Milestone 1: Debugging.


Your project should now be debugged and playable. Keep in mind I will be doing a simple play through, not a full debug run.  In other words, I will play your games with the goal of winning, not seeking out errors.  When you post your game, be sure and mention the prototype it is from and the title. If you don’t have a title yet, that’s OK.  When you turn in the final version, it must have a title.

Good luck, and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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31 Responses to Milestone 1: Debugging.

  1. storymanguy says:
    F1 might yield some outdated knowledge, but the controls are the same.

  2. Tyler Tornblom says:
  3. Donica says:

    Here is my milestone. It’s titled “Racer”, and it’s my Prototype 4. I hope this turned out okay. I did my best to debug it completely. I gave myself a migraine in the process.

  4. Teresa_Tijerina says:
    Spirit – Two player asymmetric game play.

    I forgot to add the controls in game.
    living player A,D to move sideways, W to jump and climb stairs S to go down stairs
    spirit player use arrow keys to move

    spirit player has to stand in the colored safe spots to make the danger squares not harmful. if the spirit goes out of the screen it’s game over, if either of the players touches a red glowing square is game over.

  5. Dan Lance says:
    Here is my debugged version of my final project, based on prototype 2

  6. And here’s Dodge the Balls (prototype 8)! It’s still got a ways to go before it’s complete, but… I have two teams the player can choose from and no known errors (though if someone finds one, I’d like to know).

  7. SliceKing says:

    Dillon Baca:
    Current beta of the game
    I’m not done with the character select screen, and I still need to make moving sprites for some characters, but should be bug free.

  8. Anthony Schuler says: Proto2 (Gravity) I didn’t have much of a game the first time around so I recreated it instead. I forgot to put in an ending… I will add that along with better levels.

  9. Matthew Standley says:

    Prototype 1: The belt
    Decided to leave the original size alone so it can work on laptops but looks distorted because of its size.

  10. kevingravis says:

    Prototype 2: DARK LORD

    fixed some minor bugs, added a score system, cleaned up some of the graphics, made the play area bigger!! I’ve been adding a lot of new content, but it needs a little more work.

  11. Joshua Steward says:

    Here’s my update to Prototype 8 – Dodgeball
    Most of the issues were related to the size of the players, so I made the sprites smaller, then proceeded to work on AI for the enemy players. The AI is not complete yet but they will actively pick up dodgeballs in their area.

  12. Steve Ok says:

    Prototype 7 high school game, now titled “Clique Crossing”

    Mechanics slightly altered. Collision and control bugs fixed for the most part.
    I am planning on giving each of the 6 characters an introduction/tutorial level, and maybe the whole “recruiting one by one” functionality if I have time. So far, I’ve only made individual levels for Jock and Prep.

  13. Lucas LeBlanc says:

    Prototype 5, Polarity. As a refresher, this game is only played using the spacebar. Hit F1 in-game for a more detailed changelog.

  14. Bill Caldwell says:

    Prototype 5: Idol of Yin
    So far the UI is changed and the attack animation and keybinding for Yin have changed. I have managed to beat this playing by myself, but it takes a lot of attention to do it. I recommend having a second player on mouse.

  15. clayh7 says:

    Sorry it’s late. Didn’t see it before.
    Glob [by: Clay Howell]

    • clayh7 says:

      Basically smoothed out and revamped a little. Saves previous experiments automatically. Lighting. Let me know if there is anything that ya’ll think is annoying, or that needs to be changed graphically. Hopefully by next week I’ll have added maybe ~2 more levels and maybe a new object to interact with.

  16. Zachary Brown says:

    Test Quest
    Prototype 8

    Bugs Addressed:
    -Throwing baseballs in 4 directions
    -Baseballs affecting hall monitors
    -Hall monitor getting double speed when next to both players
    -Teachers never giving up on players if they go back and forth through doors
    -Animations stopping when throwing

  17. Emily Hampshire says:

    What I’ve updated so far was fixing the sprites run animations and the screen size. Still need to fix how you’re able to run/jump up walls (though in this demo it’s necessary to find two of the princesses.)

  18. Ken-Min Yeoh says:

    I’ve changed it into a boss rush mode, but have yet to implement the scoring system, or change any sprites yet. It’s based off Prototype 2: Alchemy. Name is still tentative.

  19. Josh Miller says:

    Sorry this post is late, I wasn’t able to post it last night because the blog post was up while I was in class and then I fell asleep before I could get this up last night.

    For this milestone, I tried to make sure that kids couldn’t get stuck in corners if the player chased them there. I did this by making the student follow the appropriate teacher if the teacher collides with them while they are touching a wall… that sounded exceedingly creepy.

    The ultimate plan will be to have passing periods where each teacher will have to coax his students into his classroom in order to keep attendance up. The passing periods will become increasingly more hectic as the game goes on and the players will be scored based upon the salary which will be dependent upon good attendance.

  20. David Neiman says:

    Totally forgot to post this after class….
    Proto1V2- Cyber-Quest(new title)
    Still more things to add

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