Two players, one screen. Asymmetric.


Your fifth game prompt is, “Two players, one screen. Asymmetric.”  Above is pictured the NES game “Gyromite.” If you’ve never played this game, your life as a gamer is truly lacking. It was one of the earliest examples of a two player, co-operative, asymmetric game.  Bear in mind your games do not have to be co-op.  As usual, try to find interesting ways to challenge yourself and your players, but don’t lose sight of the requirement.

Good luck, and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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33 Responses to Two players, one screen. Asymmetric.

  1. Donica says:

    Here is my prototype. I couldn’t figure out how to create two-player scoring system, and I’m not sure if this is asymmetric enough.

  2. Christopher Casey says:

    Here’s mine. It’s asymmetric and also imbalanced, the tank should probably beat the guy. But if you beat the tank as the guy you get sweet bragging rights! So here is TANK VS GUY:

  3. Sarah Rhoades says:

    This is Wizard’s Rage! One player controls an explorer that has wandered into an ancient wizard’s temple and must now kill the evil wizard. The other player controls the immobile wizard and instead summons various monsters to try and stop the explorer.
    I did run into a minor problem while creating this, though. The game sometimes creates multiple monsters when clicking instead of just one. If anyone has an idea on how to fix that, please let me know.

  4. Dan Lance says:

    Here is my fifth prototype:

    A turn-based competitive game inspired by 80s-90s slasher films (in particular the so-bad-it’s-okay movie Maximum Overdrive). Players go head-to-head in a deadly game of hide and seek as either a rag-tag group of humans or a souped-up automobile possessed by an alien radiation bent on world domination.
    The car must kill all humans before running out of gas (5 rounds). While the humans must have at least one person survive til the end of the game.

    I wasn’t able to get multiple player units or weapons working, but the initial mechanics are working fine.

    Can you outrun a haywire hot rod?

  5. Tyler Tornblom says:
  6. Josh Steward says:

    Here’s my next prototype:

    I attempted to make a space shooter where the roles of pilot and gunner are separated (inspiration – Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon). Player one uses the keyboard to dodge asteroids and incoming fighter craft (and their bullets). Player 2 uses the mouse to aim and fire either anti-ship or anti-asteroid weaponry. It’s fast paced and probably unbalanced in favor of the obstacles. Watch out for ambushes!

  7. storymanguy says:
    Behold, the awesome might of the FELTBAG! This word has absolutely nothing to do with the game, and is an acronym for something far more sinister.
    As always with my games, press F1 for some information, but it should be pretty simple if you just start clicking around, as it is entirely mouse based. Also hotseat.
    And because I can, here is my game maker file so that you can mock and laugh at it. Many redundancies, weird bits, and inefficiencies abound, so it has plenty of room to be fixed up, but I think my logic was pretty neat at some parts for those who wondered how I did it. I already know of a few ways to fix this abomination of code and drag n’ drop.

  8. Matthew Standley says:

    Here’s prototype 5: Jump
    It is a simple dodging and jumping game where one person controls the characters movement while the other creates blocks for them to land and jump on. It can also be played as a single player which I found to be much easier, but that depends on who you team up with. My sister had a habit of trying to kill me so our teamwork wasn’t so good.

    • Matthew Standley says:

      Ah almost forgot I also put some tecno/trance background music in it that I found made it a lot more enjoyable.

    • SOOO CLOSE I can see it, then die. Very well done, I think it would be much more difficult for 2 players. but that’s what makes it fun. I enjoyed this game.

  9. clayh7 says:

    SirLanceflop [by: Clay Howell]

    Did not come out nearly as fun as I hoped, the idea sort of fell through the cracks when it was about ~Saturday, so not enough time to remake. It’s two-player in the sense that there are too many controls for just one player so you’ll probably need one person to be the spider and the other person to be the knight.

  10. Rafe Rahman says:

    There’s currently no end state, even if the player runs out of health the game will continue to run….

  11. kevingravis says:

    Not my best. The idea is a boss fight where player 1 controls the player, and player 2 controls the boss. Player 1 controls the gunner (the orb): WASD for movement, space to fire a bullet, shift to explode. Player 2 controls the insect: left and right arrow keys to fire spikes, left click to change the tiny bugs’ spawn point, right click to change their swarm point.

  12. Emily Hampshire says:

    Here’s my 5th prototype.

    Not my best, had a light of fights with Game Maker while on a different computer over the break.

  13. Ken-Min Yeoh says:

    Here’s my 5th prototype, Survivor. One player is the survivor (blue guy) trying to escape a building full of monsters (red and green guys). Controls are a bit odd, Survivor uses Arrow Keys + Mouse and the Monsters use the top row of number keys and a few letters for controls.

  14. Caldwell Bill says:

    Game 5, complete!
    One player plays Simcity, while another player fights off baddies and gathers stuff.

  15. James Pappas says:

    Prototype: Torn Apart

    There’s a story reason for the title, but no one cares about that, so bleh.
    P1 controls the big dude that moves slow but deals more damage with his attack and has higher defense.
    P2 controls the lanky guy that moves quicker but deals less damage and has lower defense.
    Players can’t run into each other. (Sparks happen and they get pushed away from each other. Story has reasons, but bleh.)
    There’s a giant tentacle monster in the room, but he doesn’t do anything except hurt you if you run into him.

    P1: WASD to move, R to punch.
    P2: Arrow keys to move, Numpad0 to jump attack.

    Glitches abound!

  16. Noah Osborne says:

    arrows and wasd for movement 1 for traps e and shift to open doors (gotta be touching door to open them).

    heres my prototype

  17. SliceKing says:

    Dillon Baca:

    Myr Matrix, player one is a platformer and player two is controlled by the mouse. there isn’t an actual end to the game, in the last level the next level chute doesn’t work.

  18. Josh Miller says:

    Here is my game. Player one controls movement with the A (left) and D (right) keys with Space to jump. Player two uses the mouse, he or she is able to click on blocks to make them disappear and can create new blocks by using 4-9 on the number pad and right clicking. Player one is rewarded points for running along the ground and Player two is rewarded points for the distance traveled to the right in the air. Whichever player has more points at the end wins.

  19. Steve Ok says:

    Prototype #5 Attack vs Defend

    This game is fairly complex and large in scale, so it has some big balance issues.
    The attacker is way OP.
    I was trying to fix it up but ATEC computers don’t have GM8.1 and can’t open my file.
    Anyway, whoever’s playing the attacker should go way easy. Lol

  20. Teresa Tijerina says:

    living player A,D to move sideways, W to jump and climb stairs S to go down stairs
    spirit player use arrow keys to move

    spirit player has to stand in the colored safe spots to make the danger squares not harmful. if the spirit goes out of the screen it’s game over, if either of the players touches a red glowing square is game over.

  21. Zachary Brown says:

    I was waiting to post until I could figure it out, but the frustration got to me. I really like the idea of this game, so if anyone could offer help so I could finish it, it would be greatly appreciated.

    One player controls the laser turret. A & D to rotate left and right, Space Bar to (de)activate laser, Q & E to rotate mirror panels. Another player moves the green block. Move with directional keys.

    The problems comes in level 3. After two reflections, the laser path can no longer damage/activate anything. Without the ability to reflect more than once, there’s not much else I can do in making the gameplay interesting.. Here’s the GM8 file, message me if you’d like to help out at all. Thanks!

  22. Lucas LeBlanc says:
    This is an unnamed vertical shooter, mostly inspired by Tyrian – hence the filename.
    This is more of a tech demo than a demo level, mostly because it only consists of 3 “waves.” Having built this, however, I put in all the fundamental mechanics of the game, so when I wish to expand it (which I plan to for the final project), all I need to do is throw in content, and I know just how I want to design the levels.

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