I hope you are all excited to work on this weeks prototype with the theme pacifism! If you lost your handout sometime between the end of class and now you can get a copy of it here. Please turn in a your game by 7:15 PM next class so that we can all play them.

I’m still looking into how to get the construct users onto the blog. If I find anything I’ll update this post and let you know. In the mean time, don’t worry about it, we’ll figure something out.

If you are looking for some stuff to do in the mean time you can check out the reading we will be discussing in two weeks written by the creator of Spelunky, Derek Yu. You can also take a gander at the Valve handbook that we talk about in class. It’s a great read and makes you really want to go work for them.


Construct apparently doesn’t play well with some Internet browsers. Chrome works fine as far as I can tell when you upload the HTML 5 version to dropbox. Dropbox doesn’t keep file structures so you’ll have to make your own images and media folder (or just call them something different like A and B) so that things actually show up, but other than that it appears to be working.

If we still have problems we can look at it again and maybe get the Lab Tech’s involved with it.

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24 Responses to Pacifism

    • tubocass says:

      This reminds me of SpaceChem, but with less science. I assume the enemies are being re-educated about their wicked ways and not destroyed.

  1. Here’s my assignment, for now. If I have time before class, I’ll probably upload a version with more “levels.”

    • tubocass says:

      It took me a minute to figure out level two. Elegant use of the path system in GM. I haven’t tried using it yet because it seems like the game has to be built with them in mind.

  2. It’s still kind of buggy, but I’ve got to be at work in 30 minutes now, so I guess it’s time to just turn in what I’ve got!

    I’m taking Japanese Culture and Society as an elective this semester, and our study of Japanse religion inspired my conept: “Shintovania: the Shinto/Buddhist version of Castlevania”…I apologize in advance ^_^;;

  3. azninvader says:

    Original game did not pan out so here’s my backup!

    • sefonty says:

      The idea of getting hurt as a core game mechanic intrigues me. Usually players have to look out for their own hide. The look of the game is well done; very ethereal.

    It still seems to not be working with me, even when I open in Chrome. I’m just going to bring my laptop in just in case so I at least have something to show

  5. tubocass says:
    I spent hours trying to get fancy tear particles to work, with no success. At least I learned what doesn’t work.

  6. Andrew says:

    Doctor Who! Ok, I based most of the game around the fact that I found these sprites, but I think that’s a valid reason.

    The goal is to grab the rainbow cube and avoid the Daleks. Left/Right to move and space to jump.

    You can also press “A” to add a platform beneath you, which will disappear after a short amount of time. I originally intended you to be able to add and delete platforms to get to a goal, but I ran into a lot of trouble getting them to delete and setting a variable to keep track of, so it’s just an extra feature in the game now.

    Using platforms will decrease your score by 10, so you can only use it a few times before you lose.

  7. Zach Barnes says:
    here it is, goal is to escape prison. You avoid the patrolling guards and security cameras, collect a uniform, then walk out the front door

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