Hello World


Welcome to this semester’s rapid prototyping course.  Please use this first post to test out linking to downloads of your Gamemaker “hello world” files. Feel free to offer any advice to one another on completing the Gamemaker demos.  Be sure and sign you posts with your real names, so that we will know who is who in class.

Good luck and have fun.

Dr. Christopher

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29 Responses to Hello World

  1. Patrick Ward says:

    Fruit Clicker tutorial. A bit different, since Game Maker 8.0 introduces timed bomb spawns.

  2. Zach Smith says:

    Here is a link to my “hello world” exe:


    Zach Smith

  3. drellassassin says:

    Link to Hello World Assignment 1:

    – Alex Bean

  4. leo7791 says:

    I was doing some research for game maker 8.1 download and I finally found a page that had the same installation of game maker 8.1.
    (Green download button located on the bottom of the page)

    Game Maker Download

    Unfortunately, this installation does not contain the tutorial files.
    I did some more research and found the following webpage page which contains downloadable zip tutorial files.
    In there I found both tutorial two and one that is very similar to the fruit catching game.
    (The clown catching game is the second one on the list and the scrolling shooter is on the third)

    Tutorial Download page

    I hope this helps for the class.

    Michael Stewart

  5. alexbouvy says:

    The first link is for the file that uses the installer. The second link is the executable that I cannot get to run on my computer but should also work.


    -}Alex Bouvy

  6. Patrick Ward says:

    I think we’re supposed to post our scrolling shooter here, too? I believe that’s what I heard.

    Anyway: Scrolling Shooter – “1945”. If anyone was using the same instructions I was using; these are god awful. It does a terrible job explaining a lot of stuff, so the beginnings I had to guess through. Also, for anyone having trouble with the planes that aim their bullets at the player, using the method presented in the instructions creates truly homing bullets – they will follow the player everywhere on the map and are completely unavoidable. I’m all for difficulty, but that’s unreal. To get around this, ignore the instructions and try this:

    1. In the creation event for your tracking bullet object, place the “Test Instance Count” action, and make it test for the instance of the Player object (whatever you named it). As long as the player is equal to 1, make the next action set a variable “direction”, and set its value to “point_direction(x,y,Player.x,Player.y)”. Drag in an Else action, and after the else, drag another set variable action to set “direction” to 0. This assures that the enemy planes only aim at your plane when it exists. If you neglect to do this, the game will crash at game over instead of give you a scoreboard or restart.

    2. Add a step event to your tracking bullet. The instructions in the tutorial are pretty solid about this except for a few minor differences. Again, use the “Test Instance Count” to make sure the player object still exists. The game will find a way to crash without this. Next, instead of using the “Move Towards” action, use the blue “Move Free” action. Set the direction value in Move Free to the direction variable you created earlier (just type the variable name), and set whatever you think is a fair speed. I personally used 9, but some players may find this too fast. Here is where the instructions suffice again, and you can use your Else statement to lead into the bullets flying forward when the player doesn’t exist.

    Also, I personally get annoyed when a game only has single direction support (i.e. you press up and left and you don’t move diagonally), so I found a simple tutorial for using GML (game maker’s code) to allow players to move freely without any of the lockups associated with Game Maker’s default movement actions. The source can be found here: http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=584149

    To implement this in your shooter, if you choose to do so, simply go into your player plane’s object, remove all of the key press/key releases that you put in to give it basic movement, and give it a step event. Within the step event, drag over the “Execute Code” action from the control tab, and copy and paste the code from the second post into the Execute Code’s interface. Change the number values in it if you want to make your plane move faster. Test it out to make sure it works, but it worked instantly for me.

    My Hello World 2 is located at:

    • leo7791 says:

      Yeah, i agree the instructions given through game maker are off and incomplete.
      However, in the link i provided above are all the tutorials with detailed instructions on doing the tutorials.

      I played your game and I was impressed. Very nice sound effects.
      The only bug i could really find was when the enemies shot at me.
      For example: If an enemy started to fire at me, I could repeatedly tap the bar and suddenly the enemy would begin to fire double, even triple shots. xD

      Other than that I thoroughly enjoid the game. Especially when enemies could track your position and fire upon you. (good job with that)

      If you would like I can maybe assist or help you out with the bug I discussed earlier. I’d have no problem looking at it.

      Michael Stewart

      • Patrick Ward says:

        I’m not able to recreate the bug in question, so I’m not sure what’s up. I think it may be a coincidence rather than a bug. The shots are controlled by a dice roll, as per the tutorial. The enemy planes have to roll a 30 to shoot, and sometimes, they luck up and roll constant 30s; this creates a stream of bullets that is extremely unpredictable and hard to dodge.

        I probably should have set up an alarm on their ability to shoot too.

  7. leo7791 says:

    I’m trying to download other people’s games, but continued to be stop my my computer. It wont allow me to execute them after i download.

    Michael Stewart

    • alexbouvy says:

      There are two separate possible problems. Either your browser security is blocking it-not likely since you are able to finish the download- or an anti virus program that scans your computer in addition to checking any downloads blocks it. My own Norton lets me download the files but as soon as I try to run the file it detects an executable that it does not recognize as safe and deletes it. You basically have to manually turn off your security for a bit.

    • leo7791 says:


      While playing your game I noticed the bullet would go right through the planes even after the explosion. If you would like the bullet to disappear then that can be easily solved by just going into the instance of the enemy colliding with the bullet. Along with the sound effect and creation of explosion you can add a and check off in the ‘applies to’ box.

      However, you may have wanted to add some form of lazer bullet mechanic that travels through allowing the destruction of multiple enemies. So if that is the case then I apologize and support your mechanic.

      If you would like any help you can always ask me.

      Michael Stewart

      • pangolinscholar says:

        That was an unintended feature, but I’m glad you liked it. I was messing around with the events for one of the enemy planes and had it destroy itself and not the bullet.
        – Joseph Anthony

  8. Chris Banks says:

    Christopher B
    Here is the link for the plane game – instructions were not so good, couldn’t whole thing quite done

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