Greetings from San Francisco! I hope all of you weathered the storm okay.

Sorry things have been a bit crazy the past few weeks with GDC and Spring Break and then me being out of town. This coming week should return us to a bit of normalcy so get ready for that!

To try and jump start things your next prototype is due at the beginning of class on Monday, March 26 by 7:00PM. The prompt for this week is Dallas (because I’ve only been home in Dallas for 4 days out of the past 21 and I miss it). Get creative with this one. There is a lot you can pull from!

Also, I just wanted to let all of you know that Game Lab pitches are happening this Friday (March 23) at 3:00PM in the Jonson Performance Hall. If any of you are interested in pursuing games further Game Lab is the next step. It is too late to submit a pitch for the coming semester, but you can still get onto a team and work on some great projects. If nothing else, it’s a great opportunity to see the pitch process we use at UTD. To help encourage you to go, I’m going to give extra credit to you if you go and send me an email with the three pitches that you liked the best by the start of class on Monday (March 26).

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16 Responses to Dallas!

  1. Sammy Collins says:


    My game is basically walking down the streets of Dallas surviving and keeping all your cash by not touching any of the people and surviving the Texas weather.

    The main menu explains basically everything in the game except what the “cycle” means in the top right. The idea of cycle is, every time you go up to the top and get sent back to the bottom, it goes up and you get more points and cash based off the cycle. However, the baddies also do more damage and steal more money as it goes up.

  2. oberon1921 says:

    Originally, I wanted to add other drivers as obstacles, police as enemies to where if your caught your sent back to the start position, and by colliding with either one your score will drop. The point of the game was to find your destination in a maze without getting hit to beat the game perfectly, but it ended up just being a maze where you need to find your destination.


  3. ravenloyk says:

    I’ve had parkour on the brain, so this was all I could come up with.
    It’s still pretty buggy, but I’m not sure why. It may just be a Construct 2 issue. No idea.
    *In essence, run/climb along the edges of the buildings. Use the arrow keys.*
    WARNING: the major bug is that the ladder acts like a launching pad for the character, which then goes flying off screen.


  4. Evan Manning says:


    Humorous “art” game

    W to move forward
    Space to honk

    Welcome to Dallas!

  5. Beskar says:

    Here is my game for the week.

    Brian Miller

  6. Trey Blankenship says:

    Here is my game for the week. I used this game as a test for a control scheme where you follow the mouse. Left-click kicks.

    Bonus for whoever finds the hidden hardmode!

  7. moonwalker says:

    My game is about a JFK Limousine in Dallas, actually I made a character the real history.
    like a JFK murdered by Lee harvey Oswalt.

    this game if JFK limousine is shot by LHO bullets, then start the first room again.

    arrow key is a movement of the car(linousine). in keyboard.

    here is a game


  8. Mad_Martigan says:

    basic beat’m up
    most time spent tweaking timing, facing, and technical aspects. enemies need to be “more zombie”.

  9. Kody Kaftousian says:

    My Dallas Game
    Left click to grather the BasketBalls.
    Clicking a Bomb will restart the whole game.
    Right Click Scrolls to see a message on what score is needed to advance.
    Right Click Scrolls to advance to next room


  10. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42309037/Spread/index.html

    This is unfinished. The idea behind it is building a network of cities connected by roads and siphoning off population from near by areas. You then tax them and build more. This was actually an idea I had a few months ago and I just took this opportunity to make a healthy jab at it. I came a long way. Even had to redue some parts because of a power-outage and a crash, but I was able to make it even better then the first iteration. I will eventually finish this one. Working on something like this needs to be finished.

  11. JoshC says:

    It’s Super Jerry World!… Featuring Jerry Jones himself! Get enough money to invoke Eminent Domain!!! Arrow Keys to move, Spacebar to jump, X to crouch…


  12. So there was suppose to be a bit more to this but my game is suppose to represent what you want to do when you are stuck in traffic.
    Press R to restart if you hit a barrier
    Crash into as many cars as you can.

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