One room, two problems.


Your first prompt is “One room, two problems.”  Remember to think small and fun.  Good luck with making your first game prototype.  Please provide a link to your finished game via comment on this post.  Try to do this before class on Monday, February 11.

Good luck, and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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99 Responses to One room, two problems.

    • I liked the concept, although I couldn’t beat it(didn’t try that hard). It was a nice puzzle platformer idea, the goal was clear on what needed to be done, yet how to do it needed to be figured out.

    • Clay Howell says:

      WOW! This game was extremely fun. I really enjoy the thought put into how to solve the puzzles. Genius. The only thing I would say to fix is the noise when you jump as a cube to not activate when there is a wall directly above the cube. Because then you get this rapid “THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD” noise.

    • Steve Ok says:

      Wow this game was tough. I figured out the first problem but gave up on the second one. kudos on the really clever puzzle design.

  1. Sarah Rhoades says:

    Here’s what I’ve done for the first assignment.

    • Clay Howell says:

      Interesting. Question: was the fire supposed to do something, or is it just apart of the scenery? Also, any specific reason why the player is a dyno? Or just for fun :D?

    • Steve Ok says:

      Wow this game took me more tries to beat then I care to admit. x) The fire blocking the gold piece confused me for a bit cause I thought it was lethal at first. I also tried not eating the gold nuggets as to not anger the scorpions~ but nope. anyway, this was a pretty simple game. There doesn’t seem to be a secondary problem tho?

      • I guess next time I’ll just try to find a torch sprite instead of combining two sprites together… I actually wanted the scorpions to appear after the player picked up the gold nuggets, but I couldn’t get it to work. The first problem was getting to the gold bar… The second was getting past the scorpions and out of the room.

    • Donica Johnson says:

      I am having some problem with a duplicating sword. I tried to fix it, but someone suggested that it might be because it’s one for each hand. I also wanted it to be a riddle, not a yes/no question. The snakes don’t seem to be doing any damage to the fighter, either.

      The rules: Use arrow keys to move, kill the snakes by using the space bar.

    • Steve Ok says:

      Hm, okay I don’t know if it’s just the computer that I am using, but your game seems to move very very slowly to the point where it’s unplayable. It wouldn’t even run on my laptop. I’m not really sure what the issue is.

    • I like the shrinking room idea, the point of the game was unclear, I am guessing stack blocks and get out of the top? but when I did the game just started over.

      • Anthony Schuler says:

        Yeah, the first problem was that you’re stuck in a room, and the second is that the room is getting smaller. I couldn’t get the movement to work as well as I wanted (since you float though blocks) but the alternative was having the raccoon get stuck in the blocks. I should show a victory screen once you get out but I ran out of time.

    • Clay Howell says:

      Reminds me of that one scene in StarWars, with the people and the thing and the vagueness. I like how the boxes are pushed dynamically as the walls squish together. Very nice visually. And don’t think I didn’t notice none of the boxes spawn outside of the two walls, very slick programming.

    • Steve Ok says:

      Haha I totally just beat that game by accident.. The movement was rather buggy, so I couldn’t properly push the blocks the way I wanted. I just kinda climbed the one that randomly stacked by itself lol. I think the issue was with the collision masks on the sprites? I’m not really sure. anyway, fun concept.

    • Clay Howell says:

      Alright. So is are you not supposed to be able to move when you’re on the ground? Maybe allow the players to not have a limit on the range of their shots.
      Lastly, is there an end? I kept dying of heat (x.x;;;) personally, but, is there an end or do you fight on eternally until you over heat?

      • Devin Butler says:

        I had some errors with programing the walking of the character, so I built the game around only his ability to jump. In future versions I could fix the bugs with walking. The game does have an end, there are seven rounds of enemies. I did not have time to fully tweak the difficulty of the game but I have been able to beat it with practice.

  2. Steve Ok says:

    Overall, this was very fun to make, but also very frustrating at times. I tried including some more stuff to the game (like extra lives and bombs) but couldn’t do it without causing all these other issues and bugs that kept popping up like, mysteriously duplicating player object, etc.. Anyway, it’s still pretty fun. Had to look up a lot of tutorials on youtube, and I’ve polished it as much as I could in the given time. Hope you enjoy~ Can’t wait for the next prompt!


    P.S. After you’ve played it, what was your highest score? So far, mine is 23790. x)

    • Steve Ok says:

      Gah. Damn the exclamation mark. ._.
      Here’s a working link. …hopefully.

      • Anthony Schuler says:

        Oh man, this game is pretty tough, I only got to 2730 before I fell. Where’s the music from? I can’t put my finger on it.

