) to create a fun and interesting experience for the player. You can find the prompt document here.

As usual, this prototype is due by the beginning of class on Feb. 20. Please remember to turn in your file as a .exe or an html file so we can easily play them in class. 🙂

I would also like you to read this article by Spellunky creator Derek Yu entitled “Finishing A Game“. We will talk about it in class so please be prepared to discuss it. You can find it by following the link or simply by going to the readings page.

If you have any questions please email me.

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18 Responses to Loop(s)

  1. oberon1921 says:

    I ended up making several revisions to the game trying to add some other mechanic, but none were able to pan out the way I wanted or didn’t work at all. The original idea was that when enemies were hit with a spin bullet they were to start spinning in a looping/circular motion while damaging any nearby enemies. The final version sadly, does not include the spin bullet, however you must dodge 2 sets of obstacles while firing at enemies to beat the high score.


  2. Sammy Collins says:


    Arrows to move, space to attack. Basically get the highest point score.
    When you leave a room, there is a small chance that the room will repeat itself.

  3. Trey Blankenship says:

    This is the product of boredom. Jumping from platform to platform forever, chased by enemies too tired to do anything more than push you out of the way, Collect trinkets for a score the game doesn’t keep. You fall, you start over again. If the enemies don’t kill you, ennui will.


  4. ravenloyk says:

    Not sure if my game is still so broken that it’s impossible to play, or if my own timing is just that bad. Given past experience, I’d say the latter has significant influence on the matter…


  5. So I was really kind of stuck on this game so I just decided to do something simple. Make sure sound is turned on because it does make it more enjoyable to play. Press up to avoid objects and left and right arrow keys to control yourself in the air. Reach the highest score you can.


  6. Mad_Martigan says:

    Here’s version one. I got some ideas I will try to trough in quickly before class.

  7. Evan Manning says:


    I tried to make an exe, but my mac version just seems to crank out apps. I’ll submit a new link with an exe at the beginning of class.

    The concept of this game is a simple memory based puzzle game. If you just try to go through the rooms you’ll end up stuck in a loop forever. You have to find the correct path.

    Score and life are also involved, but once again I’m not sure why they’re not showing up. You gain 10 points for every correct path discovered, but lose 10 points and 10 life for every wrong path.

  8. vebdainak says:

    “No Fear Falling” is a platform-hopping, target-grabbing… thing, I dunno. I based it off one of the platforming tutorials from the Construct site, and made up the rest.

    Watch out for targets spawning underneath the bottom left platform, which is an area the player can’t get to; I couldn’t figure out how to fix that, so you’ll have to reset the game with X if it happens.


    Possible future additions if I have the time and/or patience:
    – Hit points/life counter or other penalizing methods?
    – Enemies/hazards spawning on the platforms to thwart our hero?
    – Bonuses/achievement for racking up targets without touching a platform.

  9. Jonathan Buchanan says:



    Out last the sun.

    w,a,d to move. You can double jump.

  10. Josh Carter says:

    Ice is slippery. And you are a penguin. Use the arrow keys to move. The longer you survive, the higher your score is. What is your high score?

    The game gets slightly faster after a while.


  11. alutd2012 says:

    here is my loop game, the holes do not work right nor does the rings and the bombs, but outside of that it works. but there is a lot that should be done to it.

  12. Kody Kaftousian says:

    Here is my loop game. I kept it simple for this week. use the arrow keys to move. Its a Maze game.
    There are several points where there are end level flags. But, only one is the real flag that gives you a winning sound effect. The monsters can kill you in one hit, and will cause a loop to start the game over, as well as the level flags that are not the correct one.


  13. Beskar says:

    This week I overshot what I was able to do. I was trying to create a Mario-like game where the character(it’s Yoshi because that’s what my sister wanted) advances through the level and at the end of the level you would loop back to the start and the number of enemies would increase. The way to win would be to drop behind the scenery like you can do in Super Mario Brothers 3 to get the whistle. However all my time was spent trying out how to make a platform not solid but able to stand on, and the character able to drop behind it to another layer without having the same effect everywhere. Saying this all I have is a half completed stage and not much else.
    I’ll redo/finish this and re-post it this week.

  14. moonwalker says:


    this loope game is kind of snowboard game, like a jump the loop and something like that
    but I didn’t finish about the skate board conrtol keys.

    Here is a http://dl.dropbox.com/u/59444623/loope.gb1

    here is final one but I try to get find some of what I want it but they don’t have a resourse for the grind, and some obstacle things on snowboard game.


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