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Milestone 1

Hey all, tomorrow will be a short class, but isĀ important that you all attend. You’re first milestone is due tomorrow just like your prototypes were (in the comments section before class starts on April 30). We will also spend forty-five … Continue reading

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Milestone Meetings

Hey everyone, as we discussed this upcoming class will be a bit different. Those of you who were in class got to sign up for a time to come and talk to me one-on-one. For those of you that were … Continue reading

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Social Games

As discussed in class, this week you will be tackling the prompt Social Games. Think about how to create a social experience within a game. There are lots of ways this would be done so try to explore some of … Continue reading

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No Words

Your assignment this week is to explore storytelling in videogames using no words. Remember, this is not just an exercise in creative storytelling. If you can create a game that doesn’t require any words to explain it, there is no … Continue reading

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