Journey Home

Great job on all the prototypes last week. There were some really great ideas and some good looking games. Keep it up!

This week our theme is Journey Home. I’m really excited to see what you all do with this one. As usual, the games need to be posted to the blog by 7:15 PM on the next day of class (September 27).

Take a few minutes to also read this article by Derek Yu on why it’s important to finish games. We’ve talked about most of this so we’ll cover it briefly in class, but he has some great points and advice about things that will be useful to you in the future as a game developer.

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17 Responses to Journey Home

  1. tubocass says:

    I’ll probably keep working on this, but I’m already happy with how it’s going so far.
    Space=flaps wings
    a=left d=right
    s=drops down a little

  2. Lindsay says:

    Here is my game! I used this week as a tutorial to broaden my scope into making platform games in game maker.

  3. zacharias3690 says:

    feel this one’s pretty mediocre. I had some great ideas for a toy, but nothing to turn it into a game

  4. tubocass says:

    I also wanted to post some resources I found. This is a free sound generator called sfxr: and this is a huge supply of assets like graphics and sound: Both were created out of game jams/competitions for non-commercial use.

  5. Here’s mine for now. Please ignore the silly name, as it’s a running personal joke for games I can’t think of names for:

  6. What I managed to come up with. Ya I stretched the idea of “Coming Home” a bit, but it works for me! Finally think I figured out how to link it too.

    Other guy using construct, all I did was make sure it was in my public folder on dropbox. I downloaded the drop box application on my computer, dragged and dropped the files into my public folder, then right clicked the .html file and selected “Get Public Link”. I tested it on my friends mac and it seems to work fine.

  7. azninvader says:

    Here is my game. The reasoning behind my mechanic is that you are a hyperactive kid.

  8. Roman Hunt says:

    This week’s game took quite awhile to make, but I’m pleased with the results. It’s built around the advanced tutorial that comes with Gamemaker, though I added in a number of elements. I also tried my hand at cutscenes and menus.

    As for the theme of Journey Home, I don’t think it ties as directly into the gameplay as Pacifism did with my last game, which this is a sequel to. Rather, I wove it into the story, which I tried to have reflected in the gameplay.

    Sorry for the large download size. I didn’t realize it would be so large until I created the executable.

  9. Andrew says:

    So of course, after last week I had to continue the Doctor Who theme! The goal is to try and survive the trip home as long as possible by avoiding the asteroids and the flying Daleks. Collect stars to boost your score and your speed.

    WASD – Move keys

  10. Brentt Kasmiskie says:

    Here it is, hard assignment for me.
    WASD moves

  11. This week I’m providing a link to a zip folder. I think that since you don’t have to install anything, it should work on the computers in the computer lab…just download, uncompress and run the .exe inside (hopefully):

    And here’s the single file executable, for anyone who wants to download it on their own computer:

  12. sefonty says:

    r = reset level
    1,2,3,4,5 = cycle thru levels
    Click to Win. (Try aiming at upper left hand corner of spaces)


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