The Final or So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

Well, it’s been quite a semester. Prototypes a plenty and hopefully a lot learned. I’ve really enjoyed teaching all of you and look forward to seeing some great games designed by all of you.

As per usual, please have your game posted in the comments section before class begins. Please include your postmortem in the post so that it is easy for me to find everything I need to grade for your final. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your postmortem with the world you are welcome to email it to me. Please note that if you email the postmortem it is still due by the beginning of class.

We are going to begin presenting right away so it’s important that you all be on time. We are going to be having some guests from inside the ATEC program sitting in on your presentations and asking questions. Don’t be nervous, they won’t bite, but please be on time so you don’t embarrass yourself.

Also, if you have some time please fill out the class evaluation online here. It will take you all of 5 minutes and helps both me and the school know how the class is doing. The survey ends May 8th so please fill it out before the deadline is up!

That’s about it. If there are any questions feel free to ask. If not, I hope to see you all around sometime!

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28 Responses to The Final or So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

  1. Sammy Collins says:

    Hey, I’m not sure how much this will help since we’re on the final week, but if you are still looking for some sound effects for your final prototype, you can always use this site to generate some sounds.

  2. oberon1921 says:

    This is my final prototype GROW FUN GAI! where the main character eats mushrooms to get stoner courage and enemies get stronger and more distorted with each shroom.

  3. Evan Manning says:

    Final Prototype for Capit!

    For this beta I decided to try to make it a fluid demonstration of a couple rounds of gameplay.
    This version utilized a “Step” button in the bottom right and simulates playing with 3 others players online.
    Once you have written your caption you will be shown the other players. You may then select one to vote on. Once your vote has been submitted, votes will be tallied, and a winner of the round will be declared. The game will then move onto round 2. There are currently only the two rounds as demonstration.

    I did have another version of Capit! that was much more closely related to my milestone version which allowed 4 people to play locally however I felt this was a more adequate demonstration of what direction I want Capit! to take.

    Here is my postmortem:!%20Postmortem.docx

  4. alutd2012 says:

    hi all;
    well drop box is giving me problems again. so let me start with this..
    Rpg maker controls

    Keyboard ——— Main function
    Shift ———– Dash (run)
    Esc, Num 0, X ———– Cancel, Menu
    Space, Enter, Z ——— Confirm, OK, Enter
    A – —–
    S – —–
    D – ——
    Q, Page Up ——– Previous page
    W, Page Down ——— Next page
    Alt+Enter ——– Switches between window mode and full-screen mode.

  5. Trey Blankenship says:

    Sorry the post-mortem is so long, In a twist of irony, a game with no words in it left me with more words to write about it than 1000 words alone would allow.


  6. Kody Kaftousian says:

    Here is my Final Prototype and PostMortem

    Directions on how to move are in the game. Follow the instructions carefully to understand the situation.



  7. vebdainak says:

    Tag Team Trouble 2.0 (because alliteration is fun!)

    A lot of changes between the first (shoddy) version and this one. I made fixes to camera tracking, enemy movement, combat, HUD, character names, and event sheet handling so levels could progress, and I experimented with event sheet handling, the tag team mechanic I’d suggested in the first pitch (which didn’t pan out), and the idea of using layers to fake 3-dimensional space (which didn’t pan out). Full details in the postmortem, along with the usual making-fun-of-myself.

    The game now spans 3 levels, and does track lives correctly between levels (I tested this by accident when I was playing).

    I’d thought about adding music, but I and my test audience were both listening to personal playlists while we played and so couldn’t agree on tunes.

  8. JoshC says:

    Blarrg and Glarrg are back! And with style! Each character now has an ability to help each other progress through the game. Press L to use Glarrg’s Replicate ability.

  9. moonwalker says:

    Here is a game for the game name is brick hell

    key is that just a move left and right key

    and also some gamemaker

    I will hand it postmodem later on tonight

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