Social Games

As discussed in class, this week you will be tackling the prompt Social Games. Think about how to create a social experience within a game. There are lots of ways this would be done so try to explore some of the less obvious ones! Your prototype is due on April 16 by the start of class.

Remember to be thinking about your final project too. Please come to class on April 16 so you can sign up for a time slot on April 23 to talk to me about what you want to do for your final. It will be a quick and casual 10-15 minute discussion so please come prepared with an idea of what you want to do. We’ll talk more about it next class.

As always, if you have questions please ask!

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27 Responses to Social Games

  1. judgement452 says:

    Hey guys, does anyone know how to create a moving object that goes in every direction? Basically when the player hits spacebar i want a ring to disperse from the player. thanks

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      Can you be more specific? Are you trying to to get a ring that expands out form the character or something more like a bubble or a shield that moves with the character and only expands so far?

  2. Jacob Naasz says:

    There are a few ways I can think of to do this.

    First, if you have Pro Game Maker you can make an object and enlarge the item over time using a variable that increments a count every X ticks.

    Without pro, you could make an object that is as big as you want the ring to be and then make a sprite that animates how you want it to. This is a bit messier but should get you the same result (I think).

  3. moonwalker says:

    what kind of social might be have?

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      I’m not sure I understand what you are asking, but as far as social experiences go you should think about what you consider a social experience and then try to capture that or get players to experience that using a game.

      One of the things that we talked about (briefly) in class was that many game experience are social in a vague sense. I would consider some experience are “more” social than others, such as when two players are playing with or against one another, but this is merely my opinion.

      I want you to experiment with the idea of social games and think about what you would make if you were asked to make a “social” game.

  4. oberon1921 says:

    It took me some greuling couple of hours of playtesting with family, but its finally done. YOU NEED 2 PLAYERS TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!.

  5. Evan Manning says:

    This isn’t my game, but I had to share it. It reminded me a bit of “Burn the Rope”

  6. Sammy Collins says:

    So, my game was designed for the phone. You use the left mouse to click things. Click a town and it gives your team 250 gold. Click a factory to create a soldier for 1000 gold. Try and touch another solider on the enemies’ HQ to win. The fighting works sort of like chess. If you move your unit on top of theirs, you kill it.

    Theres some issues with the moving, moving onto an active building, and also there really is no “turn” between the players, so you will have to use an honor system.

  7. Trey Blankenship says:

    This is a variation of the typical space shooter, where players control the opposite player’s fire button.

  8. Evan Manning says:!.zip

    The game this week is Capit!

    In Capit!, groups of up to 8 are put into game rooms. Once the round begins a picture is chosen from a database and shown to the players. The players then have a limited time to write a humorous caption about the image. Once the time is up and all players have submitted their answers they all all shown in a list. The players must then vote on their choice for funniest without being able to vote for their own. Whoever gets the most votes wins the round. Complete games are 10 rounds long. After 10 rounds a winner is declared and a new game may begin or the room may close.

    In this early version you can view three sample game rooms as well as write your own caption for 3 images. Once the player click “Submit” they will be able to see the others captions. This is when the player would be able to vote, but voting is not yet implemented. Clicking home will return the player to the menu and clicking New will take the player to the next sample game room.

    In the full version the chat box at the bottom would be active as well as show a list of participants and scores.

    Most of the buttons do something, even if it is just a prompt to let the player know it isn’t working. Small bug: To turn back on the sound click and hold, then drag the mouse off the button and release.

  9. Kody Kaftousian says:

    Arrow Keys – Player 1
    WASD – Player 2

    Both work together to collect the coins to advance. A note is in the game to how many you need to collect.

    if you die, the score will be reset, but not to zero in the other rooms.

  10. ravenloyk says:

    I reused my Parkour game, and made it psuedo 2 player. 😮
    player 1: arrow keys
    player 2: wasd

  11. alutd2012 says:

    hi all
    well having problems with the tcp-ip on the seup. so here is the server and the client. .it is usable if you run the server and the client on the same cpu. (its doing a loop-back and you have to make a folder called
    (“accounts”) in the server dir.

  12. Mad_Martigan says:
    requires two people to a keyboard so find a friend and enjoy.
    The rope work oddly sometime you can’t climb it with out moving away and jumping at it.

  13. Beskar says:

    It’s still nowhere near completion, but here is my game for the week.

    Brian Miller

  14. moonwalker says:

    I can not finish on last game today can I hand it in after the today?

  15. JoshC says:

    Blarrg & Glarrg. Silly fun co-op frenzy… best with 2 players…

  16. The Prisoner’s Dilemma

    This is my remake of the classic game. This comes with a chat room. Still some bugs and it was hard to test the server with mostly myself. I’m not even sure this will completely work. You get to vote once.

  17. moonwalker says:

    here is late prototype 8 but I got some problem with this one

    and this is a game maker version

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