High school: The game. Part 2:

For your final prototype you will have the choice of two requirements.  The theme, “High school: The game” will carry over, but prototype 8 may meet one of the following  requirements for mechanics:


1. A game of interacting rules.

This means that your game must be comprised of a few simple rules, or systems, that effect one another.



2. Split screen multiplayer co-op.

This means the game must be two player cooperative, where each player has a fixed amount of screen real estate.

It is up to each of you to choose the mechanic you want to build around, but don’t forget the theme is still, “High School: The game.”

Due: April 8

Good luck, and have fun.

Dr. Christopher

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32 Responses to High school: The game. Part 2:

  1. Donica says:

    Here is my split screen multiplayer co-op game, Books and Bottles. F1 shows the game information. Hit any key to start the game.


  2. Adam Becker says:


    Work together to get the books scattered around Platforming Academy.

  3. the1sar says:

    I decided to go with interacting rules. So let me welcome you to… Dodge the Balls!
    One should be able to easily figure out the rules. Also, there’s a hidden level if you press a certain key. I wonder who can find it (HINT: It’s a letter)?

  4. storymanguy says:

    Split-screen Home school game:
    As always with my games, F1 gives info.
    It doesn’t really use split screen to it’s full potential (or any potential, if we want to get harsh). It would be neat if one character can advance to the next room without the other, but apparently that’s impossible for Game Maker. I should’ve faked it.

  5. Emily Hampshire says:


    Not my best game, I had a lot of issues with game maker on this one. You’re supposed to talk to your 3 classmates without walking backwards. Multiple levels could have increasingly difficult pathing and switches. Use Arrow keys to move and space to talk.

  6. Josh Steward says:

    I attempted to make a 2 player dodgeball game loosely based on one of the board games I worked on last semester. Students versus teachers!

    The ‘teachers’ have no AI and so they move very simply and just throw a neverending supply of dodgeballs. If you get hit, you can be revived by your teammate.

    Once all the teachers are ‘out’, the game does not end. Just hit R to restart.


  7. Ken-Min Yeoh says:

    The two classmates have to work together to get through the school day and avoid bullies while attending their classes. (F1 for game information)


    I have to admit that this one got away from me quite a bit, I started out trying the interactive rules bit, and then came along a bunch of ideas that I just couldn’t do in the time, so I ended up with this.

  8. kevingravis says:


    Max (Come On, Chemicals!)

    I had a lot of fun with this one. It’s a top-down arena shooter. You’ve created a dangerous compound in your chemistry lab! Use your chemicals to keep your fellow students and yourself safe, and stem its growth! You can push around objects to block chemicals. You have three chemicals you can use: Z, X, and C use them. I used interacting rules and systems…it’s more fun if you figure it all out though!

  9. Anthony Schuler says:

    My game is almost the same as last week’s, but I turned it into a splitscreen co-op game. Also added some improvements to it to create an end-state and maintenance room. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a7mj4i76gv8pumu/Schuler-Proto8%28HighSchool%20Splitscreen%29.exe

  10. Josh Miller says:

    Here is my game for this week! WASD makes player 1 move and the arrow keys make player two move. The teachers have to get their respective students into either of the corresponding classrooms. If any of the students get stuck, just hit R to reset the game.


    • Zachary Brown says:

      I’m not sure how you did the pathfinding for the students, but it seemed to work pretty well. The only problem with it occurred when a student pressed up against a wall. The player movement was an interesting idea, but I feel as though you could have kept the same feel but with mouse controls working a little better. Overall a fun idea!

  11. Matthew Standley says:

    Prot8: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0hnv5j5hbaermx1/MStandley-Prot8-LunchRunnerFriends.exe
    This is similar to last weeks. I really wanted to get the damage to work right without the violent teachers pushing you against walls. However it just wouldn’t work no matter how many times I changed or redid it.

    Out of curiosity does anyone know why an object wouldn’t be recognized? Cause one time I redid it like how I did in a previous game with no solid collision so they would pass over each other. But it still took the enemy until the 3rd pass to start dealing damage normally. So to me it’s like it’s going unknown object, unknown object, O it a player deal damage. Any idea because I couldn’t get it to just deal damage on collision like in previous games (I think it must be some combination I used but can’t think of what)? Thanks

  12. Caldwell Bill says:


    Page Skip! A bully has taken your homework and strewn it throughout the hallways! Skip football practice and get them back with the space bar while avoiding the Assistant Principal and hall monitors. Hide in lockers to avoid detection in this split-screen, co-op game.

    • Caldwell Bill says:

      W A S D move the guy on the left and arrow keys move the guy on the right. Space bar will pick up the homework pages.

    • Zachary Brown says:

      Really like the art style of this game. The lockers especially didn’t look flat at all. I was a little confused about the trouble bar. Also would have liked to see some recognition from the player when i pressed space bar. Maybe a picking up animation or something. Fun though!

  13. This week, I didnt do anything great graphically, because last week I did that and it took too much time, which in turn hurt the game. This week I put my scope way down and did something achievable in a week.

    P8: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/j16t2mthi3e0i2z/Mosley_P8_BusinessSense.exe?m
    press F1 for controls and story.

  14. Noah Osborne says:


    arrow keys to move stand on the pads to affect points for groups

  15. Steve Ok says:

    Final Prototype

    There’s 1 somewhat annoying collision issue with the vertically moving platform. occasionally players can get stuck. In which case, restart level by pressing the space bar.

  16. Zachary Brown says:


    Split screen high school. Break into the teachers office to get the answers to the test. If the teacher gets there first, you lose. Distract the teacher by hitting her with baseballs. Don’t run in front of hall monitors, or else the teacher will leave you to them. You need two keys to open the teacher’s door!

    • Zachary Brown says:

      Forgot to include control directions!

      Player 1: WASD movement, hold shift to run, space to throw baseball
      Player 2: Arrow Key movement, hold 0 on num pad to run, ctrl to throw baseball

  17. Dan Lance says:


    Players work together as either a science teacher or a coach to patrol the halls and crack down on kids skipping school. The science teacher can unlock doors using thermite and also drag students to the main office for processing. The coach can give the science teacher a boost to reach higher platforms (and once there, the science teacher can create a ladder for the coach to climb). The coach can also throw basketballs to defeat distractions (personified flashing guys that allow kids to escape possible suspension).

    Science Teacher
    WSAD – move
    Q – carry students
    E – unlock doors
    F – create ladder

    ARROW KEYS – move
    SHIFT – carry students (POSSIBLY BUGGED)
    ENTER – throw basketball
    END KEY – boost (allows the other player to use the coach as a platform)

    I did the control scheme this way because it works out well on my laptop’s keyboard, where all of these keys are close to each other. It’s a relatively slow paced game, so I don’t think it will be much of an issue

    also, if you get stuck, I included some debug keys:
    0 – restart game
    9 – restart room
    8 – takes you to a test room where I worked out all the game’s mechanics
    7 – returns you to the game (the starting room)

  18. SliceKing says:

    Dillon Baca:
    Sometimes stick on the fire hoses, just jump to get out.

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