Create and Destroy


Week two’s prompt was “create and destroy.” Please post your second batch of game maker experiments.  I look forward to seeing what you came up with.

Good luck, and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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89 Responses to Create and Destroy

  1. Christopher Casey says:

    Here’s mine — don’t squish the little guys!

    • Cool building mechanic, the way you generated objects is great. I killed all the red guys though, not sure if I was supposed to.

    • Christopher Casey says:

      No, you monster, don’t squish the little guys!

    • Steve Ok says:

      this game was just fantastic. such a great concept.
      and yes. It was worth it. those red bastards were getting in the way! x)
      one note though, i couldn’t jump while standing on top of a red guy. so i had no choice but to push him. lol

      • Christopher Casey says:

        Yeah, a few little things I missed — red guys don’t collide with one another and you can’t jump on their heads. To fix that I usually just create a tiny block between myself and the red guy, and then I can jump.

    • Donica says:

      I couldn’t figure out how to get up to the upper platforms. But I do like how you developed the create/destroy conditions.

    • kevingravis says:

      The block creation was amazing. Very good execution overall.

      I don’t know if the really slippery movement was intentional or not, but I thought that was sort of irritating.

      • Christopher Casey says:

        Yeah, I just used GameMaker’s built-in Box2D physics, which means you’re going to slow to a stop as dictated by friction. I could probably up the friction value on all the surfaces a lot and fix that.

    • Clay Howell says:

      I murdered 8 little guys. Was it worth it? Yes, yes it was. Sweet game. An interesting twist would be if you had a limited area rather than length or width. That way you could make fat blocks or long slender blocks. Also, make an option for full screen (in my opinion) because if my mouse goes off the screen just a little, it freezes the square which is tough. I’m used to dragging top left to bottom right, but when I would get stuck in the right corner I had to make like reverse boxes. Could you post the file? I’m interested in how you got the physics working.

      • Christopher Casey says:

        I tried limiting it by area initially, but it made the click and drag mechanic feel clunky. It’s kind of hard to describe, but since a long skinny block has significantly less area than a squarer block, you’d be moving your mouse around to draw the outline and it would kind of “snap” rather than drag smoothly. It made it feel like something wasn’t working properly, so I just switched to how it is.

        And yeah, the off-screen thing is a little irritating, I’d probably switch fullscreen on if I made another build.

        I can post the file a little bit later, but I have to warn you it took me about 6 days to come up with the idea and I actually implemented it in what free time I had on the other one, so it’s not exactly well-organized.

  2. Here is mine, I was happy with alot of things, but missed a few. example (I cant figure out why the people enemies can go through walls)

  3. storymanguy says:
    It is highly recommended you press F1 to get info about the game. You can create and destroy for both sides, so keep that in mind.

    • I like the almost board game feel this has. If there was a win condition even a simple one such as (set this pattern, while blue is set at this pattern) I think it would have been stronger. I messed around with it for a while.

  4. Noah Osborne says:

    you are an enzyme! break down your substrates and create energy for the body.

  5. Tyler Tornblom says:

    Here’s my second prototype, Backburner: You create walls to protect people, which are eventually destroyed by fire.

  6. Josh Miller says:

    Create a path to the destroyer by destroying the submarines.

    • I killed everything. Some of the islands were hard to get through. I thought it was a decent maze game. since the placement of the islands made you have to stay aware.

    • Steve Ok says:

      Would have been nice if there was some sort of a win-screen to make me feel all accomplished.. Lol it actually took me a while to figure out how to play this game. I didn’t know I could ‘guide’ the torpedo by pretty much dragging it. Anyway, once i figured it out, it was fun. The control keys were a bit uncomfortable though. Might have been better if you could move up and down with W, S keys so the spacebar would be easier to use.

  7. Donica says:

    Create bottles by hitting the first letter of a color. B for blue, G for green, Y for yellow, P for purple, R for red, and O for orange. Click your left mouse button on the bottle to smash it against the wall. Repeat until you’re no longer stressed! 🙂

    • 1. nice little stress buster. I would have liked to see my bottle options so I could click them onscreen instead of hunting for the keys.
      2. will you please not make installers, so we don’t have to install the game on our computers as a permanent app?

      • Donica says:

        I didn’t know how to do the first suggestion. As for not making an install game, I didn’t realize you had a choice in the type of executable you could make.

    • cool tower defense game. I had a problem with my towers shooting between the enemies. you should look into the code for seeing where they will be in x steps, and aim there. or just have the bullet be a “missile” and go towards it after firing.

  8. Steve Ok says:

    Holy hell did this one give me a headache. I cheaped out in the creative department and just went with a tower defense game. Seemed like the most obvious game for this prompt.. but man, did I pay for it. I am physically and mentally drained. Had to look up many tutorials, and learn how to use codes (which was quite helpful actually). Anyway, here it is. I custom-made all the sprites except for the grass and the monsters. Enjoy.

    Prototype 2 – Build & Destroy

    P.S. To anyone who’s interested, I updated my prototype 1, Crystal Explosion. Apparently it was a bit hard for most people, so I made it slightly easier. (a) gems now get rid of the cracking lava grounds within radius (b) everything gives you points: all gems, lava grounds, monsters. (c) player movement sprite animation has been fixed. So here’s that too. Ciao!
    Prototype 1 – Crystal Explosion v2

  9. Josh Steward says:

    My idea was to destroy famous artwork with graffiti, which creates new art.
    I hit several brick walls – apparently drawing was easier in older versions of GM. But I got the drawing mechanic in place!

    Has anyone used the screen_save() function with the Steam version of GM successfully?

    • drawing mechanic was nicely done. It would be cool to have a color selector, which you could simply do by making an object for the colors you want to include, when clicked. they change the line color.

  10. kevingravis says:

    Here’s my game, “Dark Lord.” I didn’t get to put as much content in as I wanted, but the core mechanic is still there. The object is to just wreak as much havoc as you can before you die (“get banished to the dark realm”).

  11. Ken-Min Yeoh says:

    Create gems to destroy the enemies and defeat the Necromancer.

    • very nicely done. I’m not great at scrolling shooters. But I liked how the gems rotated around the player, and the necromancer refilled gems.

    • Christopher Casey says:

      Nice, solid tower defense. I’m actually surprised to not be seeing more of these, or mini-RTS type stuff. Pretty much every single action you take as a player in a tower defense or RTS is aimed at creation or destruction. Or creating things that destroy. Or destroying things that create.

  12. Caldwell Bill says:

    Create particles that destroy enemy particles! Mix particle types to push on the enemy and damage him! (it makes sense I promise)

  13. Matthew Standley says:

    Click, Hope and Pray!
    There was a lot of things I wanted to do for this game, but just couldn’t get them to work the way I wanted.
    TIP: create lots of explosions

  14. Adam Becker says:

    Here’s my game. Use the arrow keys to move around and WASD to place blocks around. There isn’t an “objective” at the moment. Wish I could have added more.

    • Christopher Casey says:

      Very nice, feels like Pong++. Only gameplay thing I would say is that I’m not sure having to manually activate the power ups currently has a purpose — the flashing ball doesn’t seem to gain speed or become more dangerous situationally, so you may as well activate the powerup paddles as soon as you get them, right?

    • The ball kept getting stuck on my grey powerups 😦 , well done pong style game though

    • Donica says:

      This was neat! Wasn’t sure what the falling gold and grey balls were though. The powerups? Wasn’t sure what they were doing.

  15. Mark Zamora says:

    The Adventures of Dr. Mintchip!
    Use the Cupcake to build your way up to the Cherry Bombs, which you need to destroy the barrier covering the exit!

  16. SliceKing says:

    Dillon Baca:
    Here is my create and destroy game. Destroy the scrap to make scrap balls to throw at your opponent! (two players)

  17. Christopher Thompson says:

    The cloud spawner is the cross shaped object at the end of the lane. Clicking on the cloud spawner will create a cloud.
    A cloud damages a Solar-powered robot when it passes over it.

    A clouder seeder will change the properties of a cloud when the cloud passes over it. Properties do not stack currently.
    If you press 1 or 2 then you will construct a cloud seeder where your mouse is currently.
    1 creates a lightning cloud
    2 creates a rain cloud

    Robots will run away from rain clouds and robots take double damage from lightning clouds

    There is no functional win/lose condition currently.

  18. Sarah Rhoades says:

    Here’s my game. All you have to do is just get to the chest at the end. But that means destroying weak walls in the way… by just walking through them. Enjoy.
    This game went through a lot of changes. I had wanted the guy to attack to destroy the weak walls, but it didn’t work when the walls were solid. I also had to do a bit of fiddling to get… obstacles to appear in unoccupied areas. So don’t fret if you see something appear for a moment inside the walls or the like.

  19. James Pappas says:


    Maintain a garden.
    Select which seed you want to plant on the right side of the screen, then click in the soil to plant it.
    Your existing plants will produce more seeds of their kind for a while, then they will wither and die.
    You can use the seeds in your inventory to trade up (click the tiles on the bottom-right) for different kinds of seeds.

    This game doesn’t have a win condition at the moment, and I didn’t get to flesh the concept out as much as I would like. This is probably evidenced by the fact that my art is so small in comparison to the screen size (later, taller plants would have been added).

  20. Anthony Schuler says: Here’s my “game”, it’s more of a toy at this point. Again for some reason it won’t create a single runtime version so you’ll need to install it.

  21. Zachary Brown says: P2!

    Had some problems with collision so you might get stuck on some blocks (press R in game to restart) but it is beatable.

    Press space/enter at the title screen to play (fast restarts). Down arrow key destroys blocks right in front of you or places blocks in front of you for you to walk on.

  22. Rafe Rahman says:

    This took a lot longer than expected and so, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to properly hammer out all the issues and polish the mechanics. There’s not even a proper win state, even if you manage to drag all the buildings back to your nest….

    • Christopher Casey says:

      I like the way you actually have to “flap” to maintain altitude. Definitely a tricky mechanical task that would take a little bit of time to master.

  23. Lucas LeBlanc says:

    I tried to go outside of my comfort zone with this one. This is kind of a point-and-click adventure game (except it only has one puzzle and no real story, so I labelled it a puzzler in the game info). I’m aware that the insta-deaths are reminiscent of Sierra’s King’s Quest (when it got bad), but if I were to make an entire game out of this, I’d likely make it disjointed puzzles, perhaps with cutscenes in between, to make deaths not very frustrating. It would be a very narrative-focused game.

    Oh, and be sure to read the game info. I admit it’s not very intuitive.

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