Sequels are as inevitable as the tides. They make entertainment industries tick and help fund new ideas by ensuring safe, easy money. Every now and then, however, sequels can out shine their originals and that’s what your goal is this week.

This week I want you to pick a game from the 2011 Pirate Kart that was entered into the 2011 IGF and make a sequel to it that is even better than the original game. Please keep in mind what you think makes a sequel better and use that to determine the direction you should be going. The assignment sheet can be found here for further information and inspiration.

As usual, please turn in your on November 1st by 7:15PM. Promise I won’t be sick next time!

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16 Responses to Sequel

  1. zacharias3690 says:

    Mine’s based off ball of steel. Instead of the regular pc remake, I did a port/modify to android. Here’s the apk:

    to install it
    1. plug your phone into the computer
    2. drag the .apk onto your phone
    3. go to settings and check off allow installation of non-market apps
    4. find the .apk in a file manager of your choice (on your phone)
    5. tap it, accept install
    6. start up and enjoy

    for those with iOS, find a friend with an android phone

  2. tubocass says:

    Decided to do Potato Potato Potato Potato Potato instead of Space Phallus; things were getting weird once I thought up the Vagina Vortex. I’m also back to GM8.1 this week because Construct 2 SUUUUUUUUCKS!

  3. Due to a particularly difficult week I took the easy way out and created a sequel to PongSpar aptly title PongSpar 2.

  4. Brentt Kasmiskie says:

    Bases off of The Mazing Adventure. Very small

  5. My attempt at making /Escape\ 2 failed due to my lack of experience with physics in C2. So I built a clone of a classic game. Enjoy!

  6. Roman Hunt says:

    Based on the dialogue mechanics of Adventures in the Public Domain:

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