Prompt 6 is: “Simulation.”  You should create a very simple simulation of something. What you simulate is up to you. You should try to make sure that your simulation does not reach a state of equilibrium.  To that end, I suggest using a very small amount of randomness.  I also suggest simulating something that you are familiar with.

Due: March 25th

Good luck, and have fun.

Dr. Christopher

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28 Responses to Simulation

  1. Christopher Casey says:

    Simulates different colored circles rebounding around in a limited space. Circles of the same color absorb one another, producing bigger circles, and circles of different colors collide, breaking the smaller ones into pieces. It stays relatively balanced but there’s a fair amount of randomness. A bit like a screensaver.

  2. Caldwell Bill says:

    Simulates making orders at a fast food grill. It goes through different times of day and has different order densities based on time

    Press ‘S’ to toggle stats view.

  3. Steve Ok says:

    Prototype #6 Roomba Simulator

    Involves minor player interactivity to turn the thing on when it’s turned off or fully charged. Depending on which side it collides with, it recalculates new direction to move to. Dust patches generated at semi-random time intervals. 33% between 1~3 seconds, and 67% between 3~6 seconds.

  4. storymanguy says:
    A simulation of the Sticks (my official name for the guys in my previous games) as they build their utopia. Dissenters abound.
    Click on the rock to restart the simulation, if you want.

  5. Adam Becker says:

    Click Number 1 when it starts. Number 2 was just a prototype of a prototype I thought would be interesting to include.
    This is a simulation with 3 types of cells: a regular cell, a germ, and a white blood cell.
    The cell divides into 2 after a few seconds. The germ chases cells and tries to turn them into germs. White blood cells eat germs. They have a chance to divide into more white blood cells. They decay and die after a time which can be extended by it eating germs.

    You can press Space to go back to the first screen and start the simulation again. Escape will close it down.

  6. Emily Hampshire says:

    Mine is a simple Tennis simulator. Player 1 plays with the WASD keys, Player 2 plays with the arrow keys, and you press space to start the ball.

  7. Josh Steward says:

    My prototype is an attempt to simulate pollination of flowers by honeybees. The bees will move from brightly colored flowers to darker flowers, then back to the hive. Contact with flowers provides a chance for pollination to occur. Pollinated flowers create more flowers and have a chance of dying, so the bees will change course looking for flowers. Lost bees are magically transported back to the hive. No player interaction needed. Added in some sweet tunes to listen to while watching.

  8. Sarah Rhoades says:

    My simulation… I have titled Season’s Fruits (even though they aren’t fruits…).
    It’s basically a farming simulator. The seeds grow up into different crops, and each one is worth something different. Can you get lucky enough to get enough points to pay for the next season?

  9. Noah Osborne says:

    my simulation is condensation dripping down a wall.

  10. kevingravis says: I made a virtual pet game, but your virtual pet has depression. Be sure to keep his mood and his health up! The red squares increase your health a little bit, the green circles increase your mood a lot but damage your health. Social interaction can either damage or restore your mood. Good luck! Don’t let him starve!

  11. Matthew Standley says:

    Prototype 6. Similar to the cat example that was given with the dude walking around to the different items. Would have liked a more accurate way of keeping track of the numbers for the items though it works ok for what it is supposed to do. If you are wondering why a space background I would have to say he is really an alien; otherwise it just easier on the eyes than the wood floors. Also give it a few seconds for him to get moving some times it takes a little longer than others.

  12. Ken-Min Yeoh says:

    Simulation of D&D 3.5 battle system, only with a few classes and weapons though (and no feats unfortunately… that would take weeks to code…). Hit [Space] at any time to view the character’s stats.

  13. SliceKing says:

    Dillon Baca:

    Survival simulator, runs until there are no survivors. R to restart, P to pause.

  14. David Neiman says:

    Proto6 – H20Flow
    Make sure there is a bathroom around if you got the sound on

  15. Devin Butler says:

    Press “R” to change the Random Seed for this game.

  16. Zachary Brown says:
    Shaving Sim 2013! One bug with the cuts, but not too bad. You can also right click to put away a tool.

  17. Dan Lance says:

    A simple henchman simulator, think Cobra or some supervillian that has lackeys. I missed class last time so my game may only loosely fit the prompt. I tried to mess with sound a little bit for this one.

  18. Anthony Schuler says:

    A goldfish simulation that is sped up (to actually see the effects) must keep the bowl clean and also feed the goldfish.
    C = clean bowl
    F= give food

  19. Lucas LeBlanc says:

    This is a simulation of a fencing match. Be sure to hit F1 to get all the details of the simulation’s workings.

  20. Josh Miller says:

    Here is my late submission: it is supposed to be a zombie T virus taking over a human’s cells. It ended up being very similar to Adam’s game. I wouldn’t reccomend leaving it on for too long because the viruses multiply very quickly and do not have a cap.

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