Prototype 1


The theme for Prototype 1 is: Home


The goal is: different rooms, different obstacles.

Just a reminder, here is how naming your file should work:

If it is a ready to play executable: LASTNAME-P#-?TITLE?.EXE

If it is an installer: LASTNAME-P#-?TITLE?-INST.exe

Have your prototypes attached to this post before class on September 18th.

Good luck, and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher


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30 Responses to Prototype 1

  1. Patrick Ward says:

    My game can be found here:

    If it is actually an installer and not an exe file as it advertises, please alert me to this so that I can change its name.

    • pangolinscholar says:

      I played and enjoyed your game. Controlling the missile was a cool feature, though after enabling control of the rocket it seemed to default to only shooting right.

      – Joseph Anthony

  2. Zach Smith says:

    So I’m still working on my game… and GameMaker Studio just crashed and deleted about 8 hours of work. None of the built-in “backups” worked – they actually deleted the rest of the non-corrupted files I managed to save from the crash. So just a word of advice; don’t just save often, SAVE AS often, make many, many versions of your GameMaker game, and don’t trust the backups, they don’t seem to work. :/

    • Zach Smith says:

      I got my work back! Turned out the GameMaker file was the only thing messed up, and all of the objects, sprites, and rooms I made were still there, they were just hidden away in some folders. I still recommend saving different versions of your game often though.

  3. pangolinscholar says:

    Here is a link to my installer. There is supposed to be a soundtrack but it is kind of faint to hear.

    • pangolinscholar says:

      Also, let me know if you think this still fits the mechanical theme of Different Rooms, Different Obstacles. I think it does, but I’m not sure

      – Joseph Anthony

    • leo7791 says:

      I loved this, lol This got me to be really persistent.
      It gave me that drive to finish it all the way.
      Impressive work with aesthetics, I loved how you had that tremulous heartbeat sound that gave players an uneasy feeling. It fueled the need to escape.

      I did ,however, hesitate to touch the keys that opened the door for fear of dying though. xD

      Good Job,

      -Michael Stewart

  4. pangolinscholar says:

    Okay, so I remade my game and gave it more stuff. This should be more satisfactory.
    Ambeba: Body Quest

    • Chris Banks says:

      really cool game. I like the aesthetics of it.

      • pangolinscholar says:

        Thanks, I made all the sprites myself. It’s all kinda small, but I guess that sort of fits in the whole cellular thing. I’m glad you liked it.
        – Joseph Anthony

    • Patrick Ward says:

      Really fun to play, though after staring at that red for so long, my eyes feel strange. There’s a few collision issues with the walls, but I know that’s Game Maker’s fault more than anything. I’m curious what causes it though, since in my playtests of my game, I’ve never had the issue of not being able to move sideways when touching a wall.

      Did you set a center point on your wall objects, or leave them at 0,0?

  5. drellassassin says:

    Here’s mine:

    This was my first time using Game Maker unassisted, so forgive me for it’s very simple nature.

    -Alex Bean

    • pangolinscholar says:

      It looks really good. I like the images, though I could walk on top of the TV.

      However, I did find out I could moonwalk with up and left, so bonus points for that.

  6. leo7791 says:

    Here’s my prototype,

    I decided to play with different mechanical approaches by introducing a mini-game simulation.

    After I finished up the basic layout, I decided to add in some aesthetic appeal. Majority of the sounds in the game are from this site:
    If the sounds don’t work please let me know so I can change my source of music.

    -Michael Stewart

    • pangolinscholar says:

      I liked your game. The mini-game format was cool and it controlled pretty well other than some weird jumping interactions in the rat level, but that didn’t prove to be much of a problem.

  7. Chris Banks says:

    Here is my game. “House of the Hunter”. Very simple, short proto. Art needs some work.

  8. KWANG HAN says:

    My game is called Paranormal House. You’ll need to escape the house without getting caught by the ghosts

    • pangolinscholar says:

      I like the sound effects of getting hit by ghosts and the music is really nice. Very actiony and upbeat, though the player kept moving even after I let go of a key. I don’t know whether that was a feature or not. Also, the images were really well done. Did you do them yourself in the sprite maker or somewhere else?

      • KWANG HAN says:

        Thank you. Yeah the player is suppose to move even after you let go of the key. It made the game more challenging that way. I used Photoshop.


    I took a less conventional approach to the home theme, so my game is called Home Page. I don’t have any sound, but if I get a chance to put it in before class, I’ll repost.

  10. alexbouvy says:

    No sound for my but the only real sound effect would be fire and maybe babies crying.
    I sadly was not able to come up with as many obstacles or spend much time doing the art to give each room a different feel because I had to work out collision issues. Working out a simple fire AI was fun. However, if for some reason the game takes you more than 2 min expect the fire to crash your computer. GL saving the baby.

    }- Alex Bouvy

    • pangolinscholar says:

      I had a really hard time with beating your game. I could push the baby through walls so most of the time I either lost the baby or couldn’t get through the baby past the fire. But the fire was really cool, I really liked that part.

      • alexbouvy says:

        I actually went and wrote in executable code that was supposed to check for walls and no error pops up but it also doesn’t actually stop you from pushing it through the wall. Very annoying.

  11. Zach Smith says:

    Here is my game, Home Is Where The Heart Is:

    It has several rooms/obstacles. It is an odd adventure platformer about a man trying to find a heart and, consequentially, his home.

    Zach Smith

  12. apadilla91 says:

    Here is my file. Had a few issues I still cannot figure out with the movement of the enemies… but I guess something is better than nothing.

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