Inspired By

We all draw inspiration from different places and things. That’s one of the best parts of being a designer in my opinion. Sometimes though, you have to be inspired within parameters to get the best stuff out, which is what we’re doing this week.

This week your prompt is to get inspired by one of the following things:

  • The poem The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carol
  • The short story Repent by Harlan Ellison by Harlen Ellison
  • The surreal picture at the top of this post by an unknown artist (bonus points if you can figure it out!)

As usual, the prototypes are due by 7:15 PM by next class (Oct 4th). Good luck and get inspired!

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21 Responses to Inspired By

  1. zacharias3690 says:

    The picture is Spring Tomfoolery by Michael Cheval

  2. Zach Barnes says:

    Using my game jam game this week (with permission)
    the theme was ‘8’

  3. azninvader says:

    I too was influenced by the Jabberwocky

  4. Brentt Kasmiskie says:

    My game will be up soon, but it might be horribly broken. I just started having issues with the character falling off the screen at the beginning of the game and don’t know how to fix it or why its happening… yea

  5. So the physics are bad, gameplay is bad, sound is bad, but it’s silly and thats what the Jabberwocky is all about.

  6. tubocass says:

    I went with the short story for inspiration. I would have loved to have the Time Master come out and make the main character Repent, but that was would just be depressing.

  7. Andrew says:

    W – Jump
    A / D – Move Left and Right

    The goal is to jump on the platforms and avoid falling down or moving off the screen. There is background music playing, and every time the music says the word “Alice”, the platforms will turn red, killing you and ending the game if you are touching them.

    The platforms will also give you a one-second warning by turning purple before they turn red, so volume is not needed to play.

  8. Another Jabberwocky, I’m afraid. I was all like, naw, everybody’s gonna do the Jabberwocky, I’ll do one of the other ones…but then ^_^;;

    Remember that you have to download mine and uncompress it.

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