Pitch day!

Tonight each and everyone one of you will pitch the two prototypes you are thinking of making into games.  To that end, you need to do the following:

  1. Post a screen shot from each of your two chosen prototypes.
  2. Mention what prototype numbers they are.
  3. Be ready to speak to the class for 4 minutes about your chosen prototypes.

I expect you to then get a quick vote from the class to help you determine if one prototype seems more likely than the other.

Good luck, and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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54 Responses to Pitch day!

  1. Sarah Rhoades says:

    Hopefully this is what you meant…
    I had a bit of a hard time deciding which prototypes to do. I eventually decided on either my first prototype (Gold Hunt) and my most recent one (prototype 8, Dodge the Balls!).

  2. Christopher Casey says:

    FACEOFF: Prototype 3 “Mars Tank Invasion” <> Prototype 4 “HackJumpSlash”.

    Prototype 3 screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ank3q9vdzhtr7go/pitch_screen_3.png
    Prototype 4 screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/odvqz4mhiwnykng/pitch_screen_4.png

    • David Neiman says:

      Your P4 is cool but I really liked your P2 with the squishy guys.

      • Christopher Casey says:

        Yeah, I think the squishy one is highly amusing but when it comes down to it I didn’t want the choice to be between two platformers and I like the hack and slash more. Feels like it has more potential.

  3. Christopher Casey says:

    Whoops, sorry for the double post — browser looked like it wasn’t loading and the refresh double-submitted, I guess.

  4. Noah Osborne says:

    Left: ManHunt Prototype 5
    Right: Enzymatic Prototype 3

  5. SliceKing says:

    Dillon Baca:

    I would like to either make prototype 2 (Mirran vs Phrexian) into a more customizable competitive run, jump, and shoot, or make prototype 8 (fire Drill) more challenging, possibly adding more puzzles.

  6. Tyler Tornblom says:

    I am thinking of taking either Double Jump (Prototype 4) or Doom Tomb (Prototype 1) to the final.

    Picture: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/143287778/Tornblom-GamePitches.jpg

  7. Caldwell Bill says:

    Prototype 1: One Room, No Problem
    For this one, I would add more levels and introduce the concepts more slowly.

    Prototype 5: Idol of Yin
    I would turn this one into a splitscreen game with a slightly larger map, 3 maps, and better interface.

  8. Clay Howell says:

    Experiment Glob vs Food FIght

    • David Neiman says:

      Out of these two I’d pick glob, but honestly your Proto3 was way cool man.

      • clayh7 says:

        Thanks, I know I really liked Prot 3 also, but the problem is, is that if I wanted to do this prototype, I’d want to redesign the game from the bottom up, and I feel it would be too much of a change which does not meet the requirements. Like I could make it sort of like Temple Run, where each time you play the game you unlock more build abilities or shooting powers, but that would be adding like 75% more stuff, instead of only adding 10-15% more stuff.

    • clayh7 says:

      It looks like I will be finalizing Experiment Glob for my final project. I thought it was prototype 5, but it’s actually prototype 4. My mistake**

  9. kevingravis says:

    For me it’s between prot. 2 (Dark Lord) and prot. 4 (Candy Labrynth). Screenshots to come in a bit.

  10. Dan Lance says:

    For prototype 2, I would fix the controls, add a new ranged enemy, and add two levels: a more difficult later level, and either a boss fight or a tutorial level. This would be my Game Lab pitch game.

    Prototype 8 would include more levels, add extra abilities (and a function to switch between these abilities), and win/lose conditions. This would be my arcade game.

  11. Donica Johnson says:

    I had a really hard time choosing my two prototypes, but I managed to pare it down to the two I thought I could polish up. The one on the left, as marked, is my last prototype, #8, Books and Bottles. The one on the right is one that I could definitely improve, Racer (#4).

  12. Josh Miller says:

    Here is my comparison picture.

    Prototype 8 – High School Round Up
    Prototype 1 – Boiler Room

  13. storymanguy says:

    ProRTS (3rd) and Unwitting Guidance (8th)

  14. Josh Steward says:

    PT5SpaceRun vs PT8Dodgeball
    I want to make either into 2 player arcade style games.
    Here’s my picture:

  15. Adam Becker says:

    Split Screen vs City Runner

  16. Ken-Min Yeoh says:

    Prototype 2 – Alchemy vs. Prototype 5 – Survivor

  17. Matthew Standley says:

    Prototype 1: The Belt vs Prototype 3: The Alien

  18. Devin Butler says:

  19. James Pappas says:

    P2 – Cultivate
    P1 – ConCERNs

  20. Mark Zamora says:

    Pitch 1

    Pitch 2

  21. David Neiman says:

    Proto1 vs Proto3
    Please let me know what you think as I won’t be able to make it to class. I have a lot of ideas for Proto1 like new puzzles into new levels, also new types of monsters that move differently, not just vertically and horizontally. Similarly for Proto3, different paths, new enemies. You guys have any other ideas?

  22. gibbyjones says:

    Proto 2 (Creation and Destruction): Gravity and Proto 4(Run n’ Jump): Explosive Eliot

  23. Emily Hampshire says:

    I was choosing between my P4(Run and Jump) and my P8(High School p2)

  24. Steve Ok says:

    Prototype 5 & 7

  25. Zachary Brown says:

    It doesn’t look like mine posted the first time?

    P8 Cheat https://www.dropbox.com/s/z1e4enaj7aj0yid/p8_screenshot.jpg

    P6 Shaving Sim 2013 https://www.dropbox.com/s/eq67q0ve2zzc0iq/p6_screenshot.jpg

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