This week your prompt is down. I want you all to focus on making games that utilize down as the primary direction the player is going. Think about what it means to travel down and how that will make your game different than a game that travels from left to right or even bottom to top.

As always, your digital prototype is due by 7:00 PM before class begins on Feb. 27 in the comments section of this post.

Next week we will also be discussing your midterm so please attend class!

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20 Responses to Down

  1. Sammy Collins says:

    So, basically my game is a dude falling out of the sky. You use arrows to shoot in 8 directions and WASD to move.
    After you fall for awhile, you will hit the ground, cause you can’t fall forever. After you hit the ground, controls are the same, just you push to the right through endless waves of badguys. at the end, there’s a tower that you press WASD, arrow keys and spacebar to blow up, which then launches your dude back in the sky so you can do it all over again.

  2. oberon1921 says:

    You play as a character who can transform into a star to attack enemies and destroy obstacles. The second level the controls change slightly in that you are in the alien base and can double jump. The last level is where you chase down the boss to kill it to win the game.

  3. Evan Manning says:

    Simple cannon physics game. Try to knock down all three towers.

    • Evan Manning says:

      So I managed to get my original concept working so I’m tossing out the above link.
      This is the link to my game D0wn. You control the red ball.

      A and D are used for horizontal movement
      S can be held to increase gravity, when it is released grav goes back to 0
      The ball will bounce with increasing velocity off either the top or bottom pad

      Collect coins to add to your score
      Avoid missiles which will deflate you on contact

      Press Space to restart

      Have fun!

  4. This was an attempt for me to try and fit the gameplay theme down with the music that I selected. I wanted the movement and colors to kind of represent the feel of the music. When the game starts you will be the red dot at the top of the screen and you want to avoid all the object coming at you. If you select 2 player get someone else in the class to play with you, 2nd player will be the blue dot. Also, notice that there are no boundaries which is not intentional and I am aware of it.

  5. Kody Kaftousian says:

    You are a Spider. You can only go down to get to the objective. You are allowed to use the left and right arrow keys to change your position of your spider. Use the space bar to shoot fire at the skeletons.

    There are three pathways to choose from. What you pick will change how many skeletons you will encounter.

    Beware, you are not immortal. If you make it, good work. Don’t get too trigger happy.!.exe

  6. ravenloyk says:

    The player sprite has an odd habit of disappearing mysteriously. F5 restarts the level.

  7. Trey Blankenship says:

    The point of this game is to dig down and find treasure. The goal is at the bottom of the map. The sheer size of the map, plus the fact that finding treasure makes it respawn somewhere else underground, means that you can score pretty high.
    I might add a few things, but I just want to get the game out before class starts.

  8. Jonathan Buchanan says:

    The Dryer:

    use mouse or keyboard to rotate and bring the red blocks together.

  9. Mad_Martigan says:
    There was a lot more that I wanted to add to this so I may upload a new version later. This is really just a demo for half of what I had in mind.

  10. Josh Carter says:

    Dive to the depths in search of treasure! But beware of what lurks below… How much treasure can you find before your oxygen runs out?

  11. alutd2012 says:

    well here is my down. this moring it start to blow up, after spending 4 hours trying to get it back in shape but every time i did one thing something eles broke.
    at least on my computer all that happens when you press the space bar to start it it come up with a very small black box with a green dot on it and a close button on it. but i know that the next room is called and is waiting for the next input but .. here it is

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