Ye Olde Run and Jump


Your prompt for this week is “Ye Olde Run and Jump.” As always, keep it simple and fun but try to do at least one thing that requires you to really push yourself.

This week you should also read “Indie Game Design Do’s and Dont’s.”  We will discuss it in class next week.

Next week your failure analysis papers are due.

Good luck, and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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58 Responses to Ye Olde Run and Jump

  1. Steve Ok says:

    Prototype #4 – RJ

    I want to apologize for some rather annoying collision bugs with the moving platforms. If you get rammed by one from the side, you will get stuck. BUT I have included a quick “restart current level” function, so I encourage you to abuse that if need be.

    Otherwise, enjoy.
    Feedback would be much appreciated.

    • Christopher Casey says:

      I like it! Definitely a neat idea for a puzzle game. I also like how you took the prompt, “run” and “jump” and literally separated them and worked from there.

    • Clay Howell says:

      Yeah, interesting take on the prompt, if taken to the final, id really like to see the two bots interact more, I feel you could make some interesting puzzles with that. For instance: have jumper jump on mover and he moves him into position to jump. Or jumper jumps into a hole, mover moves on top of him and jump gives him a boost higher up.

  2. Donica says:

    This is a very nice looking game! Yes, I got stuck a few times, but the restart button helped. I was wondering if you could help me with my game. I can’t seem to get my little guy to move horizontally. I’ve tried everything and nothing happens! At least he jumps, though.

    • Steve Ok says:

      Sure! In the player object, create a Step event, and add in this code.
      if keyboard_check(vk_left) and place_free(x-playerspeed,y) and x>playerspritesize
      { x -= playerspeed }

      this checks for 3 things: 1) is the left arrow key is being pressed? 2) is the place ahead of the player free of solid objects? 3) is the player’s x position going to be inside the room? (this one depends on the sprite size. if the player sprite size is 32, then just type in 32.) If all conditions check out, then the player should jump to position by the amount of playerspeed. You can type in a number here OR make it a variable in the creation event.

      That was the code for the left movement. For the right movement, use:
      if keyboard_check(vk_right) and place_free(x+playerspeed,y) and x<room_width-playerspritesize
      { x += playerspeed }

      if you want to use the W,A,S,D keys for movement instead of the arrow keys, then replace (vk_left) with (ord("A")) and (vk_right) with (ord("D")).

      Hope that helps.

    • Steve Ok says:

      Actually, the 3rd condition to check is to make sure that the player object never leaves the boundaries of the room. But if you want your player to be able to move out of the room (to transition to the next room or whatever), then just delete the whole ” and x>playerspritesize ” part. but make sure the rest of the room is outlined with some solid wall objects that the player can’t get through.

  3. the1sar says:

    Here’s my game. It simply goes by Tree on a Hill.
    Collisions can sometimes be a bit buggy, but I don’t think it’s game breaking. Also, what do you people who play the game think of it?

  4. Christopher Casey says:

    Here’s mine, Hack’n’Jump’n’Slash. It’s an attempt at a hack’n’slash platformer. Lots of stuff I’m interested in doing with this that I didn’t have time to add, was going to have a ranged enemy and some other stuff (like, sound XD) but the core is there and seems pretty solid. If anything it’s a little too difficult at the moment, but not unfair I don’t think. There’s definitely some skill to it. Anyhow, here it is:

  5. Caldwell Bill says:

    Game’s done! It’s pretty short. The guy and several of the fullscreen images were lifted from Blackthorne.

    • Caldwell Bill says:

      music is “Dauntless” by

    • Christopher Casey says:

      Great job, only minor complaint I have is that if you’re going to use the arrow keys for movement you ought to at least include the option of uparrow for jump, or conversely, if you’re going to use spacebar for jump WSD ought to be an option for movement. Mixing arrow key controls with FPS-style spacebar jump is really disconcerting for someone with hundreds of hours of muscle memory sunk into FPS controls.

      • Christopher Casey says:

        And by hundreds I mean thousands.

      • Caldwell Bill says:

        I hear ya. I have thousands of hours in TF2 alone. Yeah, when I set the controls I just used the first thing that came to mind. With coding, 2-handing the keyboard felt natural at the time. I’ll have to keep that in mind in future.

    • Zachary Brown says:

      Nice prototype! If you made the character animations, they were really solid. Would have liked to see a little more variety art wise in the environment though. The controls felt fluid. One complaint I had was that I died when barely touched the lowering platforms, not just when they would crush me.

  6. Tyler Tornblom says:

    Here is my fourth prototype: Double Jump

    I wanted to go for really simple, clean graphics on this one that fit together. Anyways, you’re a cube trying to get to the end of the room, it’s as simple as that.

    A – move left
    D – move right
    Space bar – jump

    • Christopher Casey says:

      Very nice little platformer. The jumping cube aesthetic reminded me a little bit of The Impossible Game. Only thing I’d note is that collisions are a little wonky — being anywhere near a vertical surface makes it impossible to jump, and those lasers or whatever will kill you from a lot farther than “touching them” range. Polishing collisions out would go a long way towards making this feel like a perfectly smooth experience.

