qwopYour final is quickly approaching! You have less than a week to finish up your work so don’t waste any time!

A small change to the final has occurred due to my work schedule getting crazy. We are no longer having class on the 6th of December. This means that you will not have to present your game in front of the class. Instead I have added a short 1 page write up of your game to your grading rubric with some questions I want you to answer.

Both the write up and your final prototype are due by midnight on Dec 6th in the comments section of this post. If you have any questions please email me.

Finally, I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you for making this such an awesome class to teach. I’ve been nothing but impressed by the work that has come out of each of you and can’t wait to see more. Please stay in touch and keep making games!

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21 Responses to Final

  1. Brentt Kasmiskie says:

    Here it is.
    The Game: Breakout Battle

    The Write up:

    Some things are a bit wonky, I’ll try to list what I remember. If you try to use multi-ball (probably fake multi-ball too) when the player’s ball has just spawned (touching the paddle and not moving) or when the ball is in the process of leaving the screen (sometimes) it results in a game ending bug. I believe this is because of how the multi-ball is implemented. I have it set to create the balls at the location of the original ball, therefore if the ball just spawned the ball doesn’t actually exist yet because it is in an in between object that waits a second or so to change itself into the regular ball so the player has some time to gather their wits before the ball shoots off again. This means that a multi-ball cannot be used because it doesn’t know where to spawn the extra balls. Also if the ball is in the process of leaving the room and being deleted that same thing occurs due to similar circumstances. There are probably others that I cannot recall right now, but I don’t think they were game ending. Also, I did not get a chance to properly play test this, it may be too difficult to get power bricks.

  2. AJ Paradowski says:

    Vegetation, somewhat new and improved:


    So ya, ran into the problem of not being able to have more than 100 events in my game. Had to scale back some levels and in the process may have messed up game progression…either way you can make it to the end!

  3. Evan Kice says:

    Hey, do we still need to write a postmortem?

  4. Evan Kice says:

    Game Link:

    Write-up Link:

    I like the way this turned out, no bugs that I could find. Wish my AI was smarter though. Oh well, more to work on.

  5. Andrew Mitchell says:


    I’m pretty happy with my final. I fixed a lot of the movement bugs and added some new game mechanics for the player, as well as an instruction screen for the beginning.

  6. Game:

    Please note that the different barricades (when available) are hot-keyed to 1, 2, and 3, but not the numpad. The test level is completely randomized, thus it might not be winnable sometimes– I left it in because I thought it kinda fun to play with. The rest should be fine, I hope.

  7. Lindsay says:

    I’m not sure if the song ends with level on the second and third level, because I could not listen to either of these songs one more time. Without pulling hair out. Even if they are songs I enjoy.



  8. Zach Barnes says:

    Still not 100% pleased with how this came out, but I have too many projects due to make it amazing. If it doesn’t work for you (this one should) just download the source code and take a look around. Even though it doesn’t play exactly like I want it to, I’m still proud of the work I did.

    The source:
    The game (Unzip):
    The summary:

  9. azninvader says:

    Despite the lack of new games I wanted to implement I am very satisfied with what I have created.

  10. tubocass says:

    Wasd to move. Space to suck up terrain. Left click is a weak sand bomb, right click is a strong dirt bomb. The dirt bomb alerts guards. Find all five prisoners and lead them to the escape pod(blue box). Game Paper

  11. I posted my links but have yet to see them show up on the site.
    Just in case here they are again.


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