      • Steve Ok says:

        The music is the song from Final Fantasy 4 boss battle. I think i found it at a website called MIDI Shrine?

      • David Neiman says:

        Really fun game, keeps you wanting to best your own record. Good job!

    • I really enjoyed your game, I thought it was very well, done. the player knew immediately what the two problems were and figured out other pieces as they played. my score was like 600 (I didnt realize at first that you got points from killing the guys).

    • Clay Howell says:

      4620! Purple Crystals (what what!), skeletons (bring it!) Always die from tiles disappearing though. The hit box on the player is a little big in my opinion. was like 95% on land, dipped my toe in lava and died D:

      You got 23,000+ points!? You must’ve had some kind of secret cheat only the game maker knows about >:U

      • Steve Ok says:

        Haha you got to the skeletons! Nice. They actually have about 6% chance of dropping a diamond gem that wipes the entire map of all monsters and gems and gets you a ton of points from all of em. once those start dropping, the points start to stack up real quick. My new high score is 35k xD

        Also, you know Steve Zapata? He’s in my virtual environment group, we’re working on a project 🙂

    • Clay Howell says:

      Okay, so when I play, I get 4 squares of food, then my kitty ass is going to be a goner. Fat blue bro won’t help a kitty out. Just gets in my kitty way! Kitty tried to kitty eat owner’s sheets, kitty. Fell off and got stuck between wall and bed. Die of starvation. Kitty tried to find food by the chairs. Maybe some scraps under the table. Try to go under table. Table traps kitty. Die of starvation.

    • Steve Ok says:

      How do you play/beat this game? lol

    • Noah Osborne says:

      the idea is your trying to get the human (blue blob thing supposed to be a hat from top down) to see that the food is gone. Cats go about this by rubbing up against humans and getting them to follow them.

    • Steve Ok says:

      This took a while to figure out. In fact, I don’t think I actually did. First, I thought it was a game where I beat the rats with my shovel. But then I realized I can shoot coals after touching the bucket of em. I managed to light all 6 boilers, but nothing happened. Does this game have a winning condition?

    • Clay Howell says:

      >Start the game.
      >Okay I’m a robot, gotta kill the fire.
      >First one robot dies. For the good of the colony.
      >spray left, spray up conserve that shit. I will run out.
      >go to corridor
      >dash up and spray
      >hardest part of the game right here
      >go back down but let go so that you line up perfectly with the next room and can move right
      >nailed it
      >dash into room
      >line up to hit 2 fires at once
      >spray right, spray down, go nuts, smash ultimate space bar
      >killing fire, 1 left
      >dash forward and.. DISSOLVE THAT SHIT!

      PROOF: The last message said “This was a drill…(more text)…”!!
      if you want to know what it said, beat the game.

    • Steve Ok says:

      OMG this game is really fun but very frustrating! I always have like 2 fire spots left but then i die. So.. Many.. Tries.. Clay, HOW.

    • David Neiman says:

      haha fun game, was difficult dealing with third fire!

    • I would have liked this a lot more, if I didn’t have to press the move key every time, but could hold it instead.

    • Clay Howell says:

      Hmmm, give the bad buy an AI to move only in a direction where no blocks are, so it moves each turn. +1 if the badguys move Toward the players instead of randomly. Does getting the get do anything? got to the last door, can wont open. Can you win?
      Best part was the blackness the prevented you from seeing the whole room. Really slick.

      • Adam Becker says:

        I was messing around with an AI pathfinding algorithm called Astar, but that proved too complex to adapt to the turn-based gameplay. The original concept was for it to wander randomly until the player was within a certain distance where the enemy would make a bee-line toward the player, breaking walls along the way.
        The key originally opened that last door, but save kerfluffles followed by strange bug ended with scrapping that bit.

    • Steve Ok says:

      Love the atmosphere of this game. Was a bit uncomfortable with the movement mechanic.

    • Clay Howell says:

      I ESCAPED THE DOOM TOMB. I like the black cloud thing that follows you, did you talk with adam becker? You both have this mechanic. I like it. Maybe make the walls fill up their entire collision sprite. Maybe if you take this game to the final, make it so that the room is a random maze each time, O.o

      • Tyler Tornblom says:

        Thanks! No, I didn’t talk to Adam, I found a nice tutorial for lighting on youtube though.

        That was my plan, to make the maze random but that’s a little beyond my programming skill at this early stage. I definitely plan on doing that if I take this to the final.

    • kevingravis says:

      Definitely fun/a cool idea, but the collision with the walls felt a little off…I was blocked by walls that I was at least 8 pixels away from. Loved the health bar and the little point of light thing

      • Tyler Tornblom says:


        Yeah, the collision was off. It was originally worse and scaling down the wall sprites fixed it slightly, but it was still sticky.

