Hello World

Well you’ve got your first game made, congratulations! Now it’s time to take it to the next level. For your next assignment I want you to go deeper and modify the file you made to become more of a game. Flex your design muscles and think about what would make your game more fun and engaging. Make sure that you add it to the comment section of this post by 7:15PM on September 13.

I also want you to read this article on visualizing the creative process. It’s a great read and will hopefully give you some insight into how your mind works. Make note of anything that catches your attention so we can discuss it next class.

Finally, please let me know what you would like me to lecture on in class. There are tons of things we can talk about, but I would rather talk about something you’ll be interested in and engaged with than drone on. If you have any thoughts please leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to make a note of them.

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22 Responses to Hello World

  1. zacharias3690 says:

    There’s my modified game

    Also, how do I get a game company (like gearbox) to pay attention to me when asking for an internship, considering everything’s over email.

  2. Evan Kice says:

    Hello. I chose to remake a flash game, so I chose Canabalt, but make it multiplayer.

  3. Here’s my game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bxtc44r9ejfj0id/Lander_Caitlin_tutorialExpansion.exe

    I’m with zacharias3690 on what topics I’d like to hear you lecture on, but would like to expand it to a more general “what are some things we can do to make ourselves appealing to potential employers?” Beyond simply learning how to use the proper tools for the job we’re seeking, that is. For example, I’ve heard that having experience working on group projects is always a plus for jobs where you’d be working on a team.

  4. sefonty says:

    I added dynamic difficulty to the Game Maker tutorial in regards to the bombs’ speed:

    List o’Questions:
    What is it like to job hunt for a position in the game industry here in Dallas especially for a game programmer?

    How do you personally come up with game ideas especially the ones you don’t come up with spontaneously?

    What are your “set of rule/principles” in making a fun game?

    What should I put on my portfolio as a person working toward game programming? What should I word toward personally?

    What is it like working in a game company like Zynga?

    How could I start my own game studio?

    What’s your favorite aspect of Castleville?

    What set of skills did you develop while you were an undergraduate? Did you enter the industry as a designer right away, or did you enter under a different specialty such as an artist or programmer?

    What is one of your favorite games (digital and/or analog)?

    What do you like about being in the game industry?

    What’s a good example of a fun and educational game?

    How successful are ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) and what’s a well known one in Dallas?

    • tubocass says:

      Love the sound effects. Glad you you went with old school monster and not the new age “all good things in moderation” bullshit.

  5. Roman Hunt says:

    Link to my updated tutorial: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j73hroq6ubsd19c/Roman%20Hunt%20Bomb%20Diffusal.exe

    It’s a notably different style of game from the original, but it’s still the result of taking those mechanics and experimenting with them, seeing what was fun and what wasn’t, and working from there.

    I’ve no questions at the moment.

  6. Brentt Kasmiskie says:

    Here is my game.


    Unfortunately, the game is mostly a failure. I tried to allow the player to create their own platforms and ladders. That was somewhat successful, I guess. However, The larger ladders and larger platforms didn’t work properly and I stuck with small ones. The main problem lies in the ladders, they basically let the player fly and fill the screen with ladders. Which means the enemy things get hidden beneath the mess of ladders and kill you.

    I don’t have any questions yet, I’ll email or comment when I do.

  7. Andrew Mitchell says:

    Here’s my enhanced game:

    I think it went pretty well, seeing as I just caught myself playing it for about 10 minutes now.

  8. tubocass says:

    Sorry about only posting the Game maker file last week. I have learned the error of my ways.
    I’ll second the question “What set of skills did you develop while you were an undergraduate? Did you enter the industry as a designer right away, or did you enter under a different specialty such as an artist or programmer?”

  9. Carrie Sullivan says:

    Aaaahhhh! I spent a lot of time working on my game, but now I can’t make an executible! It works just fine in Game Maker, so I’ve gone ahead and uploaded a .zip containing the project file: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/104107090/Firefly%20Catcher.gmx.zip

    I think this is because my computer crashed while I was working on it earlier in the week, and I was using my backup file. Obviously, there’s something missing in the backup file! I’ve been trying for the last two hours to try to fix it, but no luck…

  10. AJ Paradowski says:

    Same filename, but it is updated. Hello world 2 project:


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