This week we’ll be looking at a somewhat different theme, Vegetation. While this theme may be a bit off the beaten path than our last few games I’m looking forward to seeing what you all produce. As usual, the games are due in the comment section by 7:15 PM next class (Oct. 11).

In addition to your game, I need each of you to complete a failure analysis assignment for your midterm. The focus of the assignment is to get you to think about the prototypes you’ve made up to this point in the semester and what you can do to improve as a game developer. To turn in this assignment, please send a copy of your paper to my email address. PLEASE pay attention to the formatting requirements and as always, please have this turned in 7:15 PM on October 11.

Finally, take a look at this list of 24 Rules that indie developer Edmund McMillen designs games by when you have some time. We will be discussing this handout two weeks from now so please be prepared.


For those interested in getting some extra credit post your game on the experimental gameplay website before the end of this month. I’ll be checking on it when they do their monthly round up and be sure to give credit where it is due.

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16 Responses to Vegetation

  1. Here’s my game. Maybe some day I’ll give the player object a real sprite…

  2. Brentt Kasmiskie says:

    Here it is
    Move with the arrow keys, shoot fire with WASD.

  3. Roman Hunt says:

    Had a bit of trouble coming up with something for the theme, and the puzzles are pretty basic, but it’s a decent proof of concept.

  4. tubocass says:

    I was going to make a game about rounding up cattle. Then I decided to make the cattle invisible.

  5. azninvader says:

    Here’s my “game”. It’s more of a toy right now and you can’t really tell how it pertains until I explain it, but here it is.

  6. Did a little play on “Vegetation”, specifically the idea of one vegetating/being a vegetable:
    Initially you can only move with the right arrow, more options become available

  7. Andrew Mitchell says:

    I’m going to give a bit of an explanation, because I probably won’t be here since death and I are hanging out tonight, and I’m sure you guys don’t want to catch what I have!

    After hearing the vegetation prompt, I knew that I wanted to try and recreate a predator-prey simulation to get some more coding experience done. The idea was that I’d be able to focus on that and not the graphics/sprites, which I’ve been getting caught up on.

    When the game starts, you’ll enter a number for how fast plants spawn (5 is a good starting point, though feel free to experiment!). I liked the concept and the math behind it, though other than a neat idea and proof that I could do it, there’s not much to do with the game other than see what happens. If I had more time, I’d have liked to introduce other variables and more complicated relationship formulas, but alas, I dropped my mathematics major for ATEC.

  8. Evan Kice says:

    Here is my game. The controls are Left and Right, just try to get to the sun.

  9. I’m headed to class right now. This isn’t quite finished, although I’ve put a lot of work into it. I just wish I had had more time, what with midterms this week -_-;;

  10. Carrie Sullivan says:

    -click to progress through text in the beginning
    -arrow key moves
    -s key is your shovel, d key plants seeds
    -go to the bed in your house to sleep/save *saving won’t save mature trees yet -_-;;
    -beware the glitch in which you walk into your house and you aren’t there. Not sure why this happens, but you just have to restart the game
    -w is your inventory, but it’s not functional yet (which is why you have unlimited seeds). Press esc to close inventory.

    • Carrie Sullivan says:

      I just realized my game doesn’t work on my computer here. Tried running it off my flashdrive, and it works on my flashdrive in my laptop but not on this computer.

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