High school: The game. Part 1: One player, two or more characters.

maniac mansionl

For prototypes 7 and 8 we will do things a little differently.  Both of the games will share a theme, but each will have unique requirements. Here is the information you need for prototype 7:

Theme: High School: The Game.

Requirements: One player, two or more characters.

Several of you requested the lines of unique code that I used to create my multiple character demo, here they are:


view_object[0] = obj_tank01;


The other one I use is:


view_object[0] = obj_tank02;


In order for them to work, you have to use “view_object[0].” It is found under the view tab when editing a room.  Be sure to “enable the use of views.” The option is in that same view tab.

Good luck, and have fun.

Dr. Christopher

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30 Responses to High school: The game. Part 1: One player, two or more characters.

  1. Steve Ok says:


    Hold the SpaceBar to activate each character’s skill.
    A minor issue with jock and the football crate. if he gets stuck, just wiggle around a bit.

  2. Sarah Rhoades says:

    It’s Lab Rush! You control two characters as they rush to the lab before their boyfriend/girlfriend finds a partner. I was originally going to have the player switch between control of the two characters, but I couldn’t get it to work.

  3. Josh Steward says:

    Use 1 and 2 to switch between characters (red and blue). You are trying to get each student’s book from their locker(red can only pick up red book, etc) and get them to class without running into any bullies.


  4. Matthew Standley says:

    Prototype 7: Lunch Runner
    You are trying to run to lunch with the help of your friendly ghost friend and have to avoid teachers and bullies.

    It is a little hard because collision wouldn’t quite let me do what I wanted. But I find it funnier than anything since it does remind me of middle/high school (over exaggerated and without the ghost of course). And if you are wondering why the normal grey floor it is because all I remember is white/grey floors and walls.


    Also for future reference does anyone know how to make collisions without the solids? I can make the objects speed = 0 when they collide with the ghost however the speed stays 0 and doesn’t return to normal. So any ideas? Thanks

    • Ken-Min Yeoh says:

      Are you changing speed during the step event? It’s possible that you do collide and speed sets to 0, but immediately after the speed bumps back up due to the step event’s code. If that’s the case, you can fix it by adding a “Collided” boolean, and change it so that the Step event only sets speed if Collided = 0. Change Collided = 1 when the object collides with the ghost, then reset it after some time.

  5. Emily Hampshire says:


    Use WASD and the arrow keys to control the two students. Get past the teacher to get the answer key.

  6. Caldwell Bill says:


    Hockey Hooky: Friends skipping school to go play Hockey.
    Get both boys out of the school without getting caught by the vice principal.
    Hide in lockers!
    Skipping School!

  7. Tyler Tornblom says:

    Here is my 7th Prototype: Library Dash

    You’re playing as a Delinquent and a Computer Geek trying to keep the Principal away from the Delinquent.

    Be sure to press F1 for game info when it starts!

  8. Anthony Schuler says:

    You play as a couple of school Janitors who must clean the school after a science fair caused a mess. Hopefully the mess doesn’t grow!

  9. Rafe Rahman says:


    This turned out pretty bad…. I was stuck on the prompt and only managed to think of a decent game idea at the last minute. As a result, it’s really unrefined and incomplete as well as being riddled with bugs….

  10. Dan Lance says:

    Here is my prototype 7: https://www.dropbox.com/s/24rbdthxbzq31k5/Lance-proto7.exe

    A jock & a nerd must team up to steal the test answers. Jock can bash open things while the nerd can hide in lockers and hack computers.

    WSAD to move
    E to interact
    Q to switch players.

    The game is missing a few things (like the receptionist’s vision cone), but it should work for the most part

  11. Clay Howell says:

    Food Fight Prototype [by: Clay Howell]
    Prototype: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n4kgfv4f0mbdu0j/Howell-Prot7-FoodFight.exe

    • Clay Howell says:

      Not much so far, but if I take this to final, I will expand it a lot. If you want to see what it does do far, here are the controls:

      Left Click Select/Deselect Players (also 1/2/3)
      Right Click Move
      Q to select right hand weapon
      W to select left hand weapon
      Right Click to Use weapon
      Esc – menu/quit

      3 bars
      1 Health
      2 Move
      3 Action

    • SliceKing says:

      AWD to move, space to push objects around or shoot flame as alternate character. P to pause, R to restart level. The bar at top of screen is sanity, collecting notes keeps you sane.

  12. Ken-Min Yeoh says:


    Prototype 7 – 4 friends are trying to cheat on a test they forgot to study for. Controls are a little confusing, I apologize for that, I was pretty rushed, I couldn’t think of anything for the longest time. Game is functional (though the teacher’s pathing/spritework is really shoddy).

  13. P7 Game: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/iklgi83yryo809c/Mosley_P7_GetToClass.exe
    basically this “game”, walk in room and marvel at the random generation of teacher sprite

    This was a very weak concept, with bad implementation.
    Two biggest problems this week: passing data from one room to the next, without using a million globals. and I spent alot of time looking up how to randomly generate rooms “on the fly” and found nothing online although I think I found it in gamemaker myself near the end (didn’t have time).

    • (in hallway) W = forward, S=Backward , mouse for direction.
      Shift = change character (only works before you walk into classroom, then breaks forever)
      (in classroom) A=left, D=right.

  14. Donica says:

    Here is my late and, literally, breaking game. You’re supposed to pick up the jars with space, deliver them to the the guy in the lower right with space, and send the jars into the mixer with Enter. The mixer guy is supposed to stir the mixer and the solution is meant to explode. The object is to create 20 explosions in 2 and a half minutes. For some reason, this isn’t working. Being sick really threw me off.

  15. kevingravis says:

    ‘Hooky,’ basically tried to implement a million ideas and systems and it ended up a train wreck. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wlyoxiu4t5be05k/Gravis%20Prot%207%20Hooky%202.3.exe

    Moral of the story is, don’t try to re-create Syndicate in a week. You can’t.

  16. Josh Miller says:

    Here is my late prototype 7. WASD controls the active teacher and using Q and E will swap between the teachers. The goal is to scare the kids into class rooms though I didn’t get to implement the actual feedback that you have succeeded in this. I mainly wanted to mess with the changing views and using multiple teachers to guide kids around.


  17. Mark Zamora says:

    Here’s mine.
    WASD move the “crowds” which are the blue blocks.

    Arrow keys move Jake, who is trying to get to class (the red square)


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