    • Steve Ok says:

      Beat it on second try! 😀 pretty fun. The movement mechanic seems to have a bit of an issue. Do you have movement stop tied to “release key” events? If you do, you should figure out a way to make the movements work without using those. HOWever, I do like how the sprite animation is tied perfectly with the player movement. That’s probably why you used the release keys. Anyway, good job.

      • Tyler Tornblom says:


        Exactly! The sprites weren’t working right when I didn’t use the release key. I’m sure I’ll find a better way to do that as the course progresses.

    • Clay Howell says:

      So, it’s kind of unclear what the health plus signs actually are doing. It looks like everything kills me in one hit, Unless I am slowly dying over time (is that Problem 2?) Other than that, my pro-strat was to hide behind a planet. Ultimate shield. Wait a second… are there 2 Earths O.o . Ok, is some crazy future? With 2 earths, and a UFO larger than both of them combined?

      • Matthew Standley says:

        Well the health was supposed to be just that health but couldn’t figure out how to do what i wanted so just switched it to points. The goal of the game is to survive since you get a point every second and I put the instructions in the F1 key.

      • Matthew Standley says:

        Also for the 2 problems I figured it could go 2 different ways first with the 2 types of asteroids as one and the asteroids and health symbol (being a dilema where you leave the safety of the planets to get more points or stay where you are and try to survive).

    • Steve Ok says:

      Got 98 points. Those tiny asteroids are fast! Anyway, I like survival games. It was fun 🙂

    • Clay Howell says:

      I like your move animation, looks like I’m shimmying my ass across the floor (hehe). Got stuck on a wall every now and then, Killed me actually, once or twice, because I was stuck D:. And, is the player holding a bible?

      • Emily Hampshire says:

        The sprites were from the original Zelda from the NES. They were easy to work with and fit with the Labyrinth feel I wanted for the game. He’s holding a shield.

        The movement is a little sticky sometimes, and I need to go back and fix it, but I didn’t know how to, to be honest. It’s not a game breaking thing so I wasn’t too worried about it, and it does add some challenge to the timing of getting past the monster.

    • Steve Ok says:

      Took me 3 tries. 🙂 Sprite animation matches the player movement wonderfully. The movement was a bit sticky because I’m guessing you used the “release key” events to make that sprite animation work properly?

  3. SliceKing says:

    Dillon Baca:
    Fire fighter game, still getting used to the software

  4. Clay Howell says:

    STALACTITE [by: Clay Howell]
    Game Maker File:

    Please play around with the game first, then read these comments!
    Seriously! Stop! Go play the game!

    Had fun? Here’s the explanation:
    You find yourself trapped in a cave. Stalactites form at the top of the room and fall, and they form snow where they impact with the ground. You, as a fire-y mage/wizard dude, have two useful skills at your disposal: jumping and launching fireballs. The falling stalactites will damage your health if you’re hit, and the rising snow will force you closer to the stalactites, making them harder to dodge (Problem 1). You are trying not to die, so to deal with these problems you have the fireballs, which destroy everything in their path and explode, and jumping which… just.. makes you jump. However! Your health and energy are the same total (Problem 2). Spam fireballs and you run out of health. When you run out of health, you will turn blue, and the next stalactite that hits you is game over. How do you gain health? Well, the stalactites occasionally drop gems, and you can pick these bad boys up to recover some life. So where’s your health/energy bar? Look closely at the background. I wanted it to blend in with the game.

    If you have any questions, leave me a comment or ask me in class. I’ll be happy to explain anything that I made in the game. I attached the Game Maker file if you’d like to look at the code.

  5. storymanguy says:

    While you can move diagonally, I don’t recommend it, it breaks the collision statements. Unless you want to break the game (which I advise you to try, after you beat it regularly).
    Pressing F1 will give you controls, hints, and, if you scroll rightwards enough, spoilers.
    PT1 – Room Escape (unimaginative title)

    • Clay Howell says:

      Ok, so i got to the TNT, detonation thang… nothing happened? Then said fuck it diagonal time and won. This game reminds me of CaldwellB’s game. Go check it out it’s also a puzzle with one controller controlling 2 people.

  6. kevingravis says:

    Here’s my first prototype. It’s called “Airlock”

    • Clay Howell says:

      Survived for a solid ~2:30. Nicely, done. It seems like, I never want to turn the light to red, Everything just gets harder. Were the eyeballs not supposed to be able to get hurt in green light?

      • kevingravis says:

        The green eyes do more damage when the light is green; they kill you in two hits when the light’s green, whereas they take three hits to kill you when the light’s red.

    • Clay Howell says:

      I liked the black/white concept, and if you made the player switch back and forth a couple times it would be neat, i went north, switched to black and never went back.
      (As a side note, your walking animation is super fast, try slowing down some
      go to object_player>create>drag the code snippet>open it up> type “image_speed = 0.1”
      that will make it so your animation will be 1 pic per 10 frames, not 1 for 1.

  7. Rafe Rahman says:

    prototype 1

    There are not any real objectives set – just survive and rack up as many points as possible.

    • Clay Howell says:

      What is the font you used!? I really want it for future games!! Controls are super smooth, my energy goes up, but my light keeps getting dimmer… I love that batteries entering the game glimmer, genius, keeps the player from getting frustrated. Pro-strat – constantly spin the mouse around the tank in order to get a circle of vision and see all monsters close. At the end your explosion animation loops forever, and the game doesn’t restart… maybe object_tankExplosion > trigger other > animation ends > code snippet > “game_restart()”?

  8. Teresa_Tijerina says:

    prototype 1
    aim with mouse shoot with space bar!

    • Clay Howell says:

      Well, since I can’t see my mouse, I have no point of reference for where im shooting. Maybe make shoot left click instead of space. And make the sound file for the dying of a moster “.wav” if you don’t want the sounds cutting each other off. I believe Game Maker only allows one “.mp3” file to play at a time.

    • Teresa_Tijerina says:

      forgot to add, you move with WASD.

      Also I dont know why the music cuts when another sound happens

  9. Zachary Brown says:

    Prototype 1! Make the crowd happy and destroy party poopers with killer solos. A few bugs, but it is my first. Enjoy!

  10. Dan Lance says:

    Here is my prototype:

    I was going to try and make a puzzle/beat-em-up, but I couldn’t get a lot of the features working. However, all the basic mechanics are there

    • Clay Howell says:

      The players that spawn in the game, and opposite positionally based on where their control are on the keyboard. Maybe switch their starting location. Also a few issues with their animations. Well, I say issues but that might not be true. If you go either left or right and then swiftly go the opposite direction, you start moon walking/gliding away. I think that’s pretty badass.

      *walk walk walk backstep glide~ punch punch glide~ punch*

  11. James Pappas says:

    Prototype, Assignment 1: ConCERNs
    Definitely a bit rough, and somewhat seizure-unfriendly.
    Found a few more limitations of Game Maker, notably some trouble with transparencies, and what appears to be an incomplete logic system unless you edit the code manually.

  12. Christopher Casey says:

    Prototype 1, “Inpatient Hero.” Instructions are in-game. The two problems are: the floor is slippery and you are being chased by orderlies who want to sedate you with projectile hypodermic needles.

    I’m pretty happy with how this turned out!

    • David Neiman says:

      Fun game, I just had a problem getting used to the controls and where character ran, I kept running into walls >.>;;

  13. Here is my Prototype:

    I was originally shooting for 3 asteroid terminals, and a radio terminal that would go off with increasing intervals as the game continued. That way you had to really balance your time and would eventually lose. The game currently will not end because as the intervals increase it makes the asteroids and aliens come too fast so there is never a lose of health just an endless tedious game…

  14. Ken-Min Yeoh says:

    Prototype Assignment 1:
    (Arrow Keys to Move, Spacebar to turn Mirrors)

    I messed up and spent far too long coding trying to make working lasers and reflectors. The original concept was to have two enemies firing lasers and you have to redirect them to destroy each other, but I didn’t manage to get that online in time… so I ended up with a lame “timed” puzzle game. Bleh. Don’t let scope creep mess you up guys. It hurts. >_>

  15. Mark Zamora says:

    Here’s my first prototype:
    Up to Jump
    Down to Slide

    Go with the beat and groove tonight!

    -Mark Zamora

    • Teresa_Tijerina says:

      This is fun, I kept wanting to go farther but somehow I always died at the 5th loop. Then I started messing with it, I started hitting up and down rapidly at the same time and he floats above all the blocks. Then if I kept the arrow key down and press up fast enough he gets stuck in the air walking so i kept racking up points woot! so check the distance that the player can jump so that it wont happen.

  16. Zachary Brown says:

    Just realized my comment didn’t send! Hopefully this isn’t too late!

  17. Lucas LeBlanc says:

    Here’s a Castlevania clone I made. Late because my time management skills are poor — I’m not really used to rapid prototyping and I have a habit of procrastinating assignments. Overall I’m very glad I finished this though, I made it for the purpose of learning as many things as possible within Game Maker (and that’s the reason it ended up taking me so long). I think it ended up pretty decent, and I learned heaps while doing it.

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