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High school: The game. Part 1: One player, two or more characters.

For prototypes 7 and 8 we will do things a little differently.  Both of the games will share a theme, but each will have unique requirements. Here is the information you need for prototype 7: Theme: High School: The Game. … Continue reading

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Prompt 6 is: “Simulation.”  You should create a very simple simulation of something. What you simulate is up to you. You should try to make sure that your simulation does not reach a state of equilibrium.  To that end, I … Continue reading

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Two players, one screen. Asymmetric.

Your fifth game prompt is, “Two players, one screen. Asymmetric.”  Above is pictured the NES game “Gyromite.” If you’ve never played this game, your life as a gamer is truly lacking. It was one of the earliest examples of a … Continue reading

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