Milestone 1

Hey all, tomorrow will be a short class, but is important that you all attend. You’re first milestone is due tomorrow just like your prototypes were (in the comments section before class starts on April 30).

We will also spend forty-five minutes to an hour talking about what you thought about the class and things that you would think could be improved or reused. After that anyone that wants feedback about their game can get some from everyone, but no one is required to stick around.

Remember that your final is on May 7 @ 7PM. The rubric for the final can be downloaded here if you have lost the one I gave to you, or for some reason never got one. We will talk briefly about how the final class will work tomorrow as well, so again, please be there and be on time.

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33 Responses to Milestone 1

  1. Sammy Collins says:

    I didn’t get as much done as I hoped for the milestone.
    Picked the game I did for the down prompt. Basically worked only on the “falling” section of the game and still need to add those changes to the “ground” section.

    -Reworked some of the coding, because how I originally did some of the things were just plain dumb. It’s still is dumb, but not quite as bad.

    -Reworked the bad guys. The birds now move at all angles after bouncing off a wall instead of just a horizontal path. The guys coming from the bottom going up now shoot blue bullets at you and I removed Superman. The rate at which everything spawn is also a bit slower.

    -Changed some of the game aspects. The falling section is a little longer and the score is not constantly increasing as fast as it did, making the points earned from killing enemies and picking up apples more noticeable. These are planned for a shop that will be used where the points are the currency. Also,the golden apple is now faster, heals more, and is worth more points.

    -The last change, but most important, I reworked all the guns. Instead of just having 5 upgrades (rapid fire, flamethrower, spreader, laser, and exploding shots), there are now 10 more (with the addition of a twirl type gun, a boomerang, a shot that bounces off targets, an enemy seeking missile, and an attack that spawns more shots in random directions). Each gun has been re balanced and have 3 levels. Picking up spreader gives you 2 shots the first time, picking it up again gives you 4, and a 3rd time gives you 7. The weapons aren’t as powerful as they use to be, but still aren’t quite where i want them all.

    For the final, I’m planning on making the guns more balanced, adding a bomb the player can use in case of emergencies, adding more enemies and or obstacles that will spawn, the shop mentioned above, additional levels, new/better art, and possibly weather effects cause I really liked that idea from the Dallas prompt.

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      I feel like the Apples move a bit too fast and the ones with that are eaten don’t do much. They feel more like something that I happen to get rather than something I try to get.

      It also is very dangerous to be near the edges so if I can’t snag an apple or power up in the middle I tend to ignore it.

  2. ravenloyk says:

    As we discussed, I’ve accomplished the side-scrolling feature.
    I need to configure a good timing for the scenery to spawn though.

    • It seems like your just spawning the flowers very rapidly on top of each other or you just have a ton already spawned at the start of your game. Since you are moving all of them it is causing lag. Add the behavior “destroy outside of layout” or just destroy them when they get to a -X point. This should eliminate some lag.

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      Definitely a good start. Looking forward to seeing how it plays when there are different heights of things and I have to move around a bit more.

  3. alutd2012 says:

    my game is from the start of class the economy prompt.
    i use RPG maker, i have gotten all of the doors working in town and in town 1, nothing to kill yet nor a way to spend any resources. got the king’s first speech working ( quest 1).
    but have fun and enjoy looking around, so find the king and speak to him twice.
    (RPG- download link then double click item, once that is extracted find the exe in the new folder and play. move with arrows.)
    and it is only 188mb file.
    also having problems with dropbox

      • Jacob Naasz says:

        Nice layout, but I feel like the character moves a bit sluggishly compared to the size of everything. Is there a run button?

      • alutd2012 says:

        Keyboard Main function
        Shift Dash (run)
        Esc, Num 0, X Cancel, Menu
        Space, Enter, Z Confirm, OK, Enter
        A –
        S –
        D –
        Q, Page Up Previous page
        W, Page Down Next page
        Alt+Enter Switches between window mode and full-screen mode.

        these are the keyboard controls for RPG maker games

      • Jacob Naasz says:

        That’s great, but I had no idea about all of that. Do you plan on having a tutorial or a page where this info is displayed?

    • I don’t know if it was a game decision, but I don’t like the fact that they players are solid. yes you can push the other player around, but it really makes things feel sluggish.

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      Having players die with 1 hit seems very punitive. I would give them 3 hits or at least let them know that if they get hit by an enemy once it’s game over.

  4. Kody Kaftousian says:

    I Picked my GIANT GAME.

    Just for the Milestone I was only able to get two more levels in.

    These two are to have a puzzle aspect towards the game.
    The enemies for the puzzle are not implemented, nor are the actual mechanics to making it a puzzle.

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      I like the new controls, although you should be careful. Hitting spacebar causes an error to occur because you don’t have the ammo from the platformer in your game.

      Also be aware of collision. I can’t get to the first key because the blocks are too close together near the end.

  5. oberon1921 says:

    I also chose my Giant game.

    I added new enemies and a new level. I did not have enough time for a boss and sound. Also I meant to change the potion bottles to mushrooms.!_RoughDraft.exe

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      I don’t know if it’s my computer or on purpose, but your strobe effect after I touched the first potion kept playing and wouldn’t stop. Made for a very trippy and non-epilepsy friendly experience.

      I also didn’t notice any change when picking up the orange potion. Was that supposed to shrink enemies?

      Are you going to add sound and music?

  6. Evan Manning says:

    I selected my social game, Capit!.

    This week you can play with up to 8 of your friends locally.

    Currently only first first game room has been modified as I am curious to the reaction this crude local multiplayer will get. The way it works is this:

    Click new game
    Once in you will see the first image, if you would like a new image click the new image button below the caption section. This button is a little finicky, but will cycle though three images. Once you and your group have selected an image. Pick who is going to write first. The first person then writes their caption in the first box and uses the arrow keys to shift the curtain down to hide it. The slit will allow the second player to type their caption in the second box. After all the players have written and hidden their captions it is time for the reveal.

    Click submit to make the curtain vanish and see everyones captions.

    For now just enjoy what everyone wrote and decide among the group who had the best one. I am hoping to have a functional point system for the final version, but I haven’t quite got variables figured out in game maker.

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      Be sure to submit a .exe for the final 😉

      I like how you have the curtain thing in there. Instead of making it scroll though I would make it jump to the next space on a down or up arrow release. You can do that by simply adding to the X depending on if down or up is pressed.

  7. JoshC says:

    So far I’ve added more levels and worked on the character abilities. The little red guy “Glarrg” seems to be working fine, but the big blue guy “Blarrg” isn’t there yet so I turned it off to keep the game from lagging.

    Press L to use Glarrg’s power which resets after each level.

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      I wish it was easier to tell who can kill which enemies. Right now, it’s all trial and error which can be kind of fun, but doesn’t feel very satisfying.

  8. Mad_Martigan says:
    Implemented new gameplay that needs some more polish

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      Your control scheme feels a bit weird to me. Why did you put the shield button on a separate row? It just doesn’t feel very natural.

      I’m also intrigued but confused at the addition of the jump. How is that going to be used to the player’s advantage?

  9. So I was able to get the sound wave to look 100% better than it did before. Next I will be working on animating a character sprite and getting my own sounds into the game.

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      I like the new sound wave and level layouts. Really digging the aesthetics. is that sound database that I was telling you about during our one on one meeting that you should check out. It has plenty of great stuff.

    This is just me trying to get a feel for my jump and action mechanic and looping/switching to new layouts.

    Use S to jump and D to perform an action. For feedback I would like to know if you guys thing the jumping/dashing feels good. This is a major component that I really want to feel good before I move forward.

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      Make sure you submit a .exe file for your final. I also don’t know what happened, but the final you submitted doesn’t have anything in it so I can’t give you any feedback.

  11. Trey Blankenship says:

    Sorry it’s late.

    I did my No Words game. Here’s the most recent prototype. It includes a fixed control scheme and a working AI.

    • Good work fixing the feed back issue in the original version. Can’t wait to see where you take it next week.

    • Jacob Naasz says:

      Really like the new control scheme. Much better and easier to understand than before.

      Right now, I feel like it’s really easy to stay alive. Not sure if that is intended, but I feel like I could live for 15-20 minutes no problem. Do you have some kind of spawning system for the rats where they multiply at a rate? So that if I’m not greedy and eat all of them in an area they replenish themselves over time?

      • Trey Blankenship says:

        No, I did not for that prototype, however, I’m intending to add it now that you’ve mentioned it.

        I’ve added some significant changes with the most recent prototype. The biggest one being a primitive random event system. Some are beneficial, others pose a threat to the player, and others are just creepy.

  12. vebdainak says:

    I never really did the social prompt, so my project “Tag Team Trouble” is basically a whole new project. I did finally get the kinks worked out for Stage 1 though, mostly.

    There are some scores that aren’t being displayed because I didn’t have time/patience to make a HUD. You start with ten lives, and if by some chance you lose them all to that demon girl you get a Game Over screen.

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