      Overall, very nice job. The level is well-designed in terms of progressive challenge and includes an impressively large number of challenges to overcome for such a small game (lava, lasers, buttons to open doors). Cool!

      • Tyler Tornblom says:

        Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you had fun!

        Yes, I was inspired by The Impossible Game and really like the jumping cube aesthetic. I agree that the collisions definitely need some work. I think that changing the ‘hit-box’ on some of my objects would make it a little smoother but didn’t play around with that.

    • Clay Howell says:

      Checkpoints would be beneficial also I believe, like maybe when a person hits a switch for instance. Double jump looks and feels smooth most of the time, a few hiccups every now and then when a player might smash the jump button in the air and nothing would happen (no second jump) and then they would fall to their death D:

  7. Noah Osborne says:

    Get the gear to build a robot.
    space to jump arrows to move

    • Zachary Brown says:

      Your decision on how to do the rooms was pretty cool, but the game feel very old school. I would make the player a bit faster though!

  8. Adam Becker says:

    Arrow keys to move, space to jump.

    No objective right now. Enjoyed making this one the most so far.

  9. Josh Miller says:

    A and D to move left and right respectively. Space to jump. Click to create platforms.

    I just wanted to mess with creating random platforms to jump on because it looks cool.

    I couldn’t get the energy bar to scroll with the player and I didn’t perfect the spawning of the boxes (if on spawns on you, you are stuck till it despawns).

    • Clay Howell says:

      interesting, Why is there a green bar at the top? The effect you get where it makes random scatter of blocks as your platform is interesting, maybe make it center the scattering on the mouse rather than like the bottom right of the mouse 😀

  10. storymanguy says:
    As with all of my games, press F1 for some information.

    I focused mainly on tight controls and getting the animations to work, so the gameplay is a bit lack-luster.
    Can you get the cookie?
    (spoiler: it’s an easy game. You should have no trouble getting the cookie)

  11. kevingravis says:

    “Candy Labrynth,” press ‘z’ to jump, press ‘x’ to do a jumping, biting attack. Be careful, you’re squishy and fragile and the enemies have spears! Figure out how to kill/avoid them without getting killed yourself and get to the ESCAPE at the end.

    *There were a lot of weird collision bugs I couldn’t figure out how to fix. If you get stuck in the ground or a corpse or something jumping or biting should set you free.

    • kevingravis says:


    • Clay Howell says:

      BEAT IT, LOVE IT. Holy shit dude, the jump with one key, lunge jump with the other makes some super cool game play. Fucking love the graphics
      Just try to figure out the buggy sticking and it will be awesome!! I could see you making a whole world out of this one as well. Sick. I’d suggest adding a health bar, maybe make it so the little guy you control can maybe take 3-4 hits ish before ya die. 😀

  12. Here is a link to a folder with all my games (*.exe’s and *.gm81’s) and postmortems for each of them.:

    Here is a direct link to my fourth prototype:

    There are a few bugs, but shouldn’t affect gameplay very much. I plan to pitch this game to game lab.

  13. Josh Steward says:

    I built this prototype off of the platformer that I made for the Mars prompt. I was able to add in double jump and some different level geometry, including ramps and platforms that you can jump through (these are currently buggy in that they ‘boost’ you much higher if you jump through several). It is just a run and jump sandbox. If the ramps drop you into the pit, restart the game(sorry).

  14. Teresa_Tijerina says:

    Here is my prototype 4
    use the arrows to move left or right
    use up to jump
    use spacebar to shoot the brown bricks
    have to run with the screen or the player will die

  15. Ken-Min Yeoh says:

    Prototype Game #4: Gravity Core

    Jumping onto spots is a little glitchy sometimes, but overall it works okay. If you get a little stuck, just move left and right a little bit. Controls are in the game.

  16. James Pappas says:

    Prototype #4: Jungle Escape

    Endless sidescroller.
    Press UP to swing over pits.
    Press RIGHT to dive through weird angry statues.
    Press DOWN to slide under vines.

  17. Anthony Schuler says:
    Not as finished as I would like, but he runs and he jumps.

  18. Dan Lance says:

    Here is my fourth prototype.
    It’s a fairly simple game with multiple characters, coin collection, and special moves. I was trying to use the simplicity of a platformer to teach players the controls and concepts of first-person shooters. I pretty much made this as an attempt to see if I can get my girlfriend (who isn’t much of a PC gamer) used to mouse & keyboard input in order to show her Portal.

    Attacking is broken, but the special moves are purely offensive so it evens out

  19. Rafe Rahman says:

    Really just got the core mechanics in. There are some simple enemies just for testing the mechanics – no real proper level design.

  20. Donica says:

    Here is my silly R&J, Racer. It’s glitchy, unfortunately. Please forgive me. But, clearing the room of acorns can be done! Avoid the dog!

  21. Lucas LeBlanc says:
    This was a kind of experiment based off Canabalt. I took the same “one-button” concept and tried to take it further, seeing how deep I could make the game’s mechanics and level design while the player is only able to perform one function